Playlists 2013

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Playlist 27.12.2013:

– The Steadytones: High Times
– Skabucks: Kick It Like Prohaska
– Reggay Lords: Dollar Bill Bandage
– King Django: Career Opportunities
– Russkaja: Radost Moja
– Merry Judge: Rudeboy 69
– Skaputnik: Desert Eagle
– Announced Revolution: Los Locos
– JonKanoo: Vehicle
– Boss Capone: Do The Fatwalk
– Red Soul Community: Killah
– Skabrot: Glücksrad
– Distemper: Illegal
– The Nite Steadies: Tag für Tag
– The Rough Kutz: 1-2-5
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: The Diplomat

Playlist 20.12.2013:

– The Selecter: Skank ‚til Christmas
– Cartoon Violence: Better
– Crazy Baldhead: Boots Embraces
– Dubtari: Unser Sound
– Loaded: Colt Seavers Bounty Hunter
– Los Fastidios: 3tone
– Merry Judge: Legalize The Herbs
– The Toasters: God Rock You Steady Gentleman
– Die Wallerts: Morgen Kinder wird’s nichts geben
– SKAyway: Here Comes Santa Claus
– Reel Big Fish: Mele Kalikimaka
– Voodoo Glow Skulls: Feliz Navidad
– Judge Dread: Jingle Bells

Playlist 13.12.2013:

– Horace Andy: Christmas Time
– Gimpelakwa: Reise nach Tscheljabinsk (Electro Skastep Remix)
– The Lodgers: Murder Track von SKA 21
– Junior Murvin: Police & Thieves
– Dub Voyagers: So oder so Track von SKA 21
– Dubtari: Altona ’97
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: While You Wait
– Toots & The Maytals: Christmas Feeling Ska
– Less Than Jake: Jump
– Soulfood International: Something Wrong (GOB Mix) Track von SKA 21
– Cartoon Violence: Pretty Penny
– Jump With Joey: Jump With Joey
– Roy Richards: Jingle Bells
– Alton Ellis: Praise Jah, It’s Christmas

Playlist 6.12.2013 (zu Gast: DJ KimSka):

– The Rough Kutz: Gangster’s Playground
– Skazka Orchestra: Bormental
– The Specials: Nelson Mandela
– Un Kuartito: Popocatepetl
– Spitfire: Tanzen
– Leningrad: Huyamba
– St. Petersburg Ska Jazz Review: Skatana
– Russkaja: Energia
– The Busters: Mickey Mouse In Moscow
– Phonkonfused: Moskau Track von SKA 21
– Leningrad: Super Good
– Wolfgang Lohr: Rabota Takaja 1
– Mad Heads XL: Smereka
– Apparatschik: Poljuschko

Playlist 29.11.2013:

– Äl Jawala: Borderbounce
– Ernest Ranglin: Surfin‘
– Schwarz-Rot-Atemgold 09: Ska-Reggae Hi-Bop
– Judge Dread: Mind The Doors
– Western Standard Time: Latin Goes Ska
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: Mr. Chatterbox
– Rico & His Band: Fatty Fatty
– Nu Sports: Phoenix From The Ashes
– The Toasters: Run Rudie Run Redux
– Less Than Jake: Do The Math
– Die Wallerts: Lass die Finger vom Weihnachtskalender

Playlist 22.11.2013:

– General Rudie: ADD
– Frau Doktor: Schwarzer Block Girls
– Madness: Our House
– Madness: Our House (The People’s Palace Version)
– The Scofflaws: William Shatner
– Gangster Politics: Guns And Chicks
– SKOP: Little Boy
– Less Than Jake: Good Enough
– The Nite Steadies: Escape [live]
– Nu Sports: Happy To Be Alive
– Judge Dread: Big 6
– The Hotknives: Dave And Mary
– Casino Royale: Under The Boardwalk
– Soulfood International: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
– Ease Up Ltd.: Long Way

Playlist 15.11.2013:

– Cartoon Violence: Colourblind
– Donkey Show: Mr. Brown
– Hepcat: Clarence Thomas
– Hepcat: The Secret
– Äl Jawala: Fast & Furious
– Dave Hillyard And The Rocksteady 7: Death Ride
– Jaya The Cat: Freddy Goes
– Skarface: Freddy Goes
– The Slackers: Make Me Smile
– The Slackers: Sarah
– Piracy: The Problem
– Dave Hillyard & Friends: Drive My Car
– Dave Hillyard And The Rocksteady 7: Change Of Plans

Playlist 8.11.2013:

– The Void Union: Future 86
– Red Soul Community: The Day Has Come
– Jr. Thomas Meets The Venditions: One Desire
– The Piratones: Funny Man
– Äl Jawala: Blast Your Ghetto
– Yambalaya: Blood Out
– Merry Judge: Change
– The Mood A.K.A.: No Trouble No Fight
– Skarface: It’s Time To Go
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Papa’s Got A Brand New Ska
– The Rough Kutz: Clash Of The Youth Cults
– Boss Capone: No Toys In The Yard (Billy The Kid vs Dracula)
– Cartoon Violence: Crap Car

Playlist 1.11.2013:

– The Skatalites: Skalloween
– Gangster Politics: Dance Of The Dead
– Desorden Público: City Of The Dead
– No Sports: Walk On The Wild Side
– Jr. Thomas Meets The Venditions: Somebody Like You
– Dave Hillyard & Friends: Baby Smile
– The Rough Kutz: 1-2-5
– Ollie Q. & The Deep Six: Waking Up Dead
– Mad Monks: The Song Of The Dead
– Crazy Baldhead: Don’t Turn Your Back
– Cartoon Violence: Who You Know
– The Melodians: Rivers Of Babylon
– The Articles: Exodus
– Zombies Of Ska: Skalloween

Playlist 25.10.2013:

– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: While You Wait
– Mr. T-Bone And The Young Lions: Sitting By The River
– Distemper: Who Are You
– Pauline Black: Shoorah Shoorah
– Rico Rodriguez: Rico Special
– Äl Jawala: Aire du Jawala
– Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra: Ouj Sanoala
– The Nite Steadies: Escape [live]
– Judge Dread: The Virgin Sturgeon
– Bad Manners: This Is Ska
– Die Tornados: Evil Wired Wicked Version
– The Loafers: Everyday
– King Stitt: Rhythm Of The Blues
– Mystic Roots: Earth Song (Dub Architect Mix)
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Aranjuez

Playlist 18.10.2013:

– Rico & His Band: Latin Expression
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: The Diplomat
– Skabrot: What If
– The Rough Kutz: The Adolescent Youth
– The Selecter: They Make Me Mad
– Boss Capone: River Of Tears
– The Uniques: Mother & Child Reunion
– Cartoon Violence: Black Book
– Jr. Thomas Meets The Venditions: Face In The Crowd
– Äl Jawala: Borderbounce [live]
– Althea & Donna: Uptown Top Ranking
– Madness: Wings Of A Dove
– The Rough Kutz: All Alone

Playlist 11.10.2013:

– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Rockabilly Cutie
– Becker: Planet Nice
– The Prizefighters: Before Tonight
– Liquidizer Sound: No Illusion AKA Skafusion
– Red Soul Community: Killah
– Sexophonics: Jammerlied
– Highball Holiday: Poetry In Motion
– Mr. Review: The Street Where I’m Living
– No Sports: Israelites
– The Busters: Revolution Rock
– Skattle Grid: Big In Black
– Merry Judge: t.b.a.
– Fishhead: Someday
– Ringo Ska: I Saw Her Standing There
– Dub City Rockers: Wasting My Time
– Rico & His Band: Children Of Sanchez

Playlist 4.10.2013:

– The Selecter: A Prince Among Men
– The Prizefighters: Follow My Sound
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: LA Traffic
– The Ska Vengers: The Boy Who Radiates That Charm
– The Fabulous Lolo: Picture On The Wall
– Phoenix City All-Stars: One Step Beyond
– Red Soul Community: Spanish Bombs
– Nu Sports: Stuttgart
– The Mood: The People’s Decision
– Äl Jawala: Fast & Furious [live]
– Distemper: Illegal
– Club 99: Ska Is Back In Town
– The Robustos: Hecho A-Mano

Playlist 27.9.2013:

– King 7 & The Soulsonics: Rude Boy Invasion On Your Radio Station
– Dub City Rockers: Work To Live
– T-Bone: Caravan Of Luv
– The Prizefighters: There’ll Be A Day
– Skarbone 14: Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
– Postmen: Get Lucky @ Giel 3FM (Daft Punk & Pharrell Wiliams Cover)
– Skattle Grid: Hard To Stay Alive
– Distemper: Knives
– Äl Jawala: Talibanski Dub [live]
– The Bandgeek Mafia: Back on Track
– Amy Winehouse: Hey Little Rich Girl
– Fishhead: Alright

Playlist 20.9.2013:

– Nu Sports: Phoenix Track von SKA 21
– The MOOD: File Under Ska Special Track von SKA 21
– Spicy Roots: Brilliant Day Track von SKA 21
– The Lost Banditoz: Never Again Track von SKA 21
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Drive Track von SKA 21
– Area 52: No Reaction Track von SKA 21
– Sensi Simon & the Studio Nine Band: Saddam Hussein Track von SKA 21
– SKAttle GriD: What They F***ing Wanted Track von SKA 21
– Soulfood International: Something Wrong (GOB Mix) Track von SKA 21
– the juggins: One For All Track von SKA 21
– Dub Voyagers: So oder so Track von SKA 21
– Blue Babies: King of Coffee Track von SKA 21
– The Lodgers: Murder Track von SKA 21
– Ezzo: Ska Instead Of Hate Track von SKA 21
– Phonkonfused: Moskau Track von SKA 21
– Sensi Simon feat. Mad Maxamom: Sie ficken dein Gehirn Track von SKA 21

Playlist 13.9.2013:

– Victor Rice: Agenda
– The Bodysnatchers: Let’s Do The Rock Steady
– Sattatree: Treat Your People Right
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: The Other Side Of The Moon
– Dub City Rockers: Felt I Knew You
– Maroon Town: Prince Of Peace
– Ziggie Piggie: Green Banana
– Distemper: Knives
– sexOphonics: Kein Softi
– T-Bone: หน้าบาน (Smiley Face)
– Skanatra: I Get A Kick Out Of You
– Liquidizer Sound: The Dibby Dibby Sound
– The Dub Architect: Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Love You More (Dub Architect Mix)

Playlist 6.9.2013:

– Red Soul Community: Come Back
– sexOphonics: Voller Liebe
– Distemper: Fairytales
– eSKAlation: Glotze aus
– The Offenders: Teenage Story
– Panajah: Eiszeit
– Mthunzi: Slow Down
– The Nite Steadies: This Train
– Rantanplan: Supermädchen
– Hoof and Mouth: Concinnity
– Nu Sports: Life Kills
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: He’s A Tripper
– Baba Brooks: Jam Session

Playlist 30.8.2013:

– Red Soul Community: The Day Has Come
– Distemper: Spies (Part Two)
– Ziggie Piggie: Rude Girl Dream
– T-Bone: Big Jam feat. Horseman & Prince Fatty
– Ringo Ska: Good Day Sunshine
– Rantanplan: Willensweg
– Crazy Baldhead: Don’t Turn Your Back (featuring Anda Szilagyi)
– The Nite Steadies: Seriously Selected Special Ska
– Dub City Rockers: We Do The Ska (with Chris Murray)
– Phoenix City All-Stars: (I Can’t Get no) Satisfaction
– Dirty Rodriguez: Dirty Rodriguez
– Skabrot: Tanzen
– Casino Royale: Someone Says

Playlist 23.8.2013:

– Dave Wakeling Of The Beat: Mirror In The Bathroom
– Dave Hillyard & Friends: Won’t Back Down Dub
– Back To Business: Feel
– Ziggie Piggie: Christine Keeler
– Ed Rome Feat. Bella: I Confess
– Crazy Baldhead: Monkey Man
– Dub City Rockers: Rude Boy Hooligan (with The Upsessions)
– Che Sudaka: Mentira Politika
– Distemper: For Positive Worldview
– Orquestra Brasileira De Música Jamaicana: Deixa A Gira Girar
– T-Bone: Bone In Da House
– The Aggrolites: Brother Jacob
– The Unlimiters: Plutonium
– The Resignators: Booze & Tattoos
– Soul Pains: Come On
– Elysium: Skazka

Playlist 16.8.2013:

– New York Ska Jazz Ensemble: Filthy McNasty
– dub à la pub: Monkey Dream
– Skabrot: Bored Reality
– Sensi Simon & The Studio Nine Band: Casava Dub
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Katoomba
– Bologna Ska Jazz Ensemble: Something’s Got An Hold On Me
– Pannonia All Stars Ska Orchestra: Balkan Fever
– Boss Capone: Pussy Corner
– The Steadytones: High Time
– Stranger Cole: Koo Koo Doo
– Che Sudaka: Quiero Mas
– Skazka Orchestra: Cliche No. 1
– Distemper: Otherwordly

Playlist 9.8.2013:

– Die Zuagroastn: Sagst du ja
– Doreen Shaffer: Nice Time
– Boss Capone: Little Reggae Girl
– Karamelo Santo: Diente
– Red Soul Community: All Night Long
– Soul Pains: Come On
– Big Mandrake: Yo Quiero
– Che Sudaka: Mentira Politika
– Skazka Orchestra: Bormental
– Derrick Morgan: No Raise No Praise
– Soulfood International feat. Dr. Ring-Ding: John James
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Paradiso
– Lionsclub: The Throne Room

Playlist 2.8.2013:

– The Adjusters: People Make The World Go Round
– Skabrot: Drop Drop
– Announced Revolution: Klapperschlange
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Third Time Lucky
– dub à la pub: Music Doctor
– Boss Capone: Dog And Bone
– No Sports: King Kong [live]
– Mr. T-Bone And The Young Lions: I Keep Saying No
– Red Soul Community: Time To Go
– Keyser Soze: Soul Ska
– Soul Radics: The Worst Thing
– Karamelo Santo: No más

Playlist 26.7.2013:

– dub à la pub: Music Doctor
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: While You Wait
– Boss Capone: Dog And Bone
– Dirty Rodriguez: Do What I Want
– Skaputnik: Ajvar
– Announced Revolution: Los Locos
– Karamelo Santo: En la oscuridad
– Superskank: 6 Milliarden Terroristen
– Merry Judge: Rudeboy 69
– Nu Sports: Diva & Devil
– The Mood A.K.A.: Don’t Play Their Game
– Skabrot: Braun
– Red Soul Community: The Day Has Come
– Dave Hillyard & Friends: Drive My Car
– Keyser Soze: Soul Ska

Playlist 19.7.2013:

– RedSka: Riot Radio
– RedSka: White Riot
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Learn To Love Again
– Karamelo Santo: Liar
– Sattatree: Forget Your Worry, Yes (Dub Version)
– dub à la pub: Augsburg City
– The Specials: Nelson Mandela
– Red Soul Community: I Never Learn
– The Mood A.K.A.: Hard Bread
– Nu Sports: Das Model
– Superskank: Stasi
– Skabrot: Place Where I Belong
– Boss Capone: Boss Capone
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Police In Helicopter
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: 4.70

Playlist 12.7.2013:

– Madness: Michael Caine
– Ska-Allüren: In Tango With Establishment
– Secret Asian Men: Three-Headed Monkey
– Skabrot: Tanzen
– The Skamonics: Mandela
– Russkaja: Kartuli Vino
– Kapelle#3: It’s Not Like That
– Jonkanoo: Shine On You Crazy Diamond
– Sally Brown: Piensatelo
– The Selecter: On The Streets Again [live]
– The Specials: Concrete Jungle [live]
– Bim Skala Bim: Wandering Soul [live]
– Skabrot: Gluecksrad
– Victor Rice: Minister
– The Skamones: Don’t Smoke

Playlist 5.7.2013:

– The Cat Empire: Go
– Karamelo Santo: Estribillo
– Los Bonitos del Norte: Soy de un barrio
– dub à la pub: Come Here Suzy
– Dirty Rodriguez: I Amsterdam
– Announced Revolution: Klapperschlange
– Dave Hillyard & Friends: Green Dolphin Street
– Red Soul Community: You Keep Your Head Down
– Jonkanoo: Just A Memory
– Skaputnik: Raz Dwa Tri
– Sattatree: Roots Melody
– Keyser Soze: Happy Ending
– Russkaja: Istanbul
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: The Diplomat
– Mr. T-Bone And The Young Lions: As Seen On TV
– Jimmy Cliff: Ruby Soho

Playlist 28.6.2013:

– Boss Capone: River Of Tears
– Announced Revolution: Träum Baby!
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Nelson Mandela
– dub à la pub: Come A Long Way
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: While You Wait
– Dirty Rodriguez: Dear Bully
– Skaputnik: Leopold
– Fermin Muguruza: In-Komunikazioa
– Merry Judge: Geb nicht auf
– Frau Doktor: Für ein ganzes Leben
– Ska Flames: Ska Fever
– Dave Hillyard & Friends: Fortunate Two Dub
– The Unlimiters: Casioyama

Playlist 21.6.2013:

– Spicy Roots: Blue Beat & Ska
– William Shatner: Walking On The Moon [feat. Toots Hibbert]
– Dub Pistols feat. Darrison, Sir Real & Dan Bowskill: Rub A Dub
– Karamelo Santo: Estrebillo
– Red Soul Community: Killah
– dub à la pub: Jump Over The Fence
– The Cat Empire: Brighter Than Gold
– Dr. Woggle & The Radio: Light Up Your Spliff
– Masons Arms: Gepackt
– The Busters: Lady Painkiller
– Merry Judge: t.b.a.
– Sattatree: Them Can’t Break Our Mind
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Lygon Street Meltdown

Playlist 14.6.2013:

– No Sports: Two Times A Minute (Intro)
– Dallax: The Longest Ridge
– Los Bonitos del Norte: El huracán
– Dave Hillyard & Friends: Guilty
– Keyser Soze: Catch Your Breath
– Nerd Academy: Last Song
– Skaputnik: Desert Eagle
– No Sports: Stay Rude Stay Rebel
– The Mood: No Trouble, No Fight
– The Spymaker: A.E.A.O.
– Victor Rice: Ney 4.5.13
– The Specials: Doesn’t Make It Alright
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: 修行 作曲谷中敦
– Masons Arms: Diskobus

Playlist 7.6.2013:

– Jonkanoo: Shine On You Crazy Diamonds (Dub)
– Keyser Soze: Do
– Elvis Jackson: The Other Me
– Leo & The Lineup: The Brighter Eye
– Rasga Rasga: Down
– Rotfront: James Bondski
– Madness: Clerkenwell Polka
– Ska Trek: Right Track
– Derrick Harriott: Monkey Ska
– Dave Hillyard & Friends: Won’t Back Down
– Sally Brown: Russ Meyer
– Announced Revolution: Sehnsucht
– Dubmatix: It’s a Clash (Featuring Horace Andy)
– The Invisibles: Bang Bang

Playlist 31.5.2013:

– Superskank: Fußball
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Get Smart
– The Specials: Rat Race [live]
– Jonkanoo: Vehicle
– Russkaja: Violina Mia
– Skaputnik: Chromatic
– Announced Revolution: Es wird wieder Sommer
– Merry Judge: Rudeboy 69
– Sally Brown: Boss Nass
– Luko Adjaffi: Tough Time Loves
– Victor Rice: StrikkNein
– The Fabulous LoLo: Mix Up Boy
– Dr. Ring Ding & The Senior Allstars: You’ll Never Walk Alone

Playlist 24.5.2013:

– Russkaja: Energia
– Mr. T-Bone And The Young Lions: Get Free
– La Familia: Happy That You’re Gone
– Callin Tommy: Evil Creatures
– Rantanplan: Sankt Pauli Skapunk
– Streetlight Manifesto: Oh Me, Oh My
– King Django: Did I Do That?
– Jonkanoo: Hells Bells
– Announced Revolution: Los Locos
– Rafiki: Egal
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Papa’s Got A Brand New Ska
– The Upsessions: Hold Your Whining
– Floyd Lloyd: Jesse Jackson
– Sally Brown: El Sonido Del Manana
– Jimmy Cliff: Guns Of Brixton

Playlist 17.5.2013:

– Jackson 5: I Want You Back [Dreadsquad Blend]
– Callin Thommy: Callin Tommy
– Rantanplan: Schwarzer Hund Davidstraße 35
– aRevo: Der Unmusikant
– Streetlight Manifesto: Toe To Toe
– La Familia: No Way Out
– Merry Judge: Revolution
– The Caroloregians: Groovy Mines
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: When Dean Went To Mexico
– Mr. T-Bone And The Young Lions: You Don’t Know
– Jonkanoo: Secret Love
– King Django: Every Breath You Take
– Russkaja: Autodrom

Playlist 3.5.2013 (zu Gast: Merry Judge):

– The Void Union: Tea Party Girl
– Stranger Cole feat. Gladstone Anderson: Love Me Today
– Merry Judge: T.B.A.
– Merry Judge: Change
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Drive Track von SKA 21
– Merry Judge: Rudeboy 69
– Merry Judge: Geb nicht auf
– Merry Judge: Legalize The Herbs
– The Specials: Enjoy Yourself

Playlist 26.4.2013:

– The Cat Empire: The Crowd
– Tiny Hat Orchestra: Rat City
– Freddy Loco & His Gordos Ska Band: Back In The Days
– The Robustos: My Heart And Soul
– Russkaja: Radost Moja
– Mr. T-Bone And The Young Lions: Then I Saw You
– The Mofos: Daily Life
– The Nite Steadies: Tag für Tag
– King Django With Obi Fernandez And The Void Union: Aiming
– Jimmy Cliff: Guns Of Brixton
– Jackie Mittoo: Hot Milk
– Madness: Never Knew Your Name
– Die Tornados: Evil Wired Wicked Version
– Yampal: La Mer
– Blowhard: Sexual DV8

Playlist 19.4.2013 (zu Gast: DJ KimSka):

– The Skaliners: 5662
– The Skaliners: Steal The Music
– Lou & The Hollywood Bananas: Hong-Kong Ska
– The Busters: Sukiyaki
– The Talks: Friday Night
– Russkaja: Energia
– beNUTS: Shut Up And Dance
– Pinatubo Bay: All Because Of You
– Go Jimmy Go: Sunday Morning
– Fast Beat Inc.: SKAship Navigators
– Refrigerators: Ska Until I Die
– Locos Estúpidos: Solo dinero
– The Skaletons: The Nasty Fly
– Carlos Dingo: Hong Kong Gangsters

Playlist 12.4.2013:

– The Void Union: Tea Party Girl
– The Beat: Stand Down Margaret
– The Rough Kutz: England’s Glory
– The Specials: Ghost Town
– Justin Hinds & The Dominoes: Drink Milk
– Becker: Every Day
– General Rudie: ADD
– Ed Rome: Thatcher’s Children
– Toots Hibbert: Maggie’s Farm
– The Selecter: Doors Ever Open
– Chornobryvtsy: Nesa Gal’a Vodu
– The Moon Invaders: Bet Your Bottom Dollar
– Umberto Echo: Water Get No Enemy

Playlist 5.4.2013:

– USCB Allstars: This One’s For You
– The One Droppers: Wrong Horse
– King Django: One Finger
– Nu Sports: Phoenix Track von SKA 21
– Dub Voyagers: So oder so Track von SKA 21
– Bad Manners: Inner London Violence
– The Selecter: London’s Burning
– Jamaram: Lonely
– Secret Asian Men: Evelin
– The Toasters: One Track Mind
– Skabucks: Explosion
– The Ska Vengers: My Conversations
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Old Grand Dad
– The Unlimiters: Casioyama

Playlist 29.3.2013:

– Sharp Ties: Get That Beat
– Rico: Easter Island
– Reggay Lords: Give It Me My Way
– The Butlers: Berlin [feat. Dr. Ring Ding]
– Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers: Dr. Ring Ding
– King Django: Anywhere I Roam
– Goldmaster Allstars: Spycatcher
– Reel Big Fish: Walkin‘ On Sunshine
– Casino Royale: Someone Says
– SKA-WADDY: Chain Gang
– The Selecter: Secret Love
– Locos Estúpidos: One Ska-Night
– The Band Geek Mafia: Facelift
– Banda Bassotti: Arbeitsloser Marsch

Playlist 22.3.2013:

– Mad Heads XL: Smereka
– The Selecter: The Avengers Theme
– Jamaram: End Of The World
– Banda Bassotti: Arbeitslosen-Marsch
– Reggay Lords: Dollar Bill Bandage
– The Skaletons: Transsib
– Dr. Aleks & The Fuckers: Mesecina
– The Band Geek Mafia: Poetry In Flames
– Reel Big Fish: Sell Out
– Suburban Legends: Popular Demand
– The Upsessions: Mocca Cowboy Rides Again
– Bombskare: Do All Dogs Go To Heaven
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Melodica Man
– The Tamlins: When I Fall In Love

Playlist 15.3.2013 (aufgezeichnetes Interview mit The Beatdown):

– The Selecter: A Prince Among Men
– The Beatdown: Long Road
– Skabucks: I Am A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
– Yellow Umbrella: Time Time Time [feat. Dr. Ring Ding]
– Fast Beat Inc.: Chanson
– Hoof And Mouth: Pigeons
– The Dead 60s: Ghostfaced Killer
– Umberto Echo: Faro Dub
– The Beatdown: Walkin‘ Proud
– The Skatoons: Julika
– The Selecter: Warrior
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Rushin‘
– Ottavo Padaglione: The Guns Of Brixton

Playlist 8.3.2013:

– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Mek It A Date [feat. Dr. Ring Ding]
– The Clerks: Ich wünscht‘ ich läg falsch [feat. Dr. Ring Ding]
– Masons Arms: Rabauken [feat. Dr. Ring Ding]
– Victor Rice: New Batch Dub
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Dream A Little Dream [feat. Dr. Ring Ding]
– The Mood a.k.a.: The People’s Decision
– The Adjusters: Can’t See The Light [feat. Dr. Ring Ding]
– The Selecter: Flatworld
– K-Mob: Doctor My Eyes [feat. Dr. Ring Ding]
– Desorden Público: City Of The Dead
– Soulfood International’s Rocksteady Revue feat. Dr. Ring Ding: John James
– Dave Hillyard And The Rocksteady 7: Skavez
– SKAttle GriD: What They F****ing Wanted Track von SKA 21
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: Piping Hot

Playlist 1.3.2013:

– Bluekilla: Dr. Dreadlock
– Jagga Bites: Ska Oda Was
– Skarface: Skarface Go Home
– Fast Beat Inc.: Welcome
– Reggay Lords: Just A Pawn
– The Orobians: Smalltown Boy
– The Sidewalk Doctors: I’ve Heard It All Before
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: The Bird
– Cartoon Violence: Attic
– House Of David Gang: Reggae Warrior
– I.H.Ska: Skankin Town
– Vin Gordon: Sidewalk Doctor
– The Mood a.k.a.: Rock It On Steady

Playlist 22.2.2013:

– The Unlimiters: Plutonium
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Wild Cat
– Umberto Echo: Tomorrow Now Dub
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: Noah
– House Of David Gang: Rain
– Reggay Lords: Who Say
– Bertis Bearpatrol: Different Trousers
– Hepcat: Bobby & Joe
– Frau Doktor: Auf dem Weg in die Stadt
– Nerd Academy: Sick & Tired
– Gimpelakwa: Reise nach Tscheljabinsk
– Yampal: Ska mit Fuge (If You Wanna Be Happy)
– The Nite Steadies: Escape
– Put3Ska: Luisa
– Dubtari: Harder

Playlist 15.2.2013:

– The Trojans: Gaelic Ska
– Skabucks: Overture In D Major
– Skabucks: Just Another Skabucks Song
– Talco: Il mio tempo
– Loaded: What Were You Thinking
– Toots & The Maytals: Never Grow Old (Feat. The Skatalites)
– The Steadytones: Daydream On A Sunny Afternoon
– The Piglets: Johnny Reggae
– Sondaschule: Sklave der Uhr
– Fast Beat Inc.: Where’s The Gabagool
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: 黄昏を遊ぶ猫
– Umberto Echo: Obroni Outernational
– Madness: Baggy Trousers
– The Toasters: East Side Beat
– Mr. T-Bone And The Young Lions: The President Of The Republic Of Bananas

Playlist 8.2.2013:

– Gangster Politics: Twisted
– Masons Arms: Gepackt
– The Slackers: Make Me Smile
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: Could You Be Loved
– LaBrassBanda: Autobahn [live]
– Umberto Echo: Elevator Dub
– Laurel Aitken: Deliverance Will Come
– Bim Skala Bim: Wandering Soul
– Cartoon Violence: Sons & Daughters
– The Busters: Revolution Rock
– Skabucks: Kick It Like Prohaska
– Not Bob Marley: No Respect
– Keyser Soze: Next To Me
– Crazy Baldhead: Monkey Many

Playlist 1.2.2013:

– Prague Ska Conspiracy: Fire
– Fast Beat Inc.: Chaos In Taos (Taos Hum)
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Goldie
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: 修行
– The Steadytones: Lie To Me
– The Mighty Fishers: Hard Dub
– Umberto Echo: Surfin‘
– The Busters: I Don’t Like Your Music
– Loaded: Colt Seavers, Bounty Hunter
– Talco: L’era del contrario
– The Adjusters: Our Town
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: You’ve Done Me Wrong
– Sondaschule: Sieh mich nicht so an
– klÄmpner: Intimacy

Playlist 25.1.2013: (zu Gast: Die Reggaetrain-Crew):

– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Arachnid
– The Steadytones: Super Skank
– The Vikings: Halleluja
– Stranger Cole & Patsy: You Took My Love
– Busty Brown: To Love Somebody
– Derrick Harriott: Walk The Streets At Night
– Dennis Alcapone: My Voice Is Insured For Half A Million Dollars (Queen Majesty Version)
– U-Roy: Natty Rebel
– Burning Spear: Black Wadada
– Burning Spear: The Invasion
– Jah Stitch: Give Jah Glory
– Jah Stitch: King Of The Arena
– Johnny Clarke: King Of The Arena
– Lloyd Parks: Slaving
– Michael Rose: Babylon Fight

Playlist 18.1.2013:

– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: Piping Hot
– Buster Shuffle: At The Bank
– Sondaschule: Für immer nie nüchtern
– The Frits: Ratrace
– Pama International: Lovely Wife
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: (There’s No) King Of The Ants
– King Hammond: Friday Night Saturday Morning
– The Skatalites: Don De Lion
– Tommy McCook, Richard Ace, The Skatalites and Disco Height: Shockers Rock
– Buster Shuffle: Doesn’t Matter
– Wootakka: Marsafari [live]
– The Steadytones: Overproof Mash Up
– Fast Beat Inc.: It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
– The Robustos: Miles To Go
– Rudeboy: Somebody Someday

Playlist 11.1.2013:

– Madness: How Can I Tell You [live]
– Fast Beat Inc.: Triumph Tiger 800
– The Expanders: Conquering Lion
– Lloyd Charmers: Dollars & Bonds
– The Mighty Fishers: Where Are You
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Midnight Buddy
– Gimpelakwa: Toccata Riddim
– Buster Shuffle: Brothers & Sisters
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Úszom az árral
– Sondaschule: Es ist wie es ist
– Don Khumalo: Pétalos y Espinas
– The Steadytones: Eyes Wide Shut
– Lord Kitchener: Dr. Kitch
– Buster Shuffle: Me, Myself & I

Playlist 4.1.2013:

– El Bosso Meets The Skadiolas: Alle Tage alles gleich
– Fast Beat Inc.: SKAship Navigators
– Phoenix City Allstars: The Prince
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: 黄昏を遊ぶ猫
– Masons Arms: Etwas mehr
– The Dualers: Nothing Takes The Place Of You
– The Mood: We’re In The Mood
– Rude Rich And The High Notes: Good Thing Going
– The Lodgers: Murder Track von SKA 21
– Sondaschule: Das Leben geht weiter
– Leo & The Lineup: The Bond
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: All The Way To The Moon
– Sensi Simon feat. Mad Maxamom: Sie ficken dein Gehirn Track von SKA 21