Playlists 2005

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Playlist 30.12.2005 (zu Gast: Ümit, Athena-Experte):

– 12 Cents For Marvin: Introduction
– 12 Cents For Marvin: Shouting In The Dark
– USCB Allstars: Labba Labba
– Sensi Simon & The Sudio Nine Band: Jay And Sue
– The Moon Invaders: Subway Train
– Wisecräcker: Dedicate
– Die Aeronauten: Horror Beach
– Banana Peel Slippers: She’s Not There
– Athena: Hatasiz Kul Olmaz
– Yellow Umbrella: Rude Boy Company
– Debonaires: Criminals
– Los Calzones: Satánica
– Ska-D-Lite: Run Joe
– Ringo Ska: Good Day Sunshine
– Abuela Coca: Curo Heridas
– The Skatalites: Latin Goes Ska (live)

Playlist 16.12.2005:

– The Aggrolites: Black Lung
– Los Placebos: Rock Steady
– Skambiance: Skaturnus
– Jaya The Cat: Twist The Cap
– The Upsessions: Jackie Miller Down
– USCB Allstars: All Man À Evil
– The Chancers: Away From The Flock
– The Busters: Whiskey ‚til I Drop [Album Version]
– Malarians: Rude Boy Crew
– Mark Foggo: You Shot Me
– Los Calzones: Un hombre simple
– Shanty Town: Goldfinger
– Jaya The Cat: Final Solution
– K-Mob: Harlem Heat
– Shanty Town: Special Request
– Wisecräcker: My (Incomplete) List of Shame

Playlist 10.12.2005 (außerplanmäßige Sendung):

– Die Tornados: Tune In
– Die Tornados: Acapulco
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Immer nur Ska
– N & SK: Ca l’fait
– Al & The Vibrators: Merry Christmas
– The Robustos: I Heard It Through The Grapevine
– Lamiah Farah: Les temps difficiles
– Ringo Ska: From Me To You
– The Busters: Rule of Having Fun
– The Cat Empire: One Four Five
– United Balls: Pogo in Togo
– Dance Hall Crashers: Java Junkie
– The Selecter: Missing Words (acoustic)
– Desmond Dekker: My World Is Blue
– Soulfood International: T’N’T
– The Frits: We Fight For You
– The Clerks: Skaputnix
– The Tiny Hat Orchestra: Skaface
– Zebda: Tomber la chemise
– The Selecter: On My Radio (Rad Mix ’91)
– The Butlers: Rockford Files
– Eläkeläiset: Humppaosasto
– Gogol Bordello: Immigrant Punk
– Ezzo: Gina Wild
– Laurel Aitken & Court Jester’s Crew: Brown-Eyed Girl
– Kunn And The Magic Muffins: Happy People
– Geier Sturzflug: Marihuana

Playlist 2.12.2005 (Telefoninterview mit Björn von The Band Geek Mafia):

– Ringo Ska: She Loves You
– The Band Geek Mafia: Facelift
– The Pietasters: Set Me Up
– Los Calzones: Sr. Ska
– Toots & The Maytals: Christmas Feeling Ska
– Skanatra: High Hopes
– Abuela Coca: Mala Herencia
– Wisecräcker: Aus der neuen Welt
– The Peacocks: Ballroom Blitz
– K-Mob: Private Number
– Ringo Ska: Lady Madonna
– Los Placebos: riddim 94
– Alton Ellis: Praise Jah, It’s Christmas
– The Skatalites: James Bond Theme (live)
– The Lambrettas: Poison Ivy

Playlist 18.11.2005 (Einstimmung auf Stay Rude Stay Rebel):

– Madness, The Selecter, The Lambrettas, Bad Manners etc.: Two Tone 80’s Megamix
– The Slackers: Married Girl
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Skull Collector
– Ska-P: Como Me Pongo
– Joe Higgs: Song My Enemies Sing
– The Special Guests: If The Kids Are United
– Eläkeläiset: Humppasasto
– Dub Voyagers: Rastafahndung
– Markscheider Kunst: Krasivo Sleva
– No Sports: Stay Rude Stay Rebel
– The Bodysnatchers: Let’s Do Rocksteady
– Mr. Review: The Feeling Is Alright
– Desmond Dekker: Get Up Edina
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Immer nur Ska
– Santo Barrio: La Favorita

Playlist 4.11.2005:

– Santo Barrio: Mundo Paralelo
– The Hotknives: Echo Beach
– The Special Guests: Back In Town
– Bad Shakyn: Die Schwester meiner Frau
– Banana Peel Slippers: Las Chicas de Barcelona
– Calamities: You Don’t Love Me
– K-Mob: Don’t Cry
– Komando Moriles: Templo del Sol
– Los Placebos: Match Without A Goal
– Panteón Rococó: Sonia
– Ringo Ska: Eight Days A Week
– Sensi Simon & The Sudio Nine Band: Casava Dub
– Ska-D-Lite: Rockfort Ska
– The Clerks: Skastadt

Playlist 21.10.2005:

– Bad Manners: Bonanza Ska
– Area 52: Pizza Kills
– Panteón Rococó: Madre Candela
– The Special Guests: From Bagdad To Berlin
– The Moon Invaders: Walk Don’t Run
– Eläkeläiset: Humppa sujuu
– Frau Doktor: Alte Männer
– Die Aeronauten: Du wärst so gern dabei
– Madness: Lola
– Bluekilla: Wickie
– Maki Nomiya: Luna Cruise
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Put On Fresh Sex
– K-Mob: Liquor Store
– Desorden Público: Tokyo Loco
– Bob Marley: What’s New Pussycat
– Derrick Morgan: Do The Beng Bang
– Markscheider Kunst: ?

Playlist 7.10.2005 (zu Gast: Sensi Simon):

– The Specials: Gangsters
– The Moon Invaders: The Day We Met
– The Movement: A Little Rain
– Santo Barrio: Mundo Paralelo
– Sensi Simon & The Studio Nine Band: Bonehead
– Court Jester’s Crew: Have You Seen My Girl
– Sensi Simon & The Studio Nine Band: Something Wrong (feat. Don Rocksha)
– K-Mob: Doctor My Eyes
– Sensi Simon & The Studio Nine Band: Ride The Rock (feat. Jerome Bugnon)
– Calamities: You Don’t Love Me
– Tommy McCook: Tears of Love
– Sensi Simon & The Studio Nine Band: Blues Lee

Playlist 30.9.2005:

– Bad Manners: Rocksteady Breakfast
– Skattle Grid: Moonwalk
– The Quicksteps: Skankin‘ On Sunshine
– Bad Shakyn: Skarlight Pub
– Ollie Q. + The Deep Six: Law of Love
– Frau Doktor: I Will
– Dub City Rockers: Trojan City Love
– Symarip: Phoenix City
– Panteón Rococó: Sonia
– The Cat Empire: One, Four, Five
– The Special Guests: Back In Town
– The Selecter: I Want Justice
– No Sports: Pretty Boys (live)
– The Moon Invaders: Consciousness
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Gotta Go Home!
– The Clerks: Mehr Ska!

– Lord Creator: Wings of A Dove
– Skanatra: I’ve Got You Under My Skin
– The Police: So Lonely
– K-Mob: Keep Waiting
– Smashmouth: Flo
– The Skaliners: Born in 75
– Men At Work: Upstairs In My House
– Stubborn All-Stars: Nutz die Chancen
– Die Ärzte: Die Allerschürfste
– The Adjusters: Mumia In Tibet
– Skalette O’Hara: Boys Don’t Cry
– Bitter Sound Foundation: We Will Ska You
– Ape Army: First Ska
– Toots & The Maytals: 54-56 That’s My Number
– Ludwig Westarp: Vampira
– Skatoon Syndikat: Pauschalurlaub

Playlist 16.9.2005 (zu Gast: DJ Bernie (Rudeboy’s Delight, Wüste Welle Tübingen)):

– The Clerks: Skaputnix
– Howard Carpendale: Ich geb mir selbst ’ne Party
– K-Mob: On Purpose
– Nighthawks: Here Come The Nighthawks
– The Chancers: Speedbomb
– Laurel Aitken: Rudi Got Married
– The Moon Invaders: Subway Train
– Pangäa: Small God of Musicians
– Owen & Leon: The Fits Is On Me
– The Mood: Wail Now
– Bad Manners: Memory Train
– The Echonomics: Jenseits von Eden
– Rocko Schamoni: Mauern
– Dawn Penn: Don’t Sleep In The Subway
– ?: Crying In The Chapel

Playlist 2.9.2005:

– Komando Moriles: Batman Vuelve
– The Special Guests: Missing You
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: 25 Hours To Ska
– The Chancers: Away From The Flock
– Kingtide: Cannonball
– The Specials And Fun Boy Three: Running Away
– The Braces: The Designer Song
– The Clerks: The Roots
– Mr. Review: Summertime
– Madness: Taller Than You Are
– Skarface: Pogo Blitz
– Athena: Hatasiz Kul Okmaz
– Yellow Umbrella: Perestroiska
– Mr. T-Bone: Everyday
– Ezzo: We Have Fun
– The Butlers: Brighter Days

Playlist 22.8.2005:

– Das Skartell: Herr Rossi sucht das Glück
– The Busters: Orion
– Bad Manners: Baby Elephant Walk
– The Skatalites: Guns of Navarone
– Lionsclub: Star Wars – The Throne Room
– The Butlers: Where No Man Has Gone Before
– Die Frohlix: Pipi Longstocking
– Bluekilla: Wickie
– Skaos: The Munsters
– Bad Manners: Bonanza Ska
– The Butlers: Hang ‚em High
– Die Strafe: Weltspiegel
– The Special Guests: Inspecteur Clouseau

Playlist 29.7.2005:

– Jimmy Cliff: Many Rivers To Cross
– Laurel Aitken: Skinhead Train
– The Mellers: Popp Stars
– Laurel Aitken: Eastern Standard Time
– Eastern Standard Time: Eye of The Storm
– Laurel Aitken: Boogie In My Bones
– The Pietasters: Everyday With You
– Area 7: Careless Memories
– The Clerks: Für Luise
– Athena: Çatal Yürek
– Madness: Lola
– Laurel Aitken with Court Jester’s Crew: Pretty Baby
– The Busters: The Good Go To Heaven
– Distemper: ?
– Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites: Peace, Perfect Peace
– Al Skapone: This Is Rude Ska

Playlist 15.7.2005:

– The Ska Flames: Ska Fever
– Desorden Público: Calvo
– The Pioneers: Time Hard
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Fussy Business
– Dub Voyagers: Wirf Dein Bein
– Reel Big Fish: Sell Out
– The Gadjits: Beautiful Girl
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Gotta Go Home!
– The Clerks: Skastadt
– Soulfood International’s Rocksteady Revue feat. Dr Ring-Ding: John James
– Desorden Público: Mirándonos
– Derrick Morgan Meets The High Notes: Conquering Ruler
– Athena: Kine Me
– Yellow Umbrella: Dracul Ska
– The Hotknives: Echo Beach
– Rantanplan: Erbarmungslos

Playlist 1.7.2005:

– Tic Tox: Nightboat To Cairo
– Adji: Your Song
– The Special Guests: Dillinger Strikes Back
– Desorden Público: Venus
– Rantanplan: Eine Nacht für niemand
– The Moon Invaders: Devil In Disguise
– The Moon Invaders: Prolog
– Desmond Dekker: Jamaica Ska
– Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra: Unza Unza Time
– Dub Voyagers: So oder so
– The Quicksteps: Take On Me
– Greenhouse: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
– No Sports: Ska’s Not Dead
– The Bank Geek Mafia: Chica Go!
– Pangäa: Hot Fire
– Doreen Shaffer: Adorable You
– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: Rebel Revolution

Playlist 17.6.2005 (zu Gast: Markus und Stephen von den Dub Voyagers):

– The Hotknives: Summer Never Comes To Soon
– Dub Voyagers: Wirf dein Bein
– Santeria: The Man You Want To Know
– The Aggrolites: Put Your Weight On It
– Dub Voyagers: So oder so
– Pangäa: Free Friedrich
– Ezzo: Gina Wild
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: John & James
– The Selecter: Missing Words (acoustic)
– Skabilly Rebel: What’s The Matter?

Playlist 3.6.2005 (zu Gast: Norbert):

– The Skaliners: Tables Gonna Turn
– Judge Dread: Big 7
– Dr. Ring-Ding & H. P. Setter: Ska Explosion
– Electric Lion: Total Revolution
– Skabilly Rebel: Fallen Angel
– Nighthawks: Sophisticated Woman
– Dub Voyagers: Wirf dein Bein
– Fehlfarben: It Doesn’t Make It Alright
– Desmond Dekker & The Specials: Carry Go Bring Come
– Skinnerbox: Ça fait une paie
– Messer Banzani: Myst’ry
– Horace Andy: Living In The Flood
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Ich bin Touri

Playlist 20.5.2005 (zu Gast: Ezzo)

– The Skaliners: Steal The Music
– Ezzo: Gina Wild
– The Clash: Revolution Rock
– Frau Doktor: Für ein ganzes Leben
– Ezzo: We Have Fun
– Dr. Bajan: Moldavaneska
– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: Back In 100 Years
– Ezzo: Girlfriend
– Skabilly Rebel: Lorraine
– Justin Hinds & The Dominoes: Carry Go Bring Come
– Pöblers Unites: Our House
– Ezzo: Stand Up
– The Skatalites: Occupation

Playlist 14.5.2005 (lange File Under Ska-Nacht 1-5 Uhr)

– No Sports: Two Times A Minute (intro)
– General Rudie: ADD
– Madness: One Step Beyond
– The Butlers: Skintight
– Bad Manners: Memory Train
– Skanatra: New York, New York
– The Trojans: Lumpi
– Marksscheider Kunst: Kvasa Kvasa
– Red Front: The Robots
– The Untouchables: Mandingo
– The Toasters: Why Oh Why
– The Busters: Dead Or Alive
– Dub Voyagers: Beatland
– Area 7: Dawning of A New Era
– The Ethopians: World Goes Ska
– Ezz Reco: Blue Beat Dance
– The Special Guests: Inspecteur Clouseau
– Madness: Night Boat To Cairo
– Andy & Joey: You’re Wondering Now
– Prince Buster: Wash Wash
– Millie: Melting Pot
– Nicky Thomas: Love of The Common People
– The Selecter: The Selecter
– Bad Manners: The Undersea Adventures of Ivor The Engine
– Forest Hillbillies: The Munsters
– The Busters: Orion
– The Specials: A Message To You Rudy
– Delroy Wilson: King Pharaoh
– The Wailers: Love And Affection
– Winston & Errol: Fay’s Gone
– Stranger & Ken: World’s Fair
– The Aces: Reggae Motion
– Toots & The Maytals: Country Roads
– ?: Let It Be
– The Gaylettes: Son of A Preacher Man
– The Pioneers: Long Shot
– Madness: Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
– Bad Manners: Rosemary
– Ska-P: Planeta Eskoria
– Lax Alex Contrax: Frau aus Silikon
– Dub Voyagers: So geht das nicht
– The Adjusters: Armstrong
– ?: Autumn Leaves
– Ska’t: Where Are You From
– The Pietasters: What I Do
– No Sports: Coconut Girl
– The Peacocks: Living In Towns
– Superspy: Gameshow Millionaire
– Tremende: Che Combinazione
– I.H.Ska: Long John Silver
– Skaos: One Day
– The Butlers: Soul Rebel
– Bim Skala Bim: Three Legged Dub
– Victor Rice: Fique
– beNUTS: Skaska City
– Tiefenrausch: Döner
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Sunwalk
– Lord Tanamo: In The Mood For Ska
– ?: I Want Justice
– Jazzbo: Melancholy Baby
– Winston Samuels: Broken Hearted
– Eläkeläiset: Humpparaaki
– Lionsclub: Tatort
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Skarada Dub
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Arachnid
– Karl Hlamkin: Tänze im Flugzeug
– Die Aeronauten: Du wärst so gern dabei
– Spitfire: Tanzen
– Ezz Reco: King of Kings
– The Tennors: Ride Your Donkey
– ?: Deep Down
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Fussy Business
– Prince Buster: Madness
– The Schoolgirls: Little Keithie
– Basil Giddeon: Sheet of Glory
– Howard Carpendale: Ich geb mir selbst ’ne Party
– The Skatalites: Guns of Navarone

Playlist 6.5.2005:

– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Radio Tune
– The Slackers: International War Criminal
– The Butlers: Devil’s Rock
– Derrick Morgan: I Found A Queen
– Django FM: Aidez-nous
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Backlash
– Eläkeläiset: Humppaa, saatanat
– Blaster Master: Johnny The Bastard
– Proyecto Secreto: Bruce Lee Is Back
– Tiefenrausch: Ticket nach Holland
– Pat Kelly: A Hard Day’s Night
– Pama International: Life Circus
– Two Tone Club: Bloody Century
– Ollie Q. + The Deep Six: Hola Rasta
– Lo & The Magnetics: Sooner Or Later
– Monkey Shop: Weird Company

Playlist 29.4.2005:

– The Selecter: On My Radio (Rad Mix ’91)
– No Sports: Two Times A Minute (intro)
– Skalette O’Hara: Barbed Wire
– The Juggins: Lucky Luke
– Terrorgruppe: Katholikenska
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Magyar Posta
– Dr. Ring-Ding: Rice And Dub (Pt. 1)
– Two Tone Club: Bloody In Dub
– No Sports: Lack of Time
– Blaster Master: Tuffer Than Roots
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Natty Parade
– Ollie Q. + The Deep Six: Man From Al-Ska’ida
– SKOP: Watermelon Man
– Nouvelle Vague: Friday Night, Saturday Morning
– Two Tone Club: Tribute To Lloyd
– No Sports: Two Times A Minute (outro)

Playlist 15.4.2005 (zu Gast: Nu Sports; Telefoninterview mit Arjen von der Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation):

– No Sports: Communication
– Gruppo Sportivo: Hey Girl
– Two Tone Club: Turn Off The Television
– Mr. T-Bone: I Mean
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Black Night
– The Cat Empire: One, Four, Five
– Laurel Aitken & No Sports: Muaß I Denn…
– Court Jester’s Crew: Shake A Leg
– Blaster Master: Litmanen
– Bob And Marcia: To Be Young, Gifted And Black

Playlist 1.4.2005:

– Spicy Roots: Intro
– Spicy Roots: This Is Ska
– Intensified: Stealing
– Lionsclub: You Only Live Twice
– Tiefenrausch: Platz für Liebe
– Rico: Children of Sanchez
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Call From Rio
– Rudi Mentali: Mr. Spock
– Adji: Pepper
– Mr. Review: The Street Where I’m Living
– Skalpel: Prosperity
– The Big: Grandson
– Skattle Grid: It’s All The Same
– Skampi Royal: Skaliban
– The Specials: Friday Night Saturday Morning
– The Band Geek Mafia: Freefall

Playlist 18.3.2005:

– Mark Foggo: Ace of Spades
– Skaos: Cool Days Sunshine
– Bad Manners: Walking In The Sunshine
– Ape Army: First Ska
– Lord Skalipsoul And The Skalibu Allstars: At The Circus
– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: Bin grad in Las Vegas, Baby
– Markscheider Kunst: Kvasa Kvasa
– Judge Dread: Sitting In The Sun
– General Rudie: Sunday Drive
– Al Skapone: French Car
– The Supatones: Madness
– The Band Geek Mafia: Poetry In Flames
– Skadaddyz: Wave Rider
– The Mellers: End of Days
– Dynamo Ska: Sun Is Bright

– Kunn And The Magic Muffins: Happy People
– Bad Manners: Memory Train
– The Undercovers: Sipping Sunshine
– The Soulettes: Hey Senorita
– The Capones: Ready To Rock
– The Special Guests: Close To Sun
– Athena: Yalan
– Hammerhai: Touri-Terror in Taka-Tuka-Land
– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: In The Mood For A Riot
– Dance Hall Crashers: Java Junkie
– Elvis Jackson: Running
– Joe Leila: My Sharona
– Proyecto Secreto: Sin Nombre
– Lokalmatadore: Wenn ein Mensch lebt
– Al Skapone: Puff Paste
– Aspo: Black Sunday

Playlist 4.3.2005:

– Superspy: Game Show Millionaire
– Haydamaky: Hinter unserer Scheune
– The Beat: Get-A-Job
– The Bank Geek Mafia: Waste Away
– The Xplosions: London Town
– The Clash: London Calling
– Lord Skalipsoul And The Skalibu Allstars: Shamrock 71
– Blechreiz: Gewalt regiert
– Male Factors: Rudies‘ Ska
– SKOP: Jakobs Blow Sister
– The Pioneers: Long Shot
– Sgorgo: Last Trip From Negril To Montego Bay
– Bim Skala Bim: Brain Damage
– Urban Dub: Jump Jump
– Toxkäpp: Goode Chresten
– Skaos: Walkin Away
– Skalariak: Wodka Revolution

Playlist 18.2.2005:

– No Sports: Intro
– No Sports: Summer
– Eastern Standard Time: Don’t Go
– Steady Ups: Melany
– Madness: The Prince
– Spitfire: The Game
– Rude Rich And The High Notes: Everything Is Everything
– Lionsclub: M*A*S*H*
– Chris Murray: I’m Ready For Love
– Tiefenrausch: Das Kapital
– Hepcat: Police Woman
– The Toasters: Why Oh Why
– Shots In The Dark: More Fire
– The Specials: Too Hot
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: I Can’t Say
– The Busters: We’re The Champions
– Eläkeläiset: Humppakostajat

Playlist 4.2.2005:

– I.H.Ska: Godzilla II
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Four
– Skaos: One Day
– Al Skapone: This Is Rude Ska
– Eastern Standard Time: When Will Your Love Be Mine?
– Lo & The Magnetics: Top 5
– The Selecter: Musical Servant
– Dub Voyagers: Beatland
– Ska-P: Naval Xixòn
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: More
– Kunn And The Magic Muffins: Piensieri Liberi
– Symarip: Phoenix City
– Ill At Ease: Great Feelings
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: Wings of A Dove
– Django FM: Headbomb
– Skaos: Pocoman Jam

Playlist 21.1.2005 (zu Gast: Aaron mit altem rarem Vinyl):

– The Special Guests: If The Kids Are United
– Eastern Standard Time: Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
– Lord Flea: Shake Shake Senora
– Lord Nelson: Stella
– King Flash: Zombie Jamboree
– Laurel Aitken: More Whiskey
– Tiefenrausch: One Way Ticket
– Shenley Duffus: I’m A Lonely Boy
– Winston Samuels: What Have I Done
– Kunn And The Magic Muffins: Enfants De La Patrie
– Howard Carpendale: Ich geb mir selbst ’ne Party
– The Maytals: Mathew Mark
– Baba Brooks: Shank I Sheck
– The Busters: Nice Again
– The School Girls: Love Another Love
– Prince Buster: Wash Wash