Playlists 2012

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Playlist 28.12.2012:

– King 7 & The Soulsonics: Rude Boy Invasion On Your Radio Station
– The Planet Smashers: Happy New Year’s
– Bad Manners: Memory Train
– Fast Beat Inc.: Jamaica Tourist Information
– Babylove & The Van Dangos: Never Seen A Girl
– The Adjusters: People Make The World Go Round
– The Unlimiters: The Reaper
– The Void Union: Fly-A-Me-Away
– Maci’s Mobile: New Year
– Da Whole Thing: Banker
– The Fundamentals: Gone
– The Ska Vengers: Radiates
– Die Tornados: Evil Wired Wicked Version
– Jimmy Cliff: Wonderful World, Beautiful People

Playlist 21.12.2012:

– Philip Glass: Rubric
– Pama International: White Christmas
– King Django: Nakht Shifl Ken Kayro (Night Boat to Cairo)
– The Age of Insects: Waiting For Ehe End
– Bad Manners: It’s Christmas Time Again
– Cabba Cabba: Fat Cat
– The Specials: (Dawning Of A) New Era
– The Steadytones: Be Mine
– Yambalaya: Blood Out
– Liverator: The End
– Hohes C: Schamlos Track von SKA 21
– Phoenix City All-Stars: Ghost Town
– The Stingers ATX: In The End
– No. 1 Station: Friday Night [feat. Moretti & MC Boss]
– No Sports: Pink Spaceman
– Die Wallerts: Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann

– The Unlimiters: Plutonium
– Alton Ellis: Praise Jah, It’s Christmas
– The Selecter: A Christmas Fable
– Rude Rich And The High Notes: Have You Ever
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: Charles Birk
– Tiefenrausch: Der Traum ist aus
– Reel Big Fish: Mele Kalikimaka
– The Planet Smashers: Until The End
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Linecheck Samurai
– Da Whole Thing: 7
– Charlie’s Choice: Bunte Fische
– Mista Wicked & Riddim Disasta: Damit ma Spaß ham
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Let Me Come The River Flow
– Yampal: Ska mit Fuge (If You Wanna Be Happy)
– Kapelle#3: Lied #1

Playlist 14.12.2012:

– Amy Winehouse: Hey Little Rich Girl
– Die Wallerts: Morgen Kinder wird’s nichts geben
– Mr. T-Bone Meets The Caroloregians: Quando Vedrai La Mia Ragazza
– Less Than Jake: Liquor Store
– The Slackers: Face In My Crowd
– Reel Big Fish: Beer
– Masons Arms: Nur Du
– The Void Union: Glass House
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Livin‘ Life
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: White Christmas
– Dr. Ring-Ding Ska-Vaganza: Freedom Of Thought
– Kapelle#3: Mo To The Mo
– Catch It Kebabs: My Little White Friend
– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: Aufstand

Playlist 7.12.2012:

– The Unlimiters: Zabumba
– The Offenders: Hooligan Reggae
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Take Five
– Sondaschule: Nie im Radio
– The Beatdown: No Man
– Tiefenrausch: Astronauten
– Yampal: Xin Tian You
– Secret Asian Men: Without John P. Sutton
– Skattle Grid: Alles bleibt im Fluß
– Die Wallerts: Laß die Finger vom Weihnachtskalender
– Dr. Ring-Ding Ska-Vaganza: Mother Of Four
– El Bosso Meets The Skadiolas: Was wichtig war
– Masons Arms: Zurück zu dir
– Rude Rich & The High Notes: I Am Still In Love

Playlist 30.11.2012:

– Mr. Review: Ice And Snow
– Dr. Ring-Ding Ska-Vaganza: What They Say
– The Beatdown: The Other Side
– Mark Foggo: Ska Pig
– Sondaschule: Deine Ängste
– Masons Arms: Diskobus
– The Offenders: Rudeboys In A Dancefloor
– The Coconut Butts: Emo Girl
– The Void Union: Rock The Function
– Mr. Wicked & Riddim Disasta: Tomaten
– Rude Rich & The High Notes: African Love Call
– Vino Rosso: Gente Che Va
– Baba Brooks: King Size

Playlist 23.11.2012:

– Mista Wicked & Riddim Disasta: Greiz Gruzefix
– Yellow Cap: Schön daneben
– The Senior Allstars: Talking Roots
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: Trafficker
– Mr. T-Bone Meets The Caroloregians: 24000 Baci
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Drive Track von SKA 21
– Masons Arms: Gepackt
– Dr. Aleks & The Fuckers: Faki Faki
– Sonic Boom Six: Meanwhile Back In The Real World…
– El Bosso Meets The Skadiolas: Aus dem Dreck
– Vino Rosso: Augschnittn
– Sondaschule: Neue Welt
– Skartizani: Glavno da je sajba
– Everton ‚Pablo‘ Paul: Could You Be Loved

Playlist 16.11.2012:

– Skazka: Ryba
– Mista Wicked & Riddim Disasta: Damit ma Spaß ham
– Vino Rosso: Free Tibet
– The Beatdown: Montreal
– The Valkyrians & Red Soul Community: Geronimo
– Big Fat Panda: Rat Race
– Masons Arms: Rabauken [feat. Dr. Ring Ding]
– Court Jester’s Crew: Südstadt Reggae
– Secret Asian Men: Road Rage
– The King Blues: Blood On My Hands
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: Don’t Give Up
– Die Frohlix: Ritter Rost hat Geburtstag
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: No Worries
– Die Skamateure: Hello Joe

Playlist 9.11.2012:

– The Beatdown: Get It Started
– Swagga: Never Again
– The Moon Invaders: All I Have To Do Is Dream
– Jump The Shark!: Walking Dead
– The Selecter: They Make Me Mad
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: Piping Hot
– The Exceptions: Sleepwalking
– El Bosso Meets The Skadiolas: Nimm die Fäuste hoch
– El Bosso Meets The Skadiolas: Die schlechteste Freundin
– Vino Rosso: Auf der Sunnseitn
– Thorpedians: Surfing With The Moonlight
– Mista Wicked & Riddim Disasta: Bairisch-Deitsch
– Wootakka: Ragtag Balloon
– The Beatdown: Walkin‘ Proud
– Sublime: Wrong Way
– Imani Hekima: Stereotype

Playlist 2.11.2012:

– Äl Jawala: Talibanski Dub
– Intensified: Working
– The Scofflaws: In The Basement
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Mount Zion
– Zamalska: Dance Cleopatra
– The Golden Gate Quartett: Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
– The Aggrolites: Don’t Let Me Down
– The Nite Steadies: Seriously Special Selected Ska
– Dr. Aleks & The Fuckers: Faki Faki
– Mista Wicked & Riddim Disasta: A Bayer bleibt a Bayer
– Rude Rich And The High Notes: My Devotion
– Blechreiz: Polly
– M’siou Rigolitch: The Bell Tolls For The Masters Of Babylon

Playlist 26.10.2012:

– Captain Stu: The Day
– Jaya The Cat: Closing Time
– Ezzo: Summer R.I.P.
– Ska Flames: Ska Fever
– Seeed: Top Of The City (Herbaliser Mix)
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: When I Fall In Love
– Adhesivo: I Wanna Hold Your Ass
– The Aggrolites feat. General Smilie: Pass The Dutchie
– Phoenix City Allstars: Ghost Town
– Mista Wicked: Mitm Mic i da Hand
– Vino Rosso: Nessuno lo sà
– Rude Rich & The High Notes: Young Generation
– Western Standard Time: Guns Of Navarone

Playlist 19.10.2012:

– Rude Rich & The High Notes: Hold Them
– Ska Gourmet: Chips & Cream
– Jamaram: Hard To Hold On To
– Skanatra: New York
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Run And Hide
– Deskarats: El compte enrere
– The Nite Steadies: Dona nobis Ska
– Eskorzo: Cabeza Abajo
– Budzillus: So viel zu tun
– The Void Union: Rock The Function
– Studio AS One vs Orkiestra Swietego Mikolaja: Kolomyjka Jarocinska Remix
– Buster Shuffle: Doesn’t Matter
– Wämmeska: Fritz

Playlist 12.10.2012:

– The Unlimiters: Hard Times
– Kongo Joe Orchestra: Life Is Live
– The Mighty Fishers: Hard Life
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Old Rockin Chair
– Hepcat: Miss Congeniality
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Nah Give Up
– Jamaram: Solid As A Rock
– Wootakka: Lonely Alien [live]
– Ezzo: Ska Instead Of Hate Track von SKA 21
– The Nite Steadies: Seriously Selected Special Ska [live]
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Kein Stück schlauer
– Vino Rosso: Non ci fermeranno
– Yampal: Hymn

Playlist 5.10.2012:

– Leo & The Lineup: Close My Eyes
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Solution
– Phoenix City All Stars: The Prince
– The Sideburns: Down Town Blue Moon-Junky Days
– The Skamonics: In The Mood For Love
– Buster Shuffle: Doesn’t Matter
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Moment mal
– Ezzo: Pressure Fart
– The Nite Steadies: Seriously Selected Special Ska
– Budzillus: Nicht allein
– Vino Rosso: Huamkemmen
– Jamaram: Lonely
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Rum Sweet Rum
– Bad Manners: Pig Bag
– Judge Dread: Bluebeat Shuffle

Playlist 28.9.2012:

– The Dualers: Enjoy Yourself
– Vino Rosso: Touristensong
– PASO’s Roots Rockers: Jump
– Yampal: Gimme Hope Joanna
– Jamaram: Lonely
– Victor Rice: I-Story Dub
– Leo & The Lineup: Rowdy Streets [feat. King Django]
– Rogue Steady Orchestra: Dumm und dämlich
– Skatstsisters: Rich Bitch
– Wootakka: Cosmic Ants
– The Mood a.k.a.: The People’s Decision
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Du bist noch so ungewiss
– Big D And The Kids Table: Strictly Rude

Playlist 21.9.2012:

– Captain Stu: Han Solo
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Jump
– Open Season: Ready For You
– The Ska Vengers: Vampire
– Nestrogen: Rasferatu And His Pastafarian Mendicants
– Leo & The Lineup: Boss Beat
– Yampal: My Little Suede Shoes
– Victor Rice: FCC Dub
– Rogue Steady Orchestra: Revolte Tanzparkett
– Vino Rosso: Madl Madl
– Jamaram: Miniature Walrus
– Kevin Batchelor’s Grand Concourse: Your Man
– Resignators: Taco Burrito
– The Downsetters: Gangsters
– Keyser Soze: Unloyal

Playlist 14.9.2012:

– Victor Rice: Rub Down Dub
– The Mood A.K.A.: Ska In The Backyard
– Supervision: Saiga Hans
– Skamateure: Revolution
– Skatsisters: Just One
– Piracy: Postcard
– Citizen Sound: Addicted [feat. Ammoye]
– Blaster Master: I’m In A Hurry
– Spicy Roots: Coconut
– Orange Stable: Funny
– Yampal: Ska mit Fuge (If You Wanna Be Happy)
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Kein Stück schlauer
– Wootakka: Ridding Diggin [live]
– Swagga: Dis House
– Soulfood International: Something Wrong (GOB Mix) Track von SKA 21

Playlist 7.9.2012:

– Dubioza Kolektiv: Celebrate The Riot
– Skaos: One Day
– Skaos: Living In Bavaria
– The King Blues: Power To The People
– The Butlers: Where No Man Has Gone Before
– Dr. Calypso: Music To Watch Girls By
– The Skatsisters: Monkey Town
– Spicy Roots: Tell Me More
– Die Skamateure: Drink
– The Mood: Six Years Seven Months
– Yampal: Tibet Reggae
– Buster Shuffle: Made In China
– The Void Union: Glass House
– The Craven Braves: Too Hot

Playlist 31.8.2012:

– DubXanne: Walking On The Moon (Walking On The Dub)
– Victor Rice: Gravity
– Derrick Morgan & Yebo: Moon Hop
– Doreen Shaffer: Moonlight Dub
– Red Five Point Star: Girl From The Moon
– The Adjusters: Armstrong
– Skamonics: Fly Me To The Moon
– Skattle Grid: Walking On The Moon
– Jim Murple Memorial: Blue Moon
– The 27 Red: Man On The Moon
– The Moon Invaders: Shame & Sorrow
– Tim Armstrong: Into Action
– Arthur Kay & The Originals: Skinhead Moonstomp

Playlist 24.8.2012:

– Äl Jawala: Esmerize
– Karamelo Santo: Los Guachos
– Arthur Kay & The Originals: Sooty Is A Rudie
– Judge Dread: Reggae And Ska
– The Israelites: Fire
– Pannonia All-Stars Orchestra: Skattila
– Ocean Eleven: Can’t Forget About You
– Sondaschule: Besser nix als ich
– Los Calzones: Jijiji
– The Des All Stars: Night Food Reggae
– The Specials: Longshot Kicked The Bucket
– Rotterdam Ska Foundation: Fussy Business a.k.a. Jazz Ska
– Babylove & The Van Dangos: Beers In Heaven
– Phoenix City All-Stars: The Selecter

Playlist 17.8.2012:

– I.H.Ska: Lange Haare
– The Selecter: Everyday Things Are Getting Worse
– Arthur Kay: Ska Wars
– Operation Ivy: The Crowd
– Bongo Botrako: La mancha
– Inciters: Groovy Two Shoes
– Less Than Jake: Evil Has No Boundaries
– Yellow Umbrella: Lay Down
– Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Matrosi
– Don Khumalo: No Más Errores
– Rico Rodriguez: Rico Special
– Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Der Fryske Bulgar
– Westbound Train: Seven Ways to Sunday
– Bim Skala Bim: Exit Door

Playlist 10.8.2012:

– Western Standard Time: Freedom Sounds
– Derrick Morgan: Forward March
– The Selecter: Freedom Street
– Derrick Harriot: Our Time Fe Celebrate
– Prince Buster: Independence Song
– Phoenix City All-Stars: Ghost Town
– The Dualers: Chinaman Ska
– Panteón Rococó: Gracias Companeros Musicales
– The Slackers: Ska Boheme
– Äl Jawala: Backstabbers
– Sondaschule: Sitzen und Saufen
– Victor Rice: You Said Dub
– The Skatalites: I Should Have Known Better
– The Jamaicans: Ba Ba Boom

Playlist 3.8.2012:

– Mad Caddies: Monkeys
– Special Beat: Monkey Man
– Carlos Malcolm: Monkey Man Ska
– Toots & The Maytals: Monkey Girl
– The Selecter: Monkey’s Uncle
– Magadog: Monkey In The White House
– Dave & Ansel Collins: Monkey Spanner
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Monkey Do
– The Beat: Monkey Murders
– Justin Hinds & The Dominoes: The Higher The Monkey Climbs
– Lower East Side Buck: Monkeys Can’t Drink
– The Wiggles ft. Kylie Minogue: Monkey Man

Playlist 27.7.2012:

– Hiss: Tanz
– Amsterdam Klezmer band: Chassid In Amsterdam
– Big Mandrake: Yo Quiero
– Russkaja: Traktor
– The Resignators: Told Me Twice
– Panteón Rococó: Curame
– Desechos: Que Se Vayan Todos
– Äl Jawala: Schillers Banda
– RasgaRasga: Loss Of Bond
– Wootakka!: Dust In Space
– The Dualers: Take It Easy
– The Mood aka: Rock It On Steady

Playlist 20.7.2012:

– Tiny Hat Orchestra: Rat City
– Tremende: Che Combinazione
– The Magic Touch: How Does It Feel
– Suit Up: Raindrops
– Crazy Baldhead: The Reggae Will Not Be Televised
– Victor Rice: Seven Dub
– Masons Arms: Raus
– Buster Shuffle: So Much Of Much
– The Dualers: Enjoy Yourself
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Black Cars, Black Hearts
– BigMandrake: Fiesta manifiesta
– Piracy: Warriors Of Brass
– Tommy Tornado: In This Time
– BigMandrake: Ye Ye Ye
– The Selecter: Last Tango In Dub

Playlist 13.7.2012:

– The Void Union: Revenge
– The Amalgamated: Boss Universal
– Masons Arms: Du sagst nein
– Leo & The Lineup: Let’s Have A Party
– The Selecter: Bristol And Miami
– The King Blues: When The Revolution Comes
– The Magic Touch: Soulfood Rock
– Wootakka: Marsafari [live]
– Victor Rice: NYC Dub
– Victor Rice: Carlene Dub
– Catch It Kebabs: My Little White Friend
– The Blaster Master: Stop That Bully
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Dub In A Hole

Playlist 6.7.2012:

– The Unjerks: Summertime
– Madness: Embarrassment [live]
– No Sports: Stay Rude Stay Rebel [live]
– Wootakka: Wootakka Beats
– Dub Voyagers: So geht das nicht
– The Lost Banditoz: Places
– Babylon Circus: Pas de resistance
– Suit Up: Chico de la calle
– The Magic Touch: Hard Workin‘ Man
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Crazy Horse
– The Spymaker: A.E.A.O.
– Leo & The Lineup: Bring It On Home
– The Blaster Master: Runs In The Family
– The Void Union: Garden Of Eden

Playlist 29.6.2012: (zu Gast: Olli und Skattila von Nu Sports):

– No Sports: Radio
– Nu Sports: Rudy
– Madness: Wings Of A Dove
– No Sports & Laurel Aitken: Al Capone
– Nu Sports: Psycho Killer
– The Nite Steadies: Pleasure And Pain
– Madness: Baggy Trousers
– Cheap Fakes: All I Know
– Nu Sports: Shinkansen
– Madness: It Must Be Love

Playlist 22.6.2012:

– Panteon Rococo: Es Tan Poco El Tiempo
– The Delegators: World To Me
– Western Standard Time: Eastern Standard Time
– Bluekilla: Football (It’s Here To Stay)
– Lionsclub: Tribute To Da Aktuelle Sportstudio
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: In Your Corner
– Madness: My Girl
– beNUTS: Same Old Song
– The Delegators: Thief
– The Amalgamated: Big Ones
– Paprika Korps: Welcome Home
– The Upsessions: Cool Ska Time
– The Selecter: Back to Black
– Leo & The Lineup: The Bond

– Supervision: Boys and Girls
– Kapelle#3: Lied #1
– The Blaster Master: Kingston Pearl
– Skabucks: Love Song
– The Amalgamated: Keyser Soze
– Soul Vendors: Swing Easy
– The Heptones: Fat Girl
– The Skatalites: Ska-Racha
– Peter Tosh: Rudie Medley
– Banda Bassotti: Fischia Il Vento
– Madness: Tarzan’s Nuts
– Frau Doktor: Egyptian Reggae
– Zion Rockers: Lass Sie Schreiben
– Rudie Riddim: Youtube Mashup (feat. Dr. Ring-Ding)

Playlist 15.6.2012 (zu Gast: DJ KimSka):

– Hohes C: Schamlos Track von SKA 21
– Ska-J: Te Gusta El Futbol?
– Skapelle: Are You Ready?
– Spy Club: Torero
– The Busters: Summertime
– Mother’s Pride: Whiskey Poem
– Ngobo Ngobo: Agadir
– Skaos: Cool As Ice
– El Bosso und die Ping-Pongs: Nur ein Spiel
– The Frits: Work
– Blechreiz: Dangerous Nights
– The Slapstickers: Taste The Ska
– The Butlers: Paranoia
– The Busters: Ruder Than Rude
– The Busters: Tom Ray
– The Busters: Under Cover

Playlist 8.6.2012:

– The Selecter: On My Radio (Rad Mix)
– Dr. Ring Ding & The Senior Allstars: You’ll Never Walk Alone
– Mark Foggo: Referee
– Leo & The Lineup: Rowdy Streets feat. King Django
– The Downsetters: Fuck ‚em All
– The Blaster Master: Going Juvenile
– Keyser Soze: Double Up
– K-Mob: Doctor My Eyes
– The Nite Steadies: Dona Nobis Ska
– Madness: Night Boat To Cairo [live]
– The Upsessions: Baby Baby Baby
– Los Colorados: The Passenger
– Leo & The Lineup: The Brighter Eye
– Judge Dread: Nine And A Bit Skank

Playlist 1.6.2012:

– Western Standard Time: Occupation
– Los Colorados: Can’t Touch This
– Madness: Wings Of A Dove
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Bathhouse, So Sweet
– Babayaga: Hippie
– Leo & The Lineup: Boss Beat
– Rotfront feat. Bella Wagner: Red Mercedes
– Babylon Circus: Don Quichotte Is Not Dead
– The Downsetters: Gangsters
– The Unjerks: Offbeat Radio
– The Amalgamated: Girl Of My Dreams
– The Blaster Master: Liminska
– Supervision: Do What You Want
– Madness: One’s Second Thoughtlessness

Playlist 25.5.2012:

– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Tategakinoame
– K-Man & The 45s: Too Reggae For Punk
– Announced Revolution: Infiziert
– Babayaga: Mellow Mood
– Stone Foundation: Sock It To ‚em JB
– Demelzas Tea Party: Nite Klub
– Kevin Batchelor’s Grand Concourse: Sad Town, New York
– The Magic Touch: Morning Star
– Desorden Público: Los Caimanes
– The Unjerks: When Beer Disappears
– Supervision: Ugatschaka
– The Amalgamated: Henluila
– Western Standard Time: Freedom Sounds

Playlist 18.5.2012:

– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Boogie Stop Shuffle
– The Upsessions: The Chambermaid
– Judge Dread: Ska Fever
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Didn’t We Tell You So
– Madness: Nightboat To Cairo
– Supervision: Ferngsteuert
– Nerd Academy: Liar
– Announced Revolution: Wurzelsepp
– SKAttle GriD: What they F****ing Wanted Track von SKA 21
– Cheap Fakes: Cramped
– Western Standard Time: Latin Goes Ska
– Tommy Tornado: Brand New [feat. Awwa]
– The Mood: Move On Boy
– Skandal: Ich hab die Unschuld kotzen sehn

Playlist 11.5.2012:

– The Mofos: Rockstar
– The Mood: Six Years Seven Months
– Avoid Bad Company: Wondering
– The Skatalites: Freedom Sounds
– Lloyd Brevett: Wayward Ska
– Skandal: Wir sind Plastik
– The Mofos: Marry Me
– The Upsessions: Rudie Cool It Down
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Let Me Come The River Flow
– The Unjerks: Wolfgang
– Big Fat Panda: Rat Race
– The Skatalites vs. Laurel Aitken: Same Old Song
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: City Runnings

Playlist 27.4.2012:

– Rafiki: Kannst Du noch
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: In Your Corner
– Skandal: ACTA Song
– Tommy Tornado: Healing
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Return Of Supercharger
– Mr. Bligh: Enjoy Yourself
– Urang Matang: Why?
– Desorden Público: Música De Fiest
– Bobby Sixkiller: 2648 West Grand Blvd
– Kapelle#3: Ein Glück
– Ed Rome: Some Truth
– Swagga: Stupid Marriage

Playlist 20.4.2012:

– Yellow Cap: Bad To The Trombone
– The Selecter: Big In the Body – Small In the Mind
– The Void Union: Revenge
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Walkin‘
– Bad Shakyn: Wrong Answers Cause Strokes
– Madness: Bed And Breakfast Man
– Tommy Tornado: In This Time
– Secret Asian Men: The Mad Scientist In Me Says Yes
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Black Cars, Black Hearts
– Kapelle#3: Sure
– Desorden Publico: It Must Be Love
– The Craven Braves: Too Hot
– Bluebird Parade: Dawning Of A New Era
– Skandal: Skandal

Playlist 13.4.2012:

– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Never Seen A Girl
– Piracy: Just Dressed in Sex Track von SKA 21
– The Ska Vengers: Ska Vengers Badda
– Desorden Publico: Los Dados De La Muerte
– The Slackers: Volunteers
– Eläkeläiset: Hump
– Ska Einsatz Komando: Sound Of Russia
– Cheap Fakes: Amp Crackle
– Wootakka: Lonely Alien [live]
– The Rough Kutz: Rude Boys Outa Jail
– Monkey Beach: Skankin‘
– The Communicators feat. Rhoda Dakar: Guns Of Navarone
– The Butlers: Berlin Moscow

Playlist 6.4.2012:

– Tommy Tornado: Nitt Nitt Moye Garabbam [feat. Ebou Gaya Mada]
– Ollie Q. & The Deep Six: Tara’s Theme (One Pussycat)
– Rudeboy: Somebody Someday
– Keyser Soze: Bedop
– RedSka: Studente Precario Rivoluzionario
– Ska Einsatz Kommando: Bonebreaker
– Kapelle#3: Badstraße
– Secret Asian Men: Centralia
– Rafiki: Strand
– B-Soul Allstars: Slowdown
– The Dualers: Nothing Takes The Place Of You
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Let ‚em Roll
– Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Chassid In Amsterdam

Playlist 30.3.2012:

– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Glengali
– Kapelle#3: Uns mal
– Tommy Tornado: Marcus Garvey
– Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Op een Goppe
– RedSka: Bastardi Senza Gloria
– Prince Perry: Wire
– Kapelle#3: It’s Not Like That
– Rafiki: Ich schließe mich ein
– Monkey Beach: Gretl
– Ska Einsatz Kommando: So’n Scheiß
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Wo die Mitte liegt
– Nu Sports & Laurel Aitken: Monkey Man [live]
– Red Five Point Star: Trbowska
– The Butlers: P.U.S.H.

Playlist 23.3.2012:

– The Magic Touch: Everyday Man
– Keyser Soze: Next To Me
– Freddy Loco & His Gordos Ska Band: Return Of Django
– Redska: Quello che sei
– Rafiki: Dieses Lied
– Skalinka: 19000ft
– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: Aufstand
– Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Di Zilberne Chassene
– Buster Shuffle: Our Night Out
– Kapelle#3: Ein Glück
– Ska Einsatz Kommando: Times Have Changed
– Jagga Bites: See Dema Come [feat. Ganjaman]
– B-Soul Allstars: Lava Flow
– Prince Perry: Until It Don’t Happen

Playlist 16.3.2012:

– Rafiki: Alles wird gut
– Lax Alex Contrax: Geld für immer
– Prince Perry: Walking On The Moon
– Keyser Soze: Nightmare
– Skalinka: I’m Fine
– Chris Murray & Victor Rice: Pieces
– Kapelle#3: M’Fine
– Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Magnificent Seven Medley
– Rotfront: Money Money Money [feat. Amsterdam Klezmer Band]
– The Butlers: Brighter Days
– The Butlers: Kann es sein
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Was passiert mit mir
– The Magic Touch: Take Care

Playlist 9.3.2012:

– The Skatalites: Guns of Navarone
– Prince Perry: Bee On The Bus
– The Oldians: Fire
– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: Aufstand
– The Magic Touch: Foot Of The Mountain
– Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Kolo Beli Luk
– Kapelle#3: When The Shit Hits The Fan
– Easy Star All Stars: Dubber Side Of The Moon / Breathe [Dubmatix Remix]
– B-Soul Allstars: It’s A Rainbow
– Keyser Soze: Double Up
– Samostalni Referenti: Rocksteady
– Ska Einsatz Kommando: Ska Town
– Freddy Loco & His Gordos Ska Band: Monkey Bizz
– Dubtari: Harder

Playlist 2.3.2012 (zu Gast: DJ KimSka):

– Wootakka: Wootakka Beats
– The Nite Steadies: I Love Ska
– Lyapis Trubeckoy: Huren
– Russkaja: Zirk
– The Busters: Don’t Call Me Nuts
– The Slackers: Crazy
– Secret Asian Men: Wahhhmbulance
– The Piglets: Johnny Reggae
– Judge Dread: Big One
– Budzillus: Immer Weiter
– Gruppe Favorit: Habanera
– Gruppe Favorit: Der Banküberfall (Misirlou)
– The Butlers: Kann es sein
– Laurel Aitken & No Sports: Muaß i denn…

Playlist 24.2.2012:

– The Butlers: Sunny Smile
– The Ska Vengers: Gunshot
– The Lost Banditoz: Never Again Track von SKA 21
– Kalles Kaviar: Ooh Ooh Yeah Yeah
– The Quicksteps: Hall Of The Ska King
– Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Op een Goppe
– The Magic Touch: Lips And Thrills
– Union Jack: Sunday’s Crime
– Spy Kowlik: Spycology
– Soulfood International: Something Wrong (GOB Mix) Track von SKA 21
– Lax Alex Contrax: Geld für immer
– The Lost Banditoz: Bar
– Ollie Q. & The Deep Six: Runaway

Playlist 17.2.2012:

– Chris Murray: Pieces
– The Nite Steadies: Start Your Day
– The Slackers: Bitch
– The Ska Vengers: Rude Boy Skank
– Skankshot: Braineating Zombies From Area 51
– Samostalni Referenti: Rocksteady
– Secret Asian Men: Without John P. Sutton
– Kalles Kaviar: Ooh Ooh Yeah Yeah
– Union Jack: Life Is Peachy
– The Butlers: Back 2 Black
– Spy Kowlik: Beggin For A Beer
– The Magic Touch: Dance Pon Di Corner
– Tommy Tornado: Weather Report
– The Specials: Message To You Rudy [Dreadsquad Remix]

Playlist 10.2.2012:

– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Immer nur Ska
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Das braucht doch keiner [feat. MC Navigator]
– Kevin Batchelor: Fly
– King Stitt: Fire Corner
– King Stitt: Lee Van Cleef
– Secret Asian Men: Mein Portemonaie ist Overload
– The Slackers: The Letter
– Äl Jawala: One Eleven
– Union Jack: Resistance call
– Kalles Kaviar: Put On Your Dancing Shoes
– Prince Perry: Love At The End Of The Century
– Keyser Soze: Double Up
– The Fugees vs Max Romeo: Ready Or Not

Playlist 3.2.2012:

– Lionsclub: Secret Agent Man
– Secret Asian Men: The Mad Scientist In Me Says Yes
– The Quicksteps: Boo Boo
– Freddy Loco & His Gordos Ska Band: Loco Party
– Jokerface: Roland The Lion
– Kevin Batchelor: The Singer (dedicated to Laurel Aitken)
– The Moon Invaders: Pick Up The Pieces
– Ollie Q. & The Deep Six: Tara’s Theme (One Pussycat)
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Prinzessin
– The Specials: Message To You Rudy
– Prince Perry: Whatever You Can Get Away With
– Mr. Review: Take Him Out
– Jagga Bites: Mr. Officer

Playlist 27.1.2012 (zu Gast: Secret Asian Men):

– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: All Good Ska Is One
– Secret Asian Men: Gaijin Smash
– Secret Asian Men: Road Rage
– The Moon Invaders: Red Tail Hawk
– Jokerface: Tribute To The Skatalites
– Secret Asian Men: Three-Headed Monkey
– The Slackers: Jeepster
– Judge Dread: Je T’aime
– Gimpelakwa: Toccata Riddim
– Secret Asian Men: Rothaus, Baby!

Playlist 20.1.2012:

– Too Spicy: Ruthless Killah
– The Slackers: I’m Still Standing
– Dubmatix: Fist Full Of Dub
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: The River Of Life
– The Mood AKA: Move It Up
– Samostalni Referenti: Zene i vino
– Yellow Umbrella: Plombier Polonais
– Mr. Review: Lost Along The Way
– Jokerface: In The Mood
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Tag vor dem Abend
– Skankshot: One Of The Millions Of Robots
– Systylé: Linstru

Playlist 13.1.2012:

– The Slackers: Reach Out
– The Quicksteps: Yes She Is
– Yampal: My Little Suede Shoes
– Gogol Bordello: Mala Vida
– Jagga Bites: Game Over
– IAO: Tu sinceridad
– Yellow Umbrella: A Thousand Faces
– Skaputnik: Workjerk
– El Gran Miércoles: Johnson City
– King Stitt: Lee Van Cleef
– King Stitt: Fire Corner
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Nicht das letzte Mal
– William Shatner: Walking On The Moon [feat. Toots Hibbert]
– The Valkyrians: Astro Zombies

Playlist 6.1.2012:

– The Skatalites: Latin Goes Ska
– Samostalni Referenti: Devedesete
– The Quicksteps: Carioca
– Skaputnik: Skango
– Red Five Point Star: I’ll Grow Old
– The Busters: Dead Or Alive
– The Frits: Concrete Jungle
– Jagga Bites: Africa
– No Life Lost: Fußballmafia St. Pauli
– Jokerface: Another Life
– Crazy Baldhead: Controls
– The Busters: End Of The World
– The Adjusters: Can’t See The Light (feat. Dr. Ring-Ding)