Playlists 2003

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Playlist 29.12.2003:

– Bad Manners: This Is Ska
– Soulfood International: T’N’T
– Mad Caddies: Econoline
– Catch 22: Hard To Impress
– Eläkeläiset: Humppa
– Ska-P: Welcome To Hell
– Suggs: No More Alcohol
– The Selecter: Carry Go Bring Home
– Surfits: Straight At The Edge Badge
– Skaos: Better Beware
– General Rudie: So Much
– Two Thousand Flushes: Mi Hamster Esta Muerto
– Tschiggedab: Tschiggedab
– Edje Ska: Problemen In Minnen Hof
– The Robustos: No Strangers Here
– The Specials: You’re Wondering Now

Playlist 22.12.2003:

– The Ethopians: Train To Skaville
– Maroon Town: Pound To The Dollar
– Court Jester’s Crew: The Mysterious Voyage of Dillfried die Maus
– Yellow Umbrella: Days Are Numbered
– The Riffs: Monday Morning
– The Busters: Friday On My Mind
– Laurel Aitken: Going Back To The Frontline
– Wickeda: Me And Bobby Drinking Coffee
– Piracy: Sudden Heroes
– Toots & The Maytals: (Take Me Home) Country Roads
– Wisecräcker: Mucker
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: 5 Days of Tequila
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Haitian Fight Song

Playlist 15.12.2003:

– The Selecter: The Selecter
– Schwarz auf Weiß: Alles wird sich ändern, wenn wir groß sind
– Sublime: Santeria
– Frau Doktor: Träger Sack
– Ska-P: Planeta Eskoria
– Lionsclub: The Persuaders
– Big Lick: 7 Grand
– Skoidats: Granted
– Big D And The Kids Table: In Front Of Me

Playlist 8.12.2003:

– Skanatra: Come Fly With Me
– The 27 Red: Angry Man
– Rollings: Skanon
– The Juggins: Summer Gigolo
– The Selecter: They Make Me Mad
– Dr. Ring-Ding: Bad Company
– Derrick Morgan: Housewive’s Choice
– Surfits: Fine City
– The Clash: London Calling
– Court Jester’s Crew: The Dream
– Tiefenrausch: Astronauten
– Mark Foggo’s Skasters: My Little Girly
– The Frits: Take Him Again
– Dance Hall Crashers: D.H.C.
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: I Can’t Say

Playlist 1.12.2003:

– Bakesys: Liquidator
– Wisecräcker: Ambition
– Gangster Fun: Dirty Love
– Dub Voyagers: Frau Barbara
– Skalariak: Despïdeme
– Eläkeläiset: Pöpi
– Yellow Umbrella: Big Promises
– Madness: One Better Day
– Skalariak: Vodka Revolution
– Mr. Review: Chasing
– Desmond Dekker: That’s The Way Life Goes
– Venus Hill: Separate Lives
– Tiefenrausch: Ska Vampir
– Hepcat: All For You
– No Sports: Skamachine
– Lionsclub: Star Wars – The Throne Room

Playlist 24.11.2003:

– The Specials. A Message To You Rudy
– Victor Rice: Drum Thief
– Trojan Horns: King of Lank
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Brother
– Judge Dread: Oh She Is A Big Girl Now
– Dub Voyagers: Rastafahndung
– The Busters: Wish You Were Here
– The Selecter: Hearsay
– Eläkeläiset: Humppalaki
– Bluekilla: Billy The Boy
– The Agents: Psycho Mick
– Surfits: Straight At The Edge Badge
– The Skatalites: Hot Cargo
– Hepcat: Miss Congeniality
– Lionsclub: Rocky: Come Fly Now
– Bad Manners: Skaville UK

Playlist 17.11.2003:

– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Skarada Dub
– Pama International: I Love You Too Much To Ever Stop Lying
– The Juggins: Simon Steward
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Rhythm And Soul
– Skaliners: Face It
– United Balls: Pogo in Togo
– Eläkeläiset: Dumkopf
– Surfits: Pissed On
– The Skatalites: Occupation
– The Stingers ATX: Stop Thinkin‘
– Ska-P: Como Me Pongo
– The Stingers ATX: What A Wonderful Dub
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Lions And Dogs
– The Butlers: Thunderball
– Norton’s Imperial Guard: John Tesh

Playlist 10.11.2003:

– Madness: One Step Beyond
– Pama International: Truly Madly Deeply
– The Juggins: Ska Against Racism
– Surfits: 16 Balls
– Amphetameanies: Last Night
– Geier Sturzflug: Besuchen Sie Europa
– Pama International: Earthquake
– Surfits: Hurry Up
– Laurel Aitken: Night Train To Tokyo
– Victor Rice: Lazy River NYC

Playlist 3.11.2003:

– Suspects: Seek And Destroy
– Die Ärzte: Schneller Leben
– Victor Rice: Commit
– Soulfood International: Experimenteller Kram
– La Vela Puerca: Pedro
– Soulfood International: Südstadt Reggae Nr. 2
– Blechreiz: Sun & Shadow
– Eläkeläiset: Bingholm
– Dub Voyagers: Fernsehbaby
– The Specials: Gangsters
– Mad Caddies: Econoline
– The Busters: Under Cover
– Soulfood International: Stamina Sound
– The Juggins: Tonight
– Alton And Hortense Ellis: Psychedelic Rock
– The Selecter: Missing Words

Playlist 27.10.2003:

– Thumper: Crazy Train
– Doreen Shaffer: Turn Your Lamp Down Low
– Crazy Baldhead: Don’t Turn Your Back
– Victor Rice: Fique
– The Busters: Fun Makers
– Victor Rice: Neighbors
– Polemic: Baba Ryba
– Hepcat: Earthquake And Fire
– Madness: Time For Tea
– Frau Doktor: Das Selbe
– Bad Manners: Bonanza Ska
– The Selecter: Mother Knows Best
– Gay City Rollers: Havana Beach Hotel
– Laurel Aitken with Court Jester’s Crew: Cockroach
– The Butlers: Sock It To ‚em J.B.
– Ngobo Ngobo: All Over Now
– Judge Dread: Nine And A Bit Skank

Playlist 20.10.2003 (zu Gast: die Dub Voyagers):

– The Specials: Friday Night, Saturday Morning
– Planet Smashers: Pee In The Elevator
– Eläkeläiset: Jump
– Dub Voyagers: Rastafahndung
– Les Babacools: Murder
– Seeed: Psychedelic Kingdom
– Dub Voyagers: Fernsehbaby
– Soulfood International: T’N’T
– Victor Rice: The Whip
– Dub Voyagers: Fett
– Spacemonkeyz vs. Gorillaz: M1A1

Playlist 13.10.2003:

– Ngobo Ngobo: Hi There Hello
– Ngobo Ngobo: Spaceflight 505
– The Selecter: The Selecter
– Ska-P: Planeta Eskoria
– Gangster Fun: Dirty Love
– Madness: Believe Me
– Blechreiz: Der Altbundeskanzler
– The Hotknives: Dace & Mary
– No Respect: Human Scum
– Laurel Aitken: Peggy Sue
– Eastern Standard Time: Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
– The Busters: Sharp Dressed Girl
– The Amazing Crowns: Do The Dog
– Derrick Morgan: Teach My Baby
– The Toasters: B27
– Dance Hall Crashers: Blind Leading The Blind
– No Sports: Five
– Spy Eye: These Boots Were Made For Stomping
– Stubborn Allstars: Open Season

Playlist 6.10.2003:

– Piracy: Intro
– Piracy: The Piracy Anthem
– Madness: Baggy Trousers
– Bluekilla: She Came
– Blondie: Screaming Skin
– The 27 Red: Leavin‘
– The Selecter: My Perfect World
– Maki Nomiya: Luna Cruise
– Skaos: After Midnight
– Skaliners: Change The World
– The Specials: Too Much Too Young
– Lax Alex Con Trax: Smalltown Boy
– The Skatalites: Two For One
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Wo ist diese Stadt
– Kingpins: Beat Girl (Main Title)
– The Allsorts: What More Can I Do
– No Sports: Radio

Playlist 29.9.2003:

– Wisecräcker feat. Denise M’Baye: Time To Show
– Sublime: Santeria
– Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars: Long Time Music
– Ngobo Ngobo: No One Cares
– The Selecter: Hairspray
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Filmmakers Bleed
– Schwarz auf Weiß: Alles wird sich ändern, wenn wir groß sind
– Hepcat: Bobby & Joe
– Piracy: Postcard
– Judge Dread: The Winkle Man
– Screwed Up: Your Secret
– The Skatalites: Cleopatra
– Skanatra: New York New York
– The Busters: Rude Vibrations

Playlist 22.9.2003:

– The Selecter: James Bond
– Surfits: Ska Noir
– No Doubt: Sunday Morning
– The Busters feat. Farin Urlaub: Liebe macht blind
– Catch 22: American Pie
– Rollings: I Got No Reason
– The Selecter: Missing Words
– The Busters: Summertime
– The Slackers: Have The Time
– Derrick Harriott: Solomon
– The Selecter: Three Minute Hero
– Babylon Circus: Haffi Go
– Critical Mass: I Dunno What To Do
– Surfits: Pissed On
– beNUTS: Zivi Zivot
– Catch 22: San Francisco Payphone
– Eläkeläiset: Humppaan Muna Tulessa (Light My Fire)
– The Selecter: On My Radio

Playlist 15.9.2003:

– Bad Manners: This Is Ska
– The Busters: Dead Or Alive
– Hepcat: Dollar Dance
– Trojan Horns: I Like Bouncing
– Court Jester’s Crew: We Let The Good Times Roll
– Eläkeläiset: Kids In America
– No Sports: How Do You Do
– Planet Smashers: Skate Or Die
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Skarada Dub
– The Specials: Rat Race
– The Busters: Sleep Away The Rainy Days
– Greenhouse: Wake Me Up Before You Gogo
– The Skatalites: Simmer Down
– Maroon Town: Nostalgia
– The Selecter: Out On The Street

Playlist 8.9.2003:

– Madness: One Step Beyond
– Mad Caddies: Shut The Door
– The Robustos: My Heart & Soul
– The Busters: Enjoy Yourself
– Save Ferris: Come On Eileen
– The Skatalites: Scandal Ska
– Eläkeläiset: Friday I’m In Love
– El Bosso & die Ping-Pongs: Shame & Scandal
– Planet Smashers: No Self Control
– The 88’s: She Fell In Love With James Bond
– Dzieci Kapitana Klossa: Spopka Roza
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: 10 9 8 7 6
– Less Than Jake: Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sell-Outs
– La Vela Puerca: A Su Bola
– Mad Caddies: Road Rash
– The Toasters: ?

Playlist 1.9.2003:

– Swingtones: Primaries
– Hepcat: Hooligans
– Messer Banzani: Peace Is Wonder
– Skankan: Brzozowa
– Big Lick: 7 Grand
– The Selecter: James Bond
– The Skatalites: Man In The Street
– Surfits: Ride Da Tide
– Skarface: Too Old
– Screwed Up: Who’s That Girl
– Mad Butchers: Glutton
– Frau Doktor: Alte Männer
– La Vela Puerca: Alta Magia
– Tremende: Che Combinazione
– The Busters: Go Below
– Lionsclub: Secret Agent Man

Playlist 25.8.2003:

– Mark Foggo’s Skasters: Hello
– Prince Buster & The Skatalites: King of Kings
– The Robustos: I Heard It Through The Grapevine
– The Busters: We Are The Champions
– The Selecter: Murder
– Frau Doktor: Prolskin
– Ska’d For Life: Rebecca
– Karamelo Santo live
– Hepcat: Keep On
– No Sports: Famous
– The Frits: Little Idiots
– The Butlers: Rockford Files
– Desmond Dekker: My World Is Blue
– The Specials: Friday Night Saturday Morning
– Mr. Review: The Feeling Is Alright
– The Scofflaws: Rudy’s Back

Playlist 23.8.2003 (lange File Under Ska-Nacht 22-4 Uhr mit 100 Liedern):

Dr. Ring-Ding: Dandimite
Frau Doktor: Auf dem Weg in die Stadt
Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Radio Tune
The Toasters: Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down
Spicy Roots: Do You Know
Judge Dread: Dr. Kitch
Intensified: Turn Me Loose
Mark Foggo: Girls In Heaven
Laurel Aitken: Sally Brown
Prince Buster: Madness
The Selecter: On My Radio
Ska Trek: Woman Catch A Man
El Bosso & die Ping-Pongs: Apocalypse
Rocker-T: One More
Bluekilla: Disseparate
Spicy Roots: Ska Fever
The Robustos: Don’t Be Down
Doreen Shaffer & Dr. Ring-Ding: Mia Come Back
Mr. Review: Prejudice
Trojan Horns: I Like Bouncing
The Specials: Stupid Marriage
?: Abba Abba
Maroon Town: Fix The Future
The Allstonians: Mariachi Goes Ska
The Busters: Mickey Mouse In Moscow live
Bluekilla: Ska Is Our Business
Karamelo Santo: El Reo
The Skeletones: Four of Them Outta Jail
The Skatalites: Pussycat
Intensified: Fat Cat
The Toasters: Secret Agent Man
The Frits: Auferstanden aus Ruinen
No Sports: Rudy
Moskovskaya: Ultimatly
Al Wilson: The Snake
The Pietasters: Same Old Song
Spicy Roots: Optimism
Frau Doktor: Tu vuoi l’amore
The Hotknives: The Same All Over The World
Yebo: Cleopatra
Ska Trek: True Confession
Jimmy Cliff: Carry Go Bring Home
The Allstonians: The Allston Beat
Frau Doktor: Ohne Dich
No Respect: Human Scum
Piracy: Kleinmachnov
Dr. Raju: It Doesn’t Make It Alright
The Skatalites: Ska Ska Ska
Spy Eye: These Boots Were Made For Stomping
The Busters: No Respect
Natural Rhythm: Blue Beat And Ska
Ska-P: Tijuana
The Robustos: I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Madness: Wings of A Dove
Blechreiz: James Bond
Eläkeläiset: ?
The Slackers: You Must Be Good
The Tiny Hat Orchestra: Skaface
Two Thousand Flushes: Mi Hamster Esta Muerto
The Ska Flames: Ska Fever
The Robustos: Hecho A-Mano
The Selecter: Three Minute Hero
Not Bob Marley: No Respect
Blascore: Komm Wir malen eine Sonne
Skavenjah: Hey Little Rich Girl
Rollings: Gone With The Smell
Hepcat: Nigel
No Doubt: Sunday Morning
Skaos: Living In Bavaria
Weaker Youth Ensemble: Wake Up (To Yourself)
Catch 22: Hard To Impress
The Butlers: Miles Away
Edje Ska: Problemen In Minnen Hof
Ska-P: Welcome To Hell
The Hotknives: Broken Heart
La Ruda Salska: Radio Ska
Ska-P: A la mierda
Surfits: I Like It
Ska-P: Cannabis
The Selecter: I Want Justice
Fishbone: Crazy Bald Heads
Buford O’Sullivan: Decade Revival Song
Highball Holiday: Poetry In Motion
The Articles: Starsky
The Allentons: Molly
Spider Nick & The Maddogs: Rude Boys Rule live
Lord Steev & The Echos: My Golden Love
The Space Heaters: Felix Culpa
The Lemon Merchants: Osakis Football Rules
The Busters: Keen On Games
The Beat: Ranking Fullstop
Madness: Michael Caine
Die Tornados: Moviestar
Bad Manners: Teenager In Love
The Volcanoes: Is Anybody There?
Messer Banzani: Peace Is Wonder
Dance Hall Crashers: He Wants Me Back
Judge Dread: Reggae And Ska
The Specials: You’re Wondering Now

Playlist 18.8.2003:

– Karamelo Santo: Down
– Jimmy Cliff: Many Rivers To Cross
– Spy Eye: A Message To You Rudy
– No Sports: Fukkin‘ Week
– Catch 22: This One Goes To…
– beNUTS: Zivi Zivot
– Bluekilla: Guns of Navarone
– The Specials: Ghost Town
– The Busters feat. Farin Urlaub: Liebe macht blind
– Army of Juan: Late Nights Dining
– The Frits: We Fight For You
– Surfits: 4:20
– Eläkeläiset: Humppa
– The Beat: Tears of A Clown
– Laurel Aitken: Sahara
– La Ruda Salska: Porque No La Vida

Playlist 11.8.2003:

– Madness: One Step Beyond
– No Sports: Summer
– The Busters: Summer Time
– Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars: Dance All Night
– Laurel Aitken & No Sports: Muaß i denn
– Laurel Aitken: Don’t Turn Your Back
– GLG Twenties: Priceless
– Lionsclub: M*A*S*H*
– Angry Planet: Robbin‘ Hood
– Die Tornados: Walk Don’t Run
– Aks Mamma: OJ
– Hepcat: Marcus Garvey
– The Busters: Crazy
– Bluekilla: Hawa Nagila
– Eläkeläiset: No Limit

Playlist 4.8.2003:

– The Busters: Friday On My Mind
– Madness: Night Boat To Cairo
– The Trojans: Keep On Running
– Mr. Review: Skampilation
– The Selecter: Missing Words
– Skaliners: Black ’n‘ White Dogs
– Monkey Ship: Such As Life
– Court Jester’s Crew: Südstadt Reggae
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Immer nur Ska!
– Lionsclub: Pussycat
– Eläkeläiset: Kung Fu Fighting
– Desmond Dekker: 007
– Karamelo Santo live
– Spicy Roots: Muppets Theme
– Laurel Aitken & The Potato 5: Sally Brown
– Karamelo Santo: Los Guachos
– Mr. Review: Ska Dee Wah

Playlist 28.7.2003:

– Piracy: Intro
– Piracy: The Piracy Anthem
– Trojan Horns: Yuppie Song
– The Selecter: Three Minute Hero
– Area 52: Pizza Kills
– Karamelo Santo: El Meyor
– Ballistic Allshorts: Man At C&A
– Madness: Embarrassment
– Eläkeläiset: Pöpi
– The Lodgers: Why
– The Skatalites: Fidel Castro
– Los Skanalos: Bomba 48
– Surfits: I Like It
– Magga Dog: Monkey In The White House
– Spicy Roots: Gangster
– Ska-P: Paramilitar
– The Trespassers: Gonna Get It

Playlist 21.7.2003:

– Catch 22: Hard To Impress
– Surfits: Ride Da Tide
– Derrick Morgan: Ruler of The Universe
– Piracy: Tinned Up Sardines
– Ska-P: Welcome To Hell
– The Busters: The Good Go To Heaven
– Madness: It Must Be Love
– Laurel Aitken: Sally Brown
– Piracy: Perfect Girl
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Lupin III
– Lionsclub: Charlie’s Angels
– Tschiggedab: Tschiggedab
– Edje Ska: Problemen In Minnen Hof
– Piracy: On Stage

Playlist 14.7.2003:

– The Specials: Guns of Navarone live
– The Busters: Sleep Away The Rainy Days
– Pro Midget Mafia: Pizza Girl
– Special A.K.A.: Nelson Mandela
– Court Jester’s Crew: Shake A Leg
– Blechreiz: Eggs Over Easy
– The Selecter: Missing Words
– Two Thousand Flushes: Mi Hamster Esta Muerto
– The Tiny Hat Orchestra: Skaface
– Lucky Hiob: Röschtiland
– Spies Like Us: Little Girl From Outer Space
– The Frits: Auferstanden aus Ruinen
– The Busters: Space Patrol Orion
– Surfits: Ska Noir
– The Hotknives: Dave And Mary
– Eläkeläiset: Humppaan Muna Tulessa (Light My Fire)
– Bluekilla: One Minit Ska
– The Selecter: James Bond
– The Butlers: Love & Marriage

Playlist 7.7.2003:

– Natural Rhythm: Blue Beat And Ska
– Mark Foggo: Hello
– The Ska Flames: Ska Fever
– Laurel Aitken & The Busters: She Was My Girl
– Tremende: Che Combinazione
– Trojan Horns: I Like Bouncing
– Hammerhai: Einkaufsbummel
– The Busters: No Risk No Fun
– The Frits: Concrete Jungle
– Podwórkowi Chuligani: Ska Ska Ska!
– The Beat: Mirror In The Bathroom
– The Wailers: Simmer Down
– Bad Manners: Skinhead Love Affair
– The Butlers: Magnum P.I.
– Madness: My Girl
– Court Jester’s Crew: Die!
– The Skatalites: Batman
– Frau Doktor: Rent

Playlist 30.6.2003:

– Natural Rhythm: Blue Beat And Ska
– The Riffs: Don’t Talk To Me
– Area 7: Dawning of A New Era
– Laurel Aitken & Court Jester’s Crew: Brown-Eyed Girl
– Trojan Horns: Whatta Way To Die
– No Sports: Stay Rude, Stay Rebel
– King 7 & The Soulsonics: Rude Boy Invasion On Your Radio Station
– The Busters: Tribute To The Skatalites
– The Skatalites: Eastern Standard Time
– The Selecter: On My Radio
– Frau Doktor: Für ein ganzes Leben
– Dance Hall Crashers: Java Junkie
– Judge Dread: Ska Fever
– The Specials: Ghost Town
– The Butlers: Where No Man Has Gone Before