Playlists 2019

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Playlist 28.06.2019

– Jimmy Cliff: Many Rivers To Cross
– Sensi Simon feat. Mad Maxarom: Sie ficken dein Gehirn Track von SKA 21
– The MOOD: File Under Ska Special Track von SKA 21
– No Sports: Rudy
– The Selecter: On My Radio
– Ska Flames: Ska Fever
– Amy Winehouse: Monkey Man
– Markscheider Kunst: Krasivo Sleva
– The Stingers ATX: Wonderful World
– The Frightnrs: All My Tears (Version)
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Police In Helicopter
– Eastern Standard Time: Left For Dead
– The Specials: Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)

Playlist 21.06.2019

– the juggins: One For All Track von SKA 21
– The Spymaker: O.B.M.S.
– Madness: Night Boat To Cairo
– Frau Doktor: Für ein ganzes Leben
– Rudeboy: Somebody Someday
– The Mighty Fishers: Hard Life
– Mr. T-Bone: Everyday
– Crazy Baldhead: Don’t Turn Your Back (featuring Anda Szilagyi)
– SKOP: Little Boy
– Rancid: If The Kids Are United
– Markscheider Kunst: Krasivo Sleva
– Casino Royale: Someone Says
– The Slackers: Make Me Smile Dub
– The Beat: Civilisation

Playlist 14.06.2019

– Stan or Itchy: Wake Up
– The Fanculos: Breathe It In
– Malaka Hostel: Against All Odds
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Love and Affection
– Skavida: Submarine
– Masons Arms: Von vorn
– Two Tone Club: One In A Million
– The Los Banditoz: Never Again Track von SKA 21
– Cartoon Violence: Much Ado About Nothing
– Los Rude Waves: El
– The Magnetics: Money Money
– Reel Big Fish: Another Beer Song

Playlist 07.06.2019

– Mark Foggo: Hello
– The Beat: Jackpot
– Madness: One Step Beyond
– The Specials: Ghost Town
– Babylon Circus: Don Quichotte Is Not Dead
– Ska-P: SKA-PA
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Paso
– Skanatra: May Way
– The Skatalites: Rock Fort Rock
– SKAttle GriD: What They F***ing Wanted Track von SKA 21
– Cubic Circle: The Most Important Track von SKA 21
– Hohes C: Schamlos Track von SKA 21
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Too Drunk To Fuck

Playlist 31.05.2019

– Ezzo: Ska Instead Of Hate Track von SKA 21
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Gotta Go Home!
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Stets korrekt
– Desmond Dekker: Israelites
– Sensi Simon & the Studio Nine Band: Saddam Hussein Track von SKA 21
– Victor Rice: Agenda
– The Robustos: My Heart And Soul
– Roy Ellis: Save The World And The Children (feat. Transilvanians)
– The Far East: Rain On My Party
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Learning To Fly
– Los Skalameros: Seven Seas Track von SKA 21
– The Busters: Enjoy Yourself

Playlist 24.05.2019

– Nu Sports: Phoenix Track von SKA 21
– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: I’m In The Mood For A Riot
– The Toasters: Marlboro Man
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Perfidia
– The Lodgers: Murder Track von SKA 21
– Eastern Standard Time: Totem Pole
– Dactah Chando meets Umberto Echo: Ahora es tiempo Dub
– Rhoda Dakar: You Talking To Me
– Los Placebos: (We’re Going To) Ibiza
– Dub Voyagers: So oder so Track von SKA 21
– Skaos: One Day
– The Prizefighters: You’ll Never Know
– The Cat Empire: The Chariot

Playlist 17.05.2019

– Black Market: Star Trek Main Theme Dub
– Dactah Chando meets Umberto Echo: Natty Dub
– The Spitfires: Move On
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Band Aid
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Wer haut dem Volk aufs Maul
– Celtica Pipes Rock!: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
– Malaka Hostel: Traveller’s Glory
– Roy Ellis: Groving Out Of Live (feat. Transilvanians)
– Soulfood International: Something Wrong (GOB Version) Track von SKA 21
– Tree House Fire: Sound Of A Siren
– The Beat: A Good Day For Sunshine
– The Blob From Outer Space: Curse of the Swamp Creatures
– Roland Alphonso: Women of the World
– The Beat: Giving It Up

Playlist 10.05.2019

– The Rocksteady Conspiracy: They No Right
– Malaka Hostel: Umpagenerator
– Karamelo Santo: Soy Cuyano
– Das Lunsentrio: Das weiche Wasser
– The Busters: Chase Them
– Dactah Chando meets Umberto Echo: Everyday Dub
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Spul’s zurück
– Desmond Dekker: Get Up Adinah
– Roy Ellis: I’ll Be Loving You Baby (feat. Transilvanians)
– The Beat: Public Confidential
– The Far East: Confessions
– The Prizefighters: Temper Running Hot
– The Reflections: You Make Me Go
– General Rudie: So Much

Playlist 03.05.2019

– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Ode an die Taube
– The Nite Steadies: Pleasure and Pain
– The Prizefighters: Just Let The Music Play
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Blowout
– Jamaram feat. Sara Lugo: Rise
– The Specials: We Sell Hope
– The Selecter: James Bond
– Roy Ellis: Pack Up Your Troubles (feat. Transilvanians)
– Karamelo Santo: Vas a Volver
– The Beat: Long Call Short Talk
– Blowhard: Friday Night Public Bar
– The Far East: Far East Ride
– The Rocksteady Conspiracy: All Night Long
– The Baba Brooks Band: Renegade

Playlist 26.04.2019

– King Django: Falafel Hoummous
– The Beat: On The Road
– Spicy Roots: Coconut
– The Specials: Breaking Point
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Bobicana
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Get Smart
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Old Grand Dad
– The Chancers: East Of Kingston
– The Reflections: Loving Life
– The English Beat: Hands Off… She’s Mine
– The Rocksteady Conspiracy: Where Is My Train
– Blowhard: Sexual DV8
– Roy Ellis feat- Transilvanians: Cool Down Your Temper
– Sublime: Chica Me Tipo
– The Skatalites: Street Corner

Playlist 19.04.2019

– Stan Or Itchy: Wasted
– Reel Big Fish: In Love Again
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Skank Down
– Eastern Standard Time: Perhaps
– The Reflections: Cool Fyah
– Vieja Skina: Meridiano
– The Fanculos: Good Life
– The Aggrolites: Pound For Pound
– The Rocksteady Conspiracy: Jerk Chicken
– The Specials: Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys
– The Beat: Maniac
– Jamaram: Check Them Out
– Roy Ellis: Ice Cream From The Milky Way (feat. Transilvanians)

Playlist 12.04.2019

– Tequila and the Sunrise Gang: All On You
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Chicky Chicky Boom Boom
– Hugo Lobo, Mimi Maura & Sergio Rotman: Trenchtown Rock
– The Beat: Who’s Dat Looking
– The Fanculos: What You See Is What You Get
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Soul Skank
– Roy Ellis: A Little More Oil In My Lamp (feat. Transilvanians)
– Eastern Standard Time: Eye of the Storm
– The Hotknives: Dave & Mary
– The Specials: Vote For Me
– Derrick Harriott: Reach Out I’ll Be There
– Freddie McLean: Fine, Fine, Fine
– The Prizefighters: The Accolade

Playlist 29.03.2019

– The Beat: Can’t Get Used To Losing You
– The Beat: Skank Away
– Vinorosso: Wegen Dir
– Karamelo Santo: Barajas
– Hugo Lobo, Mimi Maura & Sergio Rotman: Revolution Rock
– The Prizefighters: Bebop Rocksteady
– The Nite Steadies: Skalovers
– Rantanplan: Ich erinner‘ mich an alles
– Die Grüne Welle: Barcelona
– The Specials: Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think) (Live At Le Bataclan)
– North East Ska Jazz Orchestra: Shocking My Life
– The Rocksteady Conspiracy: Cool It
– The Beat: Dangerous

Playlist 22.03.2019 (Suchtstation plays Ska)

– Bad Manners: This Is Ska
– Ngobo Ngobo: Space Flight 505
– Bluekilla: Do The Skabo!
– Spicy Roots: Ska Fever
– The Skatalites: Freedom Ska
– Dandy Livingston: Rudy, A Message To You
– The Specials: Gangsters
– The Selecter: The Selecter
– Madness: Nightboat To Cairo
– Locomondo: Karapiperim
– Babylon Circus: Lorenzo
– Redska: Blitzkrieg Bop
– SkaP: Insecto Urbano
– Duck Soup: Mad Duck Bullit
– Tim Armstrong: Into Action

Playlist 15.03.2019 (zu Gast im Studio: Spicy Roots)

– The Fanculos: Weekend Getaway Lipstick
– The Spicy Roots: Penny Black
– The Spicy Roots: Younger Brother
– Masons Arms: Früher war alles besser
– The Spicy Roots: Shake It Away
– The Spicy Roots: Seven Day Weekend
– The Spicy Roots: Most Guarded Rhythm
– The Spicy Roots: Black Penny

Playlist 08.03.2019

– The Fanculos: I Don’t Wanna Leave The Playground
– The Specials: B.L.M
– Neville Staple: Maga Dub
– Ngobo Ngobo: Play My Record
– Roy Ellis: Ska Almighty (feat. Transilvanians)
– Chuck Josephs: I Don’t Need Your Love
– The Mighty Mighty BossToneS: Green Bay, Wisconsin
– Spicy Roots: Empty Fortune Cookie
– Masons Arms: Reisefieber
– Jamaram: What Tomorrow Brings
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Ping-Pong mit Granaten
– Ska-P: A Chitón
– David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7: Burrulero Jamaicano

Playlist 01.03.2019

– Herman Marquis: The Teaser
– Los Placebos: Jeden Tag ein bisschen Ska
– Los Aggrotones feat. Mimi Maura: You Don’t Mean Me No Good
– The Skatalites: Man In The Street
– The Spitfires: Something Worth Fighting For
– The Police: Canary In A Coalmine
– The Specials: The Life And Times (Of A Man Called Depression)
– Masons Arms: Zeit zu gehn
– Roy Ellis: I’ve Told You To Change Your Evil Ways (feat. Transilvanians)
– Phonosonics: If He Makes You Laugh
– The Indecision: Leave A Light On
– Monkey Jhayam & Victor Rice: Eu Já Sei
– Nouvelle Vague: Friday Night Saturday Morning

Playlist 22.02.2019

– Los Aggrotones feat. Mimi Maura: It’ll Never Be Over for Me
– Charlie’s Choice: Semi Fairytale
– The Spitfires: Over And Over Again
– The Specials: Blam Blam Fever
– Masons Arms: Hosen an
– Derrick & Patsy: Housewife’s Choice
– Yellow Cap: God Knows
– Pöblers United: Our House
– Spicy Roots: Black Penny
– Roy Ellis: You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (feat. Transilvanians)
– The Magnetics: Hey Mary
– The Specials: Monkey Man (Live At Le Bataclan)
– Reel Big Fish: Life Sucks… Let’s Dance!
– Maroon Town: One World
– Skavida: Same Way

Playlist 15.02.2019

– Yellow Cap: Rain Is Falling
– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: I’m In The Mood For A Riot
– The Selecter: Breakdown [live]
– The Specials: The Lunatics
– The Beat: Dem Call It Ska
– The Copacetics with Victor Rice: Dubful Strut
– Jakkle!: Skalloween
– Spicy Roots: Rainy Day In February
– Alton Ellis & The Flames: Dance Crasher
– Napoleon Solo: Amazing Mr. Marvin
– Masons Arms: Sekundenschlaf
– The Frightnrs: All My Tears (Version)
– Phoenix City All Stars: London Calling
– Skarate Kid: Dreamer

Playlist 08.02.2019

– Skarate Kid: Skata 1
– Laurel Aitken: Sahara
– Chango Munks: Skamina
– The Specials: Embarrassed By You
– The Magnetics: Cry To Me
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Leviathan
– The Scotch Bonnets: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
– Masons Arms: Wunderbar
– Spicy Roots: Younger Brother
– The Toasters: Malboro Man
– Baba Brooks: Fly Right (aka Straighten Up and Fly Right)
– The Specials: A Message To You, Rudy (Live At Le Bataclan)
– Cartoon Violence: Annie ‚You Don’t Know Me‘
– Contenders: One Time
– Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics: Piece Of My Heart

Playlist 01.02.2019

– David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7: Burrolero Latino
– Kreuzwort: Kopf ist wach
– Lax Alex Contrax: Major Tom
– The Specials: 10 Commandments
– Napoleon Solo: Viva Copenhagen
– The Beat: If Killing Worked
– Kunn & The Magic Muffins: Make Ska Not War
– Masons Arms: Halt den Mund
– Lord Tanamo: Taller Than You Are
– Spicy Roots: No Changing End
– The Selecter: Frontline [live]
– Rico: Africa
– Archaic 3: Pandora’s Box
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: The Ring

Playlist 25.01.2019

– The Beat: Here We Go Love
– The Busters: Chase Them
– The Bionic Rats: No Bottles No Milk
– The Selecter: On My Radio [live]
– Jakkle!: Il Padrino
– The Prizefighters: Just Let The Music Play
– North East Ska-Jazz Orchestra: Africa
– Spicy Roots: What About Now
– Stranger Cole: Rough & Tough
– Masons Arms: Buntes Land
– David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7: So Long Cedric
– Rundown Kreeps: Not A Clue
– Stan Or Itchy: Devil Inside
– Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics: The Hard Way

Playlist 18.01.2019

– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: True Heart
– Skarface: C’est Ma Vie
– Well Charged: Family Tree
– Skatune Network: What Do You Know About Ska Punk
– The Pandemics: Stop And Get Frisky
– The Skatalites: Garden of Love
– Yellow Cap: Behind The Stars
– Masons Arms: Altbauradau
– Spicy Roots: Most Guarded Rhythm
– David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7: Kingston Town
– The Specials: Vote For Me
– The Selecter: Danger [live]
– Napoleon Solo: Video Brainwash
– Cartoon Violence: Black Sheep
– The Bartenders: On Her Side

Playlist 11.01.2019

– The Selecter: The Avengers Theme
– The Selecter: Three Minute Hero [live]
– The Bartenders: Dead Man’s Zone
– Masons Arms: Buntes Land
– Fink’s Constant: Atlas
– Runaway Ricochet: The Lounge
– Napoleon Solo: Zombie Girl
– Spicy Roots: Seven Day Weekend
– Skarface: Macho
– Jamaram: Diamond Girl
– Yellow Cap: You Need To Know
– Cartoon Violence: Serpico
– Joey & Butch: You Promised Love
– Caz Gardiner & The Badasonics: With You
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Glorious
– Mad Caddies: Sleep Long

Playlist 04.01.2019

– Cartoon Violence: Annie
– Yellow Cap: Safe And Sound
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: The Battle Of Tokyo
– Peg & The Rejected: Don’t Take It Out On Me
– Skameleon: Sweet Dreams
– The Selecter: Remember Me
– The Magnetics: Baby Come On
– Spicy Roots: Tomorrow
– The Beat: The Love You Give
– Rhoda Dakar: Back For More
– Napoleon Solo: Open Channel D
– Groundation: Fossil Fuels
– Derrick Morgan: Forward March
– Pama Intl meets Manasseh: Disobedient Dub