Playlists 2007

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Playlist 23.12.2007 (außerplanmäßige Sendung):

– The Selecter: On My Radio ’91 [Rad Mix]
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Sing This Tune
– The Caroloregians: Don’t Touch The Dog
– Toots & The Maytals: Christmas Feeling Ska
– The Silvertones: Bling Bling Christmas
– The Skatalites: Outback Dub
– Victor Rice: Agenda
– RokkaTone: As I Went Out One Morning
– Gangster Politics: Nica’s Dream
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Filthy McNasty
– The Articles: Starsky
– Horace Andy: Christmas Time
– Roy Richards: Jingle Bells
– La Vela Puerca: Por dentro
– Kingston Kitchen: You Make Me Sing
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: No More Sorrow
– The Cat Empire: The Crowd
– Russkaja: Dope Shit
– Dub Pistols: Gangsters [feat. Terry Hall]
– Tim Armstrong: Into Action [feat. Skye Sweetnam]
– The Brentford All-Stars: Christmas Sounds Medley
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Skarada Dub (Remixed By Paul Murphy & Marc Woolford Project)
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Babylonians
– The Caroloregians: It’s So Coal
– Nu Sports: Das Model
– The Adjusters: People Make The World Go Round
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: White Christmas
– Alton Ellis: Praise Jah, It’s Christmas
– Dave Hillyard And The Rocksteady 7: Father And Son

Playlist 21.12.2007:

– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Christmaska
– Al & The Vibrators: Merry Christmas
– Too Hot: Sunshine Holiday
– The Caroloregians: Got To Be A Man
– Bad Manners: It’s Christmas Time Again
– Alton Ellis: Praise Jah, It’s Christmas
– Ezzo: Root Rock Ready
– Dallax: Wonderful World
– Cuban B: You’re Not Invited
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: One Happy Day
– The Busters: Cheerio
– Piracy: The Piracy Anthem
– Soulfood International feat. Dr. Ring-Ding: John James
– Toots & The Maytals: Christmas Feeling Ska
– Horace Andy: Christmas Time
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: White Christmas
– Bad Manners: Millennium Knees Up

Playlist 7.12.2007:

– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Radio Tune
– The Caroloregians: Super Bikini
– The Busters: Here I Am
– The Pietasters: Ordinary
– Franziska: Good Morning Midnight
– Vallanzaska: Conan At The Disco
– Marvin Fink: Daydreaming
– The Skatalites: Outback Ska
– Ska-J: Skadele
– Dr. Ring-Ding: Millionaire
– Nu Sports: Happy To Be Alive
– The Peacocks: Ballroom Blitz
– Schwarz Rot Atemgold 09: A Night In Tunesia
– The Silvertones: Bling Bling Christmas
– Kingston Kitchen: Sealed With A Kiss

Playlist 30.11.2007:

– Eastern Standard Time: Jetlag
– The Busters: Cheerio
– Carlos Dingo: Guererro Apacho
– Ska Cubano: Tabú
– Cubic Circle: The Most Important
– Kingston Kitchen: A City By Night
– The Gaylettes: Son of A Preacher Man
– JFK & The Conspirators: The Mayor of Ganja City
– Talco: Bella Ciao
– Schwarz Rot Atemgold 09: Let’s Make The Water Turn Black
– The Beat: All Out To Get You
– Marvin Fink: In Jamaica Now
– Sir Randha: Sabato sera
– Let’s Go Bowling: Rude 69
– Jim Murple Memorial: No problemo

Playlist 16.11.2007:

– Harddiskaunt: Skaterpillar
– Gerben Rienk Visser & Bob Van Houten: Ornithology
– The Aggrolites: Faster Bullet
– The Skatalites: Simmer Down
– Piracy: Just Dressed in Sex Track von SKA 21
– Die Schnitter: Moorsoldaten
– Spicy Roots: Run Away Run
– Kingston Kitchen: You Make Me Sing
– Nu Sports: Das Model
– Sensi Simon: Shilo Kunze
– The Busters: Double It
– The Moon Invaders: Here We Go Again
– The Skatalites: Fidel Castro
– The Upsessions: Hold Your Whining
– Marvin Fink: Yesterday’s Drink
– Rascasse: See Me Run

Playlist 2.11.2007 (zu Gast: Spicy Roots):

– The Toasters: Frankenska
– Spicy Roots: Always Together
– Spicy Roots: Blue Beat & Ska
– Buck-O-Nine: What Happened To My Radio?
– The Skatalites: Skalloween
– The Aggrolites: You Got 5
– Spicy Roots: Get Ready
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Pinzoro
– Spicy Roots: Run Away Run

Playlist 19.10.2007:

– Fast Food Orchestra: Virus
– Ezzo: Better Fatter
– Tim Armstrong: Inner City Violence
– Ezzo: Skabadabadu
– Schwarz Rot Atemgold 09: Happy Together
– Che Sudaka: El libro de los abrazos
– The Aggrolites: Left Red
– The Nicks: Boom Boom
– Contratempos: Panorama Incerto
– Goon: Katkera
– Los Kung-Fu Monkeys: Boys Don’t Cry
– Wisecräcker: Sparta
– Skannibal Schmitt: Hecho Polvo
– Paprika Korps: Standby Lights

Playlist 5.10.2007:

– Schwarz Rot Atemgold: One Step Beyond
– Desorden Público: Sepulturero
– Che Sudaka: La Vida
– The Butlers: Laß die Hölle warten
– Kingston Kitchen: Seven Days
– The Pietasters: Don’t Wanna Know
– Mark Foggo: Mama Don’t Like It
– Mark Foggo: Hashish from Amsterdam
– Jump The Shark: Try
– Tim Armstrong: Hold On
– Dr. Ring-Ding: Fever
– The Aggrobeats: The Aggrobeat
– Dallax: Dance In The Moonlight
– The Ska Vendors: I Don’t Want You To Go

Vertretungsstunde 21-22 Uhr:

– Mobtown: Eazy Rider
– Radiotype: Perfect World
– The Dualers: Don’t Go
– The Chancers: I Can See For Miles
– Kingston Rudieska: Oscar Wilde
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Professor Bebop
– Lost Propelleros: Vamp
– Proyecto Secreto: Rocksteady No. 1
– The Planet Smashers feat. Neville Staples: Explosive
– Five Iron Frenzy: Oh, Canada
– One Night Band: Keep A Cool Head
– Superhiks: Optimi-Ska
– The Slackers: Lil‘ Joe
– The Smoking Barrels: Delusion
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: No More Sorrow
– The Skalatones: Persuaders
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Joseph

Playlist 21.9.2007 (Telefoninterview mit Arjen von der Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation):

– Paprika Korps: Magnetofon
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Lonely Man
– The Aggrolites: Fire Girl
– The Moon Invaders: Subway Train
– Dr. Ring-Ding: My Sound Remix
– Kunn & The Magic Muffins: Don’t Burn My Paradise
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: No More Sorrow
– The Lost Banditoz: What Makes The Difference
– Two Tone Club: Tribute To Lloyd
– Atemgold: Dick Tracy
– Nu Sports: Das Model

Playlist 7.9.2007:

– The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Let Me Be
– Kunn & The Magic Muffins: Mother Nature
– Makako Jump: Sciopero
– The Aggrolites: Reggae Hit L.A.
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Balkan Fever
– The Coventry Automatics: Blank Expression
– Moskovskaya: Wireless
– Moskovskaya: Russian Walz
– Dreamlets: My Boy Lollipop
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Ich bin Touri
– Prince Buster: Whine And Grine (Dub)
– Sensi Simon & The Studio Nine Band: Casava Dub
– Dr. Ring-Ding: Seven Days (One Week)
– Die Tornados: Ask Your Friend
– Paprika Korps: Proper Song
– Les Calcatoggios: Dracula

Playlist 31.8.2007:

– Kunn & The Magic Muffins: Wonderful Day
– Skaff-Links: M733
– Alaska: Fly
– Paprika Korps: The Souvereign
– Banda Bassotti: Revolution Rock
– Cubic Circle: Letter To
– Smooth Lee: Judge Vulture
– The Aggrolites: Work It
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Love Theme From The Godfather
– Desmond Dekker: That’s The Way Life Goes
– Dr. Ring-Ding: Ram Di Dance (Ska Version)
– Tim Armstrong feat. Skye Sweetnam: Into Action
– Raggabund: Idiot

Playlist 17.8.2007:

– Masilia Soundsystem: Bouteille Sur Bouteille
– Prince Buster: Humpty Dumpty
– The Pepper Pots: It’s Raining
– Mark Foggo: Haircut
– Bad Nenndorf Boys: Bereit
– Markscheider Kunst: Babushka
– Dr. Ring-Ding: Obeah Wedding
– Bugsy Malone: Best Friend
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Blow Wind Blow
– The Moon Invaders: Devil In Disguise
– The Red Elvises: Cosmonaut Petrov
– The Debonaires: Broken Heart
– The Busters: Revolution Rock
– The Skatalites: Third Man Ska

Playlist 3.8.2007:

– The Japonicans: Toy Tone Blues
– The Skalatones: Ska-Patrol
– The Robustos: My Heart And Soul
– Rogue Steady Orchestra: Vorstadtfassaden
– Chris Murray And The Slackers: Janie Jones
– Bedouin Soundclash: Rude Boy Abroad
– Dallax: Nite Hero
– Ezzo: Gina Wild
– Mate Power: Elefantes
– The Pepper Pots: Love For Sale
– Minni The Moocher: The Beat
– The Lambrettas: Poison Ivy
– The Caroloregians: Super Bikini
– The Dualers: Travelling
– The Skatalites: Ball of Fire
– Babylon Circus: Don Quichotte Is Not Dead

Playlist 20.7.2007:

– Die Tornados: Ask Your Friend
– Paprika Korps: Zdecydujcie Sie
– The Skankaroos: Ska Music
– Yellow Umbrella: Ma Belle
– Top Cats: Calling Your Name
– Dr. Ring-Ding: The Needle
– Yampal: Farmer’s Delight
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Groove Confusion
– Los Skalameros: East To The West
– Distemper: Инцидент (Incident)
– Palmeras Kanibales: Mente Simplemente
– Skaos: How Does It Feel
– The Selecter: Redemption Song
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Annyakouro
– Tiefenrausch: Fünf-Finger-Rabatt

Vertretungsstunde 21-22 Uhr:

– Das Skartell: Herr Rossi sucht das Glück
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Buttah
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Rudeboy
– Dr. Ring-Ding: Big Man
– Madness: One Step Beyond
– Sublime: Doin‘ Time
– Reel Big Fish: Sell Out
– The Skatalites: Real Rock / Rockfort Rock Medley
– The Pepper Pots: Starvation
– Die Strafe: Weltspiegel
– Triple Espresso: New Devil Sonnet
– Bad Manners: Skinhead Love Affair
– Floyd Lloyd: Ska Party

Playlist 6.7.2007:

– Derrick Morgan: The Hop
– The Articles: Dragonfly
– Amusic Skazz Band: Mr. Versatile
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Backlash
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Four
– Duff Muffin: Jazz Club
– Hohes C: Zwei Menschen, verplant und eine Pommes
– The Pepper Pots: You Don’t Know Like I Know
– Mr. Fly Ska Band: Christine Keeler
– Intensified: Stingey Brim
– Gangster Politics: Nica’s Dream
– General Rudie: Sunday Drive
– Yebo: Skazz
– Jazzbo: Jody Grind
– Don Drummond: Alipang

Playlist 29.6.2007:

– Akurat: Fantasmagorie
– Intensified: Free Rubin
– Derrick Morgan: I Am The Ruler
– The Pepper Pots: Sweet William
– The Upsessions: Rudie Cool It Down
– Spitfire: Arose From Sleep
– Die Tornados: The Evil
– Ollie Q. + The Deep Six: Friday Night Special
– K-Mob: Doctor My Eyes
– Karamelo Santo: La Picadura
– Jagga-Bites Combo: No Racism
– The Slackers: Propaganda Dub
– Two Tone Club: Tribute To Lloyd
– The Valkyrians: Conquering Ruler
– Makako Jump: Mari-o

Playlist 15.6.2007:

– Bad Shakyn: Skarlight Pub
– The Clerks: Steh auf
– Makako Jump: Sole All’ombra
– Bombassa Beed: Young And Fresh
– Los Skalameros: Papagaya
– The Senior Allstars: Red Leaf
– Karamelo Santo: La Picadura
– Trovači: Maljciki
– Distemper: My Secrets
– Sensi Simon: Jay And Sue
– The Skatalites: Alley Pang
– Abuela Coca: El Penitente
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Reggae Train
– Skavenjah: Hey Little Rich Girl

Playlist 1.6.2007:

– Fast Food Orchestra: Marcel Pierre
– No Sports: Tour de France
– The Selecter: Never Said I Love You
– Tiefenrausch: Razzia
– RokkaTone: She Likes To Smile
– Yellow Umbrella: Since You’ve Been Gone
– Yampal: Farmer’s Delight
– Westbound Train: The Test
– Mate Power: Frankfurter Ska
– Makako Jump: Senza Illusioni
– Casino Royale: Someone Says
– Skarface: Hold Up
– Rancid: Live Won’t Wait
– Hohes C: Schwarz vor Augen

Playlist 18.5.2007:

– The Special Guests: Build A Castle
– Yellow Umbrella: Wanderin‘ On
– Dallax: Under The Groove
– beNUTS: Skaska City
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Love Is The Healing
– Pantón Rococó: Madre Candela
– Abuela Coca: Mambru
– Mate Power: Siempre
– Los Skalameros: Imitation of Love
– Triple Espresso: It Ain’t No Crime
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Buttah
– Crunch!: Fur Elise

Playlist 4.5.2007 (zu Gast: Jagga-Bites Combo):

– The Clerks: Steh auf
– Jagga-Bites Combo: 16:30
– Mate Power: Rosa
– Jagga-Bites Combo: No Racism
– Hohes C: Kerbel gerebelt
– Jagga-Bites Combo: No Matter
– Phonkonfused: Wake Up
– The Special Guests: Wannabe
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Music
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Drive
– Bedouin Soundclash: Shelter

Playlist 20.4.2007:

Vertretungsstunde 19-20 Uhr:

– El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs: Mafia-Tanz
– Rollings: Bright Lights
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: John Jones
– Earth & Fire: Weekend
– The Valkyrians: Little Bitch (live)
– The Clash: Hateful
– Rotfront feat. SMO: Red Mercedes
– Hohes C: Groove Is In The Air
– Jan Delay: Ich möchte nicht, daß Ihr meine Lieder singt
– The Police: Man In A Suitcase
– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: Bin grad in Las Vegas, Baby
– Stevie Wonder: Happy Birthday
– Caramelo Criminal: Porque Te Vas?
– Matthew Wilder: Break My Stride
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Backlash

zu Gast um 20 Uhr: Los Skalameros

– The Clerks: Ständig auf der Suche
– Los Skalameros: Uprising Sun
– Morgan Heritage: Everything Is Still Everything
– Los Skalameros: East To The West
– Los Skalameros: Fire On The Mountain
– Mad Caddies: ?
– Los Skalameros: Can’t Help It
– The Skatalites: Rockfort Rock
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Reggae Train
– Los Skalameros: Revolution

Playlist 6.4.2007:

– Westbound Train: The Test
– Markscheider Kunst: Kvasa-Kvasa
– Spitfire: Rio-Rita
– Regatta 69: Out of Self-Conrol
– Mate Power: Historia Cruel
– The Big: Grandson
– Bad Shakyn: Skarlight Pub
– Skannibal Schmitt: Tribute To Carmelo Micciche
– Moskovskaya: Johnny
– Rico & His Band: Easy Does It
– Alpha Boy School: No Interest
– Sondaschule: Lieber einen paffen
– Skalariak: Wodka Revolution
– Skafield: Brownnoser
– Mate Power: Elefantes
– Mate Power: Mi negra adelgaza

Playlist 30.3.2007:

– The Special Guests: Mascara
– Nu Sports: Psycho Killer
– The Valkyrians: Tougher Than Tough
– Rogue Steady Orchestra: Unvollständige Zahlenangaben können einem den ganzen Tag versauen
– Skaos: Oh Sally
– Laurel Aitken & Court Jester’s Crew: Jamboree
– Skaff-Links: Mr. Comet
– Die Tornados: Evil Wired Wicked Version
– The Nods: Bedbug
– Mad Caddies: Monkey
– Alpha Boy School: Boys Don’t Cry
– Jim Murple Memorial: Dare Dare 61
– Cuban B: J
– The Juggins: Tonight
– Offbeat Express: Twenty-Five
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Jump n‘ Swing n‘ Sway

Playlist 16.3.2007:

– Ngobo Ngobo: Hello Everybody
– Frau Doktor: Strychnine
– Staylefish: Green, Black & Gold
– The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean: Up To You
– King Django: Nakht Shifl Ken Kayro (Night Boat To Cairo)
– Lemon: Storm Warning
– Bedouin Soundclash: Shelter
– Gangster Politics: Twisted
– One Night Band: When I Fall In Love
– Die Aeronauten: Poupée de cire, poupée de son
– The Slackers: Crazy
– Hohes C: Bosska
– Madness: In The City
– Paris Hilton: Stars Are Blind
– The Special Guests: Mascara

Playlist 2.3.2007 (Thema: Ska-Tiere):

– Hohes C: Schamlos buschig
– The Slapstickers: The ZOO
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Howlin‘ WOLVES
– Two Tone Club: Beware of The TIGER
– HepCAT: Riding The Region
– Intensified: DUCK Soup
– The Specials: RAT Race
– Mark Foggo’s Skasters: Ska PIG
– RANTANPLAN: Kopfschütteln – Abwinken – Ruhe bitte
– beNUTS: Three Little BIRDS
– The Blues Brothers: Wings of A DOVE
– The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean: Beetroot
– Skaff-Links: Amakakeru
– Rancid: Old Friend (Album: And Out Come The WOLVES)
– Les Hurlements d’LEO: La der des der
– No Sports: KING KONG

Playlist 16.2.2007:

– beNUTS: Pedro
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Call From Rio
– Skattlegrid: It’s All The Same
– Cubic Circle: Hand In Hand
– Juggins: Summer Gigolo
– Los Skalameros: Papagaya
– The Toasters: Go Johnny Ska
– Go Jimmy Go: Soul Arrival
– The Skatalites: Dick Tracy
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: Simmer Down
– Santobarrio: La Favorita
– Tramper Louis: Airplane Tragedy
– Geier Sturzflug: Pure Lust am Leben
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Intro
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: I Don’t Wanna Talk About It

Playlist 2.2.2007:

– Dr. Ring-Ding: Call Di Doctor
– The Slackers: Have The Time
– The Valkyrians: Little Bitch
– P.R. Kantate: U Me Heart
– El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs: Der Mann mit Bart und Brille
– Bad Manners: Black Night
– beNUTS: Monkey On My Back
– The Skatoons: Kannst Du sie sehen
– The Toasters: Sweet Home Town Jamaica
– Hepcat: Nigel
– The Caroloregians: Mars In Hell
– Leningrad Cowboys: Galina
– Alpha Boy School: One More Chance
– Skaos: Boosting Blaster
– Firebug: Anxiety
– Yakuzi: Ramides Sanches

Playlist 19.1.2007:

– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Natty Parade
– Frau Doktor: Generation Anspruchslos
– Skaos: Pass It Over
– The Skatoons: Euer Lied
– The Valkyrians: Tougher Than Tough
– Jim Murple Memorial: Qui Que L’On Soit
– Skavoovie & The Epitones: Blood Red Sky
– Skalariak: Wodka Revolution
– Yakuzi: The Sun Is Shining Out of My Ass
– The Volecanoes: Look At Me Now
– Firebug: On The Move
– Santo Barrio: Mundo Parallelo
– La Vela Puerca: Rebuscado
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Run Run Rudie
– beNUTS: Japanes Rude Boy
– The Hotknives: Al Capone

Playlist 5.1.2007:

– Barry Adamson: 007 – A Fantasy Bond Theme
– The Selecter: James Bond
– Firebug: Finding My Way
– The Caroloregians: Pit’s Monster
– The Skatoons: Jazztoons
– The Juggins: Rude Boy
– Victor Rice: Agenda
– The Slapstickers: Mr. D-Minor
– Ska’t: I Love Mary
– Ленинград (Leningrad): WWW
– The Valkyrians: Warmth And Shelter
– The Skatalites: Confucius
– Athena: Hatasiz Kul Olmaz
– Rancid: Live Won’t Wait
– Firebug: We Are Not The Same
– Bad Nenndorf Boys: Katzengrau
– beNUTS: Turn Off Your Radio