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Playlist 15.06.2018:

– The Downsetters: 5 Star Dub
– Ska-P: Estampida
– The Ratazanas: 911 Reggae Emergency
– Dr. Ring Ding & The Senior Allstars: You’ll Never Walk Alone
– The Nutty Boys: White Russian
– The Slackers: Cupid
– Reggae Workers Of The World: Every Once In A While
– Shanti Powa: Let Me See
– Toxkäpp!: In Ternet We Trust
– Dr. Woggle And The Radio: I Need You
– The Busters: No.1 Fan
– The Blob From Outer Space: Sloth Ska
– The Inverters: Little Town

Playlist 08.06.2018:

– Sentilo Sono: Kann passieren
– Toxkäpp!: De Virleschten Dag
– NYC Ska Orchestra: Rukumbine
– Two Tone Club: Epitaphe
– Dr. Woggle And The Radio: Dark Soul
– Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
– The Big News: Loganio
– The Downsetters: What Dub
– The Busters: Straight Ahead
– Reggae Workers Of The World: Shut Yer Mouth
– Capone And The Bullets: Beautiful One
– The Blob From Outer Space: Nosferatu
– The Bakesys: If You Ain’t Got It

Playlist 01.06.2018:

– Jaya The Cat: Closing Time
– Kreuzwort: Wohnwagen Gang
– Two Tone Club: Times Up
– Seeed: Top Of The City
– The Nutty Boys: Zero Hero
– The Downsetters: Fake Dub
– Jazz the Roots: Suerte en el Camino
– Markscheider Kunst: Rio Clara
– Desmond Dekker: Get Up Edina
– Leuchtstoffmöhre: Böller
– Sentilo Sono: Mudda
– Reggae Workers Of The World: I Know A Girl
– Rude Boy Georg: Love my Way
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Spanish Ska

Playlist 25.05.2018:

– The Downsetters: No Illusion Dub
– Capone And The Bullets: Hypocrite
– The Nutty Boys: The Bartender
– Shanti Powa: Brainwash
– Sentilo Sono: Mudda
– Skassapunka: Ora
– Reggae Workers Of The World: Bump In The Night
– Dr. Woggle And The Radio: The Only Ones
– The Busters: No.1 Fan
– Rude Boy George: Love my Way
– Leuchtstoffmöhre: Böller
– Two Tone Club: Seven Days A Week

Playlist 18.05.2018:

– Kreuzwort: So alt wie
– Toxkäpp!: Ska-Schong
– Reggae Workers Of The World: Jesse James  
– Jazz the Roots: Escucha el Silencio feat. Tiano Bless
– SkaTune Network: Video Killed The Radio Star
– Bad Manners: Inner London Violence
– The Busters: T.I.N.A. to Ska
– Skassapunka: We Want To Dance Ska
– The Nutty Boys: Night in Tunisia
– Rude Boy George: Middle Of The Road
– Dr. Woggle And The Radio: Those Days Are Gone
– Leuchtstoffmöhre: Hotel Mama
– NYC Ska Orchestra feat. Kevin Batchelor: True Confession
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Ohne Titel 12

Playlist 11.05.2018:

– Dr. Woggle And The Radio: Blame It On My Youth
– SkaTune Network: Force Theme (Star Wars)
– Rude Boy George: Cars
– Leuchtstoffmöhre: Ich weiß Bescheid
– Reggae Workers Of The World: Pot Of Gold
– Victor Rice: Tema
– Al Jawala: Shooting Stars
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Ohne Titel17
– Skassapunka: Crazy Town
– Jazz the Roots: Transformando
– Ronald Reggae: Jamaican Rhapsody
– Sentilo Sono: Das kann noch dauern
– Kreuzwort: Fickfingerraumschiff

Playlist 04.05.2018:

– Shanti Powa: Whatever They Do
– Reggae Workers Of The World: Wonder
– The Offenders: Oi Skins
– Rude Boy George: Only You
– Capone And The Bullets: There’s A Light That Never Goes Out
– Sentilo Sono: Traum
– Kreuzwort: Blechzylinder
– The Downsetters: Mango Dub
– Al Jawala: Lil Girl
– Dr. Woggle And The Radio: Tenderim
– The Busters: Ain’t Gonna Do It Again
– Skanatra: The Best Is Yet To Come
– The Big: Comin‘ Out To Get You

Playlist 27.04.2018:

– Parahyba Ska Jazz Foundation: Vito Carleone
– Mark Foggo: Ramona From Barcelona
– The Busters: Hunky-Dory
– Kreuzwort: Kopf ist wach
– Victor Rice: Agenda
– Toots Hibbert: Maggie’s Farm
– The Nite Steadies: Skalovers
– Sentilo Sono: Commander Schnaps
– Al Jawala: Alien Boy
– Charlie’s Choice: Bunte Fische
– Dr. Woggle And The Radio: Drop Bombs To Lose
– Toxkäpp!: Di Fein Englesch Aart
– Reggae Workers Of The World: Danielle

Playlist 20.04.2018:

– The Nutty Boys: Got Your Dancing Shoes
– The Downsetters: No Burn Dub
– Capone And The Bullets: Cruel To Be Kind
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: America
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Ohne Titel 11
– Lord Tanamo: In The Mood For Ska
– Laurel Aitken with Court Jester’s Crew: Brown Eyed Girl
– Crazy Baldhead: Don’t Turn Your Back (featuring Anda Szilagyi)
– Maroon Town: Rebel
– Sentilo Sono: Kreis
– Two Tone Club: Wounded Knee
– Shanti Powa: Remedy
– Kreuzwort: Sag was
– Markscheider Kunst: Vot Tak

Playlist 13.04.2018:

– No Sports: Radio
– Nu Sports: Psycho Killer
– Markscheider Kunst: Navsegda
– The Nutty Boys: On The Sunny Side of the Street
– Capone And The Bullets: Corner of My Eye
– The Unlimiters: Robber In The House (Dubble Dubble Remix)
– Two Tone Club: Heaven Time
– Shanti Powa: Giving A Fuck
– The Stingers ATX: Artificial Tears
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Ohne Titel 08
– Wämmeska: Fritz
– The Bartenders: Kattorna (MesBrutah remix)

Playlist 06.04.2018:

– The Unlimiters: Loophole (Jstar Remix)
– Two Tone Club: Never Give Up
– Dubmatix: Is This Love
– The Nutty Boys: Coconut
– Capone And The Bullets: This Is Fusion: Love Story
– The Upsetters: Java
– Charlie’s Choice: Lehn dich an
– The Slackers: Make Me Smile Dub
– The Busters: See the Light
– Äl Jawala: Cumbia Corazon
– Dr. Woggle And The Radio: Trouble
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Frenesi
– The Big: Colourist
– The Bartenders feat. Daniel Broman: Only A Fool

Playlist 30.03.2018 (Gast: Jonny Meyers and Walter Dunn of The Stingers ATX):

– Dreadskin Kickbox: Ohne Titel 13
– Dreadskin Kickbox: Ohne Titel 14
– Johnny Meyers & Walter Dunn (live): Behold
– The Stingers ATX: Rich Boy
– Johnny Meyers & Walter Dunn (live): Punk At 15
– The Stingers ATX: This Time Around
– Jonny Meyers & The Trio: 5 Minutes On A Train

Playlist 23.03.2018:

– Parahyba Ska Jazz Foundation: The Chicken
– Two Tone Club: Exodus 14 21
– The Unlimiters: Hard Times (Harzkrafthof Dub)
– Reggae Workers of The World: Jesse James
– The Nutty Boys: Jazz For Skankers
– The Expanders: Gone Away
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Ohne Titel 07
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Ohne Titel 16
– Äl Jawala: Rooftop
– Maroon Town: Rebel
– The Busters: Rope-a-dope
– Two Tone Club: One In A Million (Mixed by Brian Dixon)

Playlist 16.03.2018:

– The Busters: Late Night Jamboree
– The Maffioso: Upton Park
– The Skints: Sociopath
– Parahyba Ska Jazz Foundation: PSJF
– The Bakesys: Anything and Everything
– Äl Jawala: Zyklop Surfers
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Ohne Titel 13
– Talco: Tarantella dell’ultimo bandito
– The Nutty Boys: Harlem Nocturne
– Das Lunsentrio: Draußen dämmert schon der Tag
– Gimpelakwa: Zug des Lebens (Remix)
– Shanti Powa: Let Me See
– Skaciety: Yesterday’s News
– The Unlimiters: 35h (Victor Rice Remix)

Playlist 09.03.2018:

– Theatre Of Ghosts: International Jet Set
– The Nite Steadies: Met You Once
– The Paranoias: No Me Hables (Live)
– The Busters: Famine or Feast
– Reggae Workers of The World: Every Once In A While
– The Bartenders: 7 na 6
– Flying Raccoon Suit: Static Home
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Ohne Titel 14
– Markscheider Kunst: Zachem
– No Te Calles: Ley de Porqueria
– Hot By Ziggy: I Will Be Waiting
– Jokerface: Sticks and Stones
– The Ska Vengers: Shut Your Mouth
– Das Lunsentrio: Aufruf

Playlist 02.03.2018:

– The Bartenders: Foton 4 a.m.
– The Busters: Wish You Were Here
– Alton Ellis: I Am Still In Love
– Trinity: Three Piece Suit
– Tandem: Ein Typ wie du
– Das Lunsentrio: Ein Girl wie Du: ein Typ wie ich (Dub)
– Das Lunsentrio: Sieben Tage lang
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Ohne Titel 9
– Hot By Ziggy: I Will Be Waiting
– Jamaram: End Of The World Dub
– Vieja Skina: Ital
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Ohne Titel 10
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Hot Like Fire

Playlist 23.02.2018 (Gast: Dreadskin Kick Box):

– Dreadskin Kick Box: What You Gonna Do, Boy
– Dreadskin Kick Box: If You Need Them One
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Rudy Calm Down From Trouble
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Take Down Your Knife
– The Busters: The Devil Made Me Do It
– Trovaci: Maljciki
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Juman Wildlife
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Ohne Titel 6

Playlist 16.02.2018:

– The Hempsteadys: Flea Market
– Markscheider Kunst: Korabli
– The Bakesys: When The Zombies Come
– The Pietasters: Out All Night
– Jim Murple Memorial: It Could Be Worse
– Das Lunsentrio: ein Typ wie ich
– Althea And Donna: Uptown Top Ranking
– The Busters: The Best of Times
– The Selecter: Frontline
– The Specials: Why?
– Brehdren: Midnight
– Vieja Skina: De la Vieja Escuela
– Jazz in Reggae All-Stars: Whisper Not

Playlist 09.02.2018:

– Vieja Skina feat. Victor Rice and Daniel Flores: La Huaca
– Jokerface: Troubles
– Erin Bardwell Collective: Big Bad Boom
– Derrick Harriott: The Loser
– Derrick Harriott & The Crystalites: Dubbing The Chariot
– The Busters: Wisdom Weed
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: The Ride
– Ernest Ranglin: King Tubby Meets The Rockers
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: I Am Going Home
– The Spammed: I Shot the Sheriff
– Black Slate: Redemption Song

Playlist 02.02.2018:

– Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix: Ruff House
– Markscheider Kunst: Navsegda
– The Bartenders: Plato
– Opus feat. Jerry: Live Is Life 2008 (Reggae Version)
– Jokerface: Lucky Man
– The Resignators: My Pal
– The Busters: See the Light
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Frenesi
– The Skints: Get Me!
– Long Beach Dub Allstars: Love Her Madly
– Erin Bardwell Collective: Dominica
– Vieja Skina: Ital (feat Mad Professor)
– Macka B: Wha Me Eat (Remix)
– Those Fine Lads: Anthem of the Broke and Tired

Playlist 26.01.2018:

– Ed Rome: Don’t Believe The Hype (feat. Freddie Notes)
– Victor Rice: Mr. Brooks
– The Brass Action: Wreckless
– The Copacetics: The Vulture
– Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix: Dirty Flirty ft Pato Irie (Afro-Brazilian Drumming)
– Cheekbonians: In The Crowd
– Vieja Skina: Combi Bounce
– The Mood A.K.A.: Don’t Play Their Game
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Rootsy Fish
– The Blob From Outer Space: Slothska
– The Busters: See the Light
– Arevo: Latinskaya
– The Skatalites: Man In The Street
– The Skints: Get Me!

Playlist 19.01.2018:

– Something to Do: The Lemons in Lemonaid
– The Donald Trumpets: Guys I’m Syrias
– Vieja Skina feat. Victor Rice: Joan
– Victor Rice: The Dream
– Mr. Review: The Dream
– Court Jester’s Crew: The Dream
– Sound One: On Hold
– Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix: Smoothie ft Prince Alla, Screechy Dan, Megative
– Krista D: Land Mine
– Madness: One Step Beyond
– The Specials: Ghost Town
– The Busters: Love and Prayer Mania
– Vieja Skina feat. Mr. T-Bone: Skandinavia
– Cheekbonians: Punky Reggae Party

Playlist 12.01.2018:

– Blackwood Kings: Paralysis
– The Melodians: Sweet Sensation
– Erin Bardwell Collective: Rocksteady Rub
– Roland Alphonso: Scambalena
– The Busters: Bailamos
– The Frightnrs: Gonna Make Time (Version)
– Victor Rice: Party Line
– Jokerface: School Bully
– Vieja Skina: Ayahuaska
– Madness: House Of Fun
– Vieja Skina ft. Mr. T-Bone: Skandinavia
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Groovin Steady

Playlist 05.01.2018:

– Markscheider Kunst: San-Marasan
– The Busters: Chase Them
– Ed Rome: Harmonica Hype
– The Bartenders feat. Dr. Ring Ding: The Polecat
– Jokerface: I Remember
– Vieja Skina feat. Victor Rice and Daniel Flores: La Huaca
– Cheekbonians: Hard Times
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Arachnid
– Peace Development Crew: Better Days
– Erin Bardwell Collective: Eight Years
– The Expanders: Hustling Culture
– Vieja Skina: Alquimista (Remix by Mad Professor)
– The Selecter: Missing Words
– The Frits: We Fight For You