Playlists 2014

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Playlist 26.12.2014:

– Crazy Baldhead: Cutback
– T-Killas: It’s Up To You
– Pannonia Allstars Orchestra: Game Of Thrones
– Wootakka!: It’s Football Again
– The Mighty Fishers: Welcome Home
– Talco: Fischia Il Vento
– Kapelle#3: Jeckyll & Hyde
– Sound One: Dr. Dushoff
– Supertonic Sound Club feat. Dave Barker: Shererazade
– New York Ska Jazz Ensemble: Free As A Bird
– The Gramophone Allstars Bigband: Color Him Father
– Roger Rivas And The Brothers of Reggae: One More Dance

Playlist 19.12.2014:

– The Toasters: God Rock You Steady Gentleman
– The Gramophone Allstars Big Band: Funky Kingston
– Francbâtards: Ce Soir
– Die Tornados: What We’re Living For
– Madness: Michael Caine
– Pama International: White Christmas
– Pantasonics: Deckname Otto
– The Skatalites with Laurel Aitken: Same Old Song
– Alton Ellis: Praise Jah, It’s Christmas
– The Selecter: A Christmas Fable
– Roger Rivas And The Brothers Of Reggae: Ain’t She Sweet
– Rhoda Dakar: Happy Time Tune
– Ngobo Ngobo: Lilly
– Ska Flames: Christine Keiler
– Bad Manners: It’s Christmas Time Again

Playlist 12.12.2014:

– Die Tornados: Can’t Stop This
– The Georgetown Orbits: Tighten Up
– The Gramophone Allstars Big Band: Miracles
– Die Grüne Welle: Hearts 4
– Francbâtards: Mouton Noir
– Merry Judge: Legalize The Herbs
– Spicy Roots: Dip In The Past
– Pantasonics: Dirty Down Down
– Carl Malcolm: Hey Fatty Boom Boom
– Santiago Downbeat: Tu Amor
– The Toasters: We Three Kings
– Rhoda Dakar: Too Experienced
– Judge Dread: Ding-A-Ling

Playlist 5.12.2014:

– The Gramophone Allstars Big Band: I Wish
– Francbâtards: Rude Boy
– Jimmy Cliff: Guns Of Brixton
– Rhoda Dakar: The Ghost Of The Vox Continental
– Backy Skank: Waste Of Space
– Die Tornados: Ingeborg
– The Georgetown Orbits: Kick The Can
– Markscheider Kunst: Krasivo Sleva
– The Skunks: YMCA
– Roger Rivas And The Brothers Of Reggae: Rocksteady For Two
– Ménage à Ska: Jamaican Rum
– The Meow Meows: England Is Over
– Fishbone & Lisa R. Grant: Lyin‘ Ass Bitch
– Western Special: Last Hope

Playlist 28.11.2014:

– The Gramophone Allstars Big Band: Scambalena
– Wotka Trawolta: Never Stop Your Smiling
– The Meow Meows: Milton Keynes
– Santiago Downbeat: Mr. Lee
– The Georgetown Orbits: Crazy Horse
– No Sports: Way Of The Dragon
– Die Grüne Welle: Love, Peace & Harmonie
– Orange Stable: Take Off
– Panajah: Eiszeit
– The Tips: What You Reap
– Merry Judge: t.b.a.
– Rhoda Dakar: Mixed Feelings
– Judge Dread: Come Outside

Playlist 21.11.2014:

– Santiago Downbeat: Dragón
– Supertonic Sound Band: Scheherazade
– The Cat Empire: The Chariot
– The Selecter: Missing Words [acoustic version]
– The Lodgers: Why
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Skactus
– The Meow Meows: England Is Over
– No Sports: Turn It On
– The Tips: Radio Dub
– Jimmy Cliff: Ship Is Sailing
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Groovin‘ Steady
– Rhoda Dakar: Private Eye
– Rupa & The April Fishes: Guns Of Brixton
– Skambiance: Skaturnus

Playlist 14.11.2014:

– Tiny Hat Orchestra: Rat City
– Reggay Lords: Give it Me My Way
– The Busters: Wish You Were Here
– Skandalous All-Stars & Donna Lupie: I Wish You Were A Beer
– Dawn Penn: Night and Day
– Rhoda Dakar: Easy Life
– Seeed: Top Of The City
– Soulfood International: Cumbanchero Dub
– The Nite Steadies: Boys Don’t Cry
– Nu Sports: Das Model
– Rhoda Dakar: 007
– Backbeat Soundsystem: I Spy [Live Dub Architect Mix]
– Skanatra: High Hopes
– The Soulsteppers: One Last Time
– Laurel Aitken: Landlords And Tenants

Playlist 7.11.2014:

– Ed Rome: Storm
– Ménage à Ska: Listen Here Beer
– Skaru?: Move Your Foot
– Rollings: Housewives‘ Choice
– Sara Lugo: Love The Children
– Proyecto Secreto: Ball Of Matthias
– Mark Foggo’s Skasters: Switch Off the TV
– No Spoof: Circles
– The Nite Steadies: Another Beer [Rough Mix]
– New Town Kings: Grabbed My Hand
– eSKAlation: Eine Nacht mit Euch
– Liberator: Mr. Wright
– Maroon Town: One World
– Kingtide: Cannonball

Playlist 31.10.2014:

– The Skatalites: Skalloween
– The Selecter: The Vampire
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Movin‘ On
– The Liptones: Vampyria
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Vampire
– Desorden Público: Música De Fiesta
– Tiefenrausch: Ska-Vampir
– Mark Foggo: Ramona From Barcelona
– The Gaylettes: Son Of A Preacher Man
– Yellow Cap: Trick Or Treat
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Vampires
– Sara Lugo: Learn To Grow [feat. Ras Muhamad]
– Peter Tosh: Vampire
– Zombies Of Ska: Skalloween
– The Ska Vengers: Vampire

Playlist 24.10.2014:

– Laurel Aitken with Court Jester’s Crew: Brown Eyed Girl
– Carlos Dingo: Hong Kong Gangsters
– Rico Rodriguez: Easy Snappin‘
– John Holt: The Tide Is High
– No Spoof: Slow It Down
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Hot Like Fire
– eSKAlation: Hauptdarsteller
– The Aggrolites: Free Time
– Mark Foggo: Ace Of Spades
– Ménage à Ska: Popkorn
– Sara Lugo: I Wish
– The Aggrolites: Dreamin Of Erie
– Howard Carpendale: Ich geb‘ mir selbst ’ne Party
– Quatre In Toulouse: Little Big «D»
– John Holt: Help Me Make It Through the Night

Playlist 17.10.2014:

– Buster Shuffle: Devon
– The Mellers: End Of Days
– Jackie Opel: You’re Too Bad
– bANDiSTA: meselea
– Prince Blanco: Scar Tissue
– Sara Lugo: The One
– Sound One: Dr. Dushoff
– Amy Winehouse: You’re Wondering Now
– The Aggrolites: Rhythm & Light
– Ménage à Ska: Chris Murray
– Rico Rodriguez: Rico Special
– eSKAlation: All Different, All Equals!
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Free as a Bird
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Es geht voran
– Dubioza kolektiv: Move Ya

Playlist 10.10.2014:

– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Budapest
– Ménage à Ska: Don’t Panic
– Yellow Cap: Take A Cab
– Buster Shuffle: Take Him Down
– Sara Lugo: Black & White
– Mr. Fly Ska Band: Mamma Says
– Mark Foggo: Mama Don’t Like It
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Reich aber glücklich
– Dubioza kolektiv: Making Money
– Madness: Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
– Gangster Politics: Twisted
– Da Whole Thing: Jambalaya
– eSKAlation: Popmusik
– Chris Murray And The Slackers: Running From Safety
– Charlie’s Choice: Bunte Fische

Playlist 3.10.2014:

– Son Kapital: In Deutschland
– Supertonic Sound Club [feat. Dave Barker]: Scheherazade
– eSKAlation: Eine Nacht mit Euch
– Buster Shuffle: Believe It
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Tanz tanz tanz
– Dubioza kolektiv: Free
– Banda Bassotti: Arbeitsloser Marsch
– Talco: San Maritan
– The Aggrolites [feat. General Smiley]: Pass The Dutchie
– Sara Lugo: High & Windy [feat. Kabaka Pyramid]
– Court Jester’s Crew: Elevator Offbeat
– Rupie Edwards: Ire Feelings
– Judge Dread: Will I What

Playlist 26.9.2014:

– Madness: Baggy Trousers
– Crazy Baldhead: Dub Back (We Say)
– The Delegators: I Didn’t Mean To Break Your Heart
– Äl Jawala: Voodoo Rag [feat. Rukie]
– eSKAlation: Heile Welt
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Es geht voran
– Ménage à Ska: Chris Murray
– Rantanplan: Kommissar
– The Unlimiters: Plutonium
– Die Tornados: Evil Wired Wicked Version [Bonus Track]
– Althea & Donna: Uptown Top Ranking
– Lax Alex Contrax: Superheld
– Akatz: Jo Deep
– The Mood a.k.a.: The People’s Decision

Playlist 19.9.2014:

– The Mood A.K.A.: Ska In The Backyard
– Ménage à Ska: Every New Generation
– Los Placebos: Nur für dich, Meiderich
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Gib mir was
– eSKAlation: Zukunftsmusik
– Banana Peel Slippers: I Know I Know
– The Specials: Guns Of Navarone
– Akatz: Peaceful & Steady
– Äl Jawala: Satellite (feat Rukie)
– Talco: Ancora
– Sara Lugo: Really Like You [feat. Protoje]
– Backbeat Sound System: Hey Girl
– Buster Shuffle: New Money
– bANDiSTA: hosçakal
– Dubtari: Smile

Playlist 12.9.2014:

– King 7 & The Soulsonics: Rude Boy Invasion
– Buster Shuffle: Naked
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Bis zum nächsten Tag
– Supertonic Sound Club feat. Dave Barker: Scheherazade
– Dave & Ansel Collins: Monkey Spanner
– Palmeras Kanibales: Japanis Tail
– Rantanplan: FanFanFantastisch
– Dreadskin & The Mood a.k.a: No Trouble No Fight
– Talco: Danza dell’Autunno Rosa
– Äl Jawala: Talibanski Dub
– Bad Manners: Sally Brown [12″ Mix]
– Judge Dread: Donkey Dick

Playlist 5.9.2014:

– General Rudie: So Much
– The Sensations: Everyday Is Holiday
– Ed Rome: Curtain Call
– Hopeton Lewis: Take It Easy
– Awesome Scampis: Zirkus
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Von vorn
– Crazy Baldhead: Aria Dub
– Supertonic Sound Club Meet Dave Barker: Little Boy
– Talco: La Carovana
– Hopeton Lewis: Let’s Get Together
– Ménage à Ska: Jamaican Rum
– Buster Shuffle: I Wrote This Song Because My Girlfriend Told Me I Was Miserable
– Buster Shuffle: South
– Rancid: If The Kids Are United
– Ménage à Ska: All That We Can Use
– The Aggrolites: Don’t Let Me Down (Live)

Playlist 29.8.2014:

– Pakava It‘: Mayakovskaya
– Markscheider Kunst: Sailor
– Skalpel: Prazdnik
– Leningrad: Lastochka
– Skazka Orchestra: Ryba
– Distemper: Vobla
– No Spoof: Up Up And Away
– Russkaja: Gop Stop
– Spitfire: Pidory
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Wounded Lion
– Geiersturzflug: Besuchen Sie Europa

Playlist 22.8.2014:

– Sound One: Dr. Dushoff
– Crazy Baldhead: Run Dub
– Ed Rome: After Show Party
– Ska-Boom: More Tea Vicar
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Egal
– No Spoof: Circles
– Pangäa: Seek The Answer
– Talco: La Sedia Vuota
– Awsome Scampis: Tauchen
– Kapelle#3: Lost Summer
– No Spoof: Waiting Room

Playlist 15.8.2014:

– The Amalgamated: Girl Of My Dreams
– No Spoof: Slow It Down
– Ed Rome: The Hype
– The Toasters: Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down
– Pangäa: Bright Again
– Crazy Baldhead: Boots In Dub
– The Allniters: Down For The Count
– Yampal: Ska mit Fuge (If You Wanna Be Happy)
– Sin Sospechas: Pangola Ska
– Sound One: Shoot The Sky
– No Spoof: Up Up And Away
– Nasou: Wie ich es mach
– Awesome Scampis: Dau Dau
– The Selecter: Bristol And Miami
– Streetlight Manifesto: Ungrateful

Playlist 8.8.2014:

– Ed Rome: Storm
– Top Cats: Caught In A Fire
– Talco: Punta Raisi
– Marcia Griffiths: Don’t Let Me Down
– The Allstonians: Another Night
– General Rudie: ADD
– Skatroniks Jamaica: Espionage
– Nasou: N.A.S.
– Awesome Scampis: Eigentlich
– Nu Sports: Phoenix Track von SKA 21
– The MOOD: File Under Ska Special Track von SKA 21
– Spicy Roots: Brilliant Day Track von SKA 21
– The Lost Banditoz: Never Again Track von SKA 21
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Drive Track von SKA 21
– Los Skalameros: Seven Seas Track von SKA 21
– Area 52: No Reaction Track von SKA 21
– Sensi Simon & The Studio Nine Band: Saddam Hussein Track von SKA 21
– SKAttle GriD: What they F****ing Wanted Track von SKA 21
– Cubic Circle: The Most Important Track von SKA 21
– Hohes C: Schamlos Track von SKA 21
– Soulfood International: Something Wrong (GOB Mix) Track von SKA 21
– the juggins: One For All Track von SKA 21
– Dub Voyagers: So oder so Track von SKA 21
– Blue Babies: King of Coffee Track von SKA 21
– Piracy: Just Dressed in Sex Track von SKA 21
– The Lodgers: Murder Track von SKA 21
– Ezzo: Ska Instead Of Hate Track von SKA 21
– Phonkonfused: Moskau Track von SKA 21
– The Busters: My Girl 2 Track von SKA 21
– Sensi Simon feat. Mad Maxamom: Sie ficken dein Gehirn Track von SKA 21

Playlist 1.8.2014:

– Ska Beat City: Un Satélite (Solo)
– Sound One: Rain Or Shine
– The Senior Allstars: It’s A New Day [King Django]
– Awesome Scampis: Tauben vergiften
– Ed Rome: I Am Feeling
– Kapelle#3: Tunnel
– Spicy Roots: Ska My No. 1
– Nasou: Dab Dab Dibi Dam
– The Skatalites: Nimble Foot Ska
– Jesse Wagner: Baby Dean
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Brutus
– Talco: Teleternita
– Skatroniks Jamaica: Steppas

Playlist 25.7.2014:

– Ed Rome: Mother Cyder
– Pangäa: World As One
– Lax Alex Contrax: Weltmeister
– The Senior Allstars: I Dare You Dub [Umberto Echo]
– Kapelle#3: Not With Me
– Talco: Bella Ciao (feat. La Plebe)
– Jaya The Cat: Just The Way It Goes
– Open Season: Kolibri Escapes
– Ezzo: Skapunk muss ins Radio
– Merry Judge: Geb nicht auf
– The Mofos: King Of The Boulevard
– Los Chanchos Pelados: No Podemos Parar
– Spicy Roots: Dragon Tree
– The Butlers: Rockford Files
– Wood In Di Fire: Addis Abandon
– The Upsessions: Dirty Cash
– Jesse Wagner: Pee Pee In The Potty
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: When Dean Went To Mexico
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: A Night In Tunisia
– Amusic Skazz Band: Tango Para Marcelo
– Baba Brooks: Watermelon Man
– Lloydie & The Lowbites: Wine And Grine
– Ken Boothe: Set Me Free
– Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors: Napoleon Solo
– Ike Bennet & The Crystallites: Illya Kuryakin
– Judge Dread: Big Nine
– Eläkeläiset: Humppamaratooni

Playlist 18.7.2014:

– Spicy Roots: Today
– Reel Big Fish: Pass The Doochee
– Pangäa: Give It Back
– Wood In Di Fire: Upheaval
– Talco: Tarantella Dell’ultimo Bandito
– The Busters: Space Patrol Orion
– Skatroniks Jamaica: Forward Ever
– Karamelo Santo: Recuerdo Tu Futuro Hoy
– Merry Judge: Change
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: You Are So Fine
– Kapelle#3: Jeckyll & Hyde
– Jesse Wagner: Don’t Touch The Buttons
– The Senior Allstars: Vamonos Dub [Victor Rice]
– Chris Toppa: Give Thanks for Life feat. Cassafaya

Playlist 11.7.2014 (Interview mit Rocksteady Freddie vom New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble):

– The MOOD: File Under Ska Special Track von SKA 21
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Arachnid
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Haitian Fight Song
– Postmen: Get Lucky @ Giel 3FM (Daft Punk & Pharrell Wiliams Cover)
– The Busters: Simbora (Elephant Mix)
– Kongo Joe Orchestra: Kung Fu Fighting
– Umbrella Bed: Gone Away
– Jesse Wagner: Adding Numbers
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Harlem Nocturne
– Pama International: Life Is What Happens
– Skaos: I Don’t Care
– No Sports: Turn On The Radio
– The Senior Allstars: Resistance Dub [Dubmatrix]
– Bad Manners: Home Of Football (Liquidator)
– Five Iron Frenzy: Oh, Canada

Playlist 4.7.2014:

– The Talks: Friday Night
– The Senior Allstars: Resistance Dub [Dubmatix]
– Wood In Di Fire: The Downside Of The Sun
– Pangäa: Now Lay Back
– Ed Rome: The Regulars
– Talco: Fischia Il Vento
– The Skatalites: Eastern Standard Time
– The Mood: Ska In The Backyard
– New York Ska Jazz Ensemble: Kansas City
– Spicy Roots: Bad Conscience
– The Nite Steadies: Oh My Darling
– The Slackers: For The Money
– The Upsessions: Hold Your Wining
– Kapelle#3: El Gringo
– Judge Dread: The Blue Cross Code

Playlist 27.6.2014:

– No. 1 Station: Friday Night [feat. Ms. Moretti & MC Boss]
– Wood In Di Fire: Berlin Sickness
– BigMandrake: Ye ye ye
– Skabrot: The Peer
– Talco: St. Pauli [live]
– Mad Caddies: Airplane
– Spicy Roots: Blue Beat & Ska
– Pangäa: Humble And Meek
– The Senior Allstars: Come Back Alive [Dr. Ring Ding]
– The Upsessions: Cool The Pepper
– Ed Rome: Mourning
– Jesse Wagner: The Lion, The Snake And The Monkey
– William White: Love Is The Way (feat. Bushman)

Playlist 20.6.2014:

– Ed Rome: Mess
– Lionsclub: Tribute To Da Aktuelle Sportstudio
– Skaos: Permanent Error
– Mad Caddies: Dangerous
– The Senior Allstars: Vamo [Pitshu]
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Mouse
– The Fabulous LoLo: Love The One You’re With
– Umbrella Bed: Two Tone Monster
– The Mood A.K.A.: Don’t Play Their Game
– The Talks: Boy From Cott
– The Upsessions: Punani Strike
– Wood In Di Fire: Survival Of The Fattest
– Skabrot: Alternatives
– William White: Rub A Dub (feat. Toots and The Maytals)
– Chris Toppa: Long Time
– Blechreiz: Eggs Over Easy
– Court Jester’s Crew: Feel The Spirit
– Cartoon Violence: Better

Playlist 13.6.2014:

– Blascore: Der Fußball ist rund wie die Welt
– RotFront: Kontrabanda
– Dubmatix ft. Prince Blanco: Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The UK [Ska Remix]
– Umbrella Bed: Wish That It Would Stop
– Desmond Dekker: Fu Man Chu
– Eric Donaldson: Cherry, Oh Baby
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Linecheck Samurai
– The Upsessions: 100.000.000 Tons Of Reggae
– Spicy Roots: Conquerors Time
– Rebelution: More Love
– The Senior Allstars: Dub Another Youth
– Wood In Di Fire: You Don’t Mind
– The Mighty Fishers: Give Me Some
– Mad Caddies: Shoot Out The Lights
– William White: Power Reggae

Playlist 6.6.2014:

– The Mighty Fishers: Back And Forth
– Suit Up: Raindrops
– Rasga Rasga: Shi Taya Dar
– The Talks: Can Stand The Rain
– Barefoot Basement: El Hombre Latino
– The Upsessions: Kitty Bush
– Skabrot: No Ska Today
– Talco: L’odore della morte
– Tim Armstrong: Into Action (feat. Skye Sweetnam)
– Dubmatix: Seven Nation Army (ft. Prince Blanco)
– Skaos: Suffering Time
– Mad Caddies: Dangerous
– Rebelution: Count Me In
– The Upsessions: Hold Your Wining
– Dave Straps And The Radiators: The Last One

Playlist 30.5.2014:

– The Nite Steadies: Dona Nobis Ska
– Top Cats: Done You Wrong
– The Upsessions: Hold Your Wining
– The Golden Singles Band: Step Left
– Merry Judge: Revolution
– Skabrot: No Ska Today
– The Talks: Bring It Up
– The Mighty Fishers: Every Night and Every Day
– Top Cats: Tear The Place Down
– Skaos: Cool Cat
– Dubmatix: Galactical Dub
– Dubtonic Kru feat. Chantelle Ernandez: Tonight
– Mad Caddies: Dangerous
– The Crooners: Karma vs. Murphy’s Law
– Dr. Ring Ding & The Senior Allstars: You’ll Never Walk Alone

Playlist 23.5.2014 (ESC – European Ska Contest):

– Spicy Roots: Ska Fever
– Bauernjazz Kartell: Wurst Lied
– Locomondo: Brain Control
– Skarface: Rude Girl
– Esperanska: Papelada
– Ska-P: Revistas del Corazón
– The Valkyrians: C’Mon Officer
– Lucky Hiob: Röschtiland
– The Mighty Fishers: Caribbean Nights
– The Hoodska Explosive: Come Lets Bussa
– Oranzas: Briv Dienas
– Razika: Nytt Paa Nytt
– Talco: La casa delle inpunità
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Trip Back To Childhood
– Podworkowi Chuligani: Ska! Ska! Ska!
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Friday Night, Saturday Night [Radio Edit]
– Mr. Review: One Way Ticket

Playlist 16.5.2014:

– Bob Marley & The Wailers: I’m Gonna Put It Down
– Quartiere Coffee: No Money No Cash
– The Mighty Fishers: Welcome Home
– Skaos: Sunshine
– Skabrot: No Ska Today
– Chubacabras: Mueve El Esqueleto
– Rotfront: Zhiguli
– Secret Asian Men: Wahhhmbulance
– Merry Judge: t.b.a.
– Natty Bo & The Top Cats: Voodoo Working Ska
– The Void Union: Rock The Function
– Byron Lee & The Dragonaires: In The Mood
– La Wassah Band: The Preacher
– Eric Donaldson: Cherry Oh Baby
– Judge Dread: Skin Lake

Playlist 9.5.2014:

– The Robustos: Miles To Go
– General Rudie: So Much
– Quartiere Coffee: Hard Work
– Rico Rodriguez: Peanut Vendor
– The Delegators: It Ain’t Love
– The Mighty Fishers: Magical Sound
– T-Killas: Price We Pay
– Rotfront: James Bondski
– Skaos: Shake It Up
– Chupacabras: Mueve el esqueleto
– Nasou And Friends: Kobe Bryant Ft. Adulis & Merry Judge
– Rudeboy: Somebody Someday
– The Mighty Fishers: Working
– General Rudie: Sunday Drive

Playlist 2.5.2014:

– Hohes C: Kerbel gerebelt
– Skaos: Life Of Fire
– The Latenotes: Ska Hop
– Hammerhai: Braune Ufos
– No Sports: Heidie
– Quartiere Coffee: Party Fiesta
– The Scofflaws: Spider on My Bed
– Victor Rice: Lazy River NYC
– Jamaram: Somewhere
– Aimee: Prince
– Kapelle#3: Ein Glück
– Skaos: Corner Stomp
– Nasou And Friends: N.A.S. Ft. Spicy Roots
– King Django: Falafel Hoummous
– Chupacabras: De niño

Playlist 25.4.2014 (zu Gast: Wootakka):

– Zynnik: Pivo
– Amy Winehouse: Hey Little Rich Girl
– Wootakka!: It’s Football Again
– Jaya The Cat: Here Come The Drums
– Spicy Roots: Ska My No. 1
– Mighy Mighty Bosstones: Someday I Suppose
– The Orobians: Old Rocking Chair
– Elwood: Walking Away
– Skaos: Running Along
– The Selecter: Washed Up And Left For Dead

Playlist 18.4.2014:

– The Skatalites: Ska Ska Ska
– Sound Dimension: Rockfort Rock
– The Skankaroos: Expedition To Ska
– Rasga Rasga: Buena Farra
– Chupacabras: Canción preferida
– Ska Ska Club: Best Day Of My Life
– Skanatra: I’ve Got You Under My Skin
– Bauernjazz Kartell: d.n.w.d.d.d.
– Quartiere Coffee: One Step Two Step
– Laurel Aitken with Court Jester’s Crew: Rudeboy Dream
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Love Theme From The Godfather
– The Busters: We Are The Champions
– Judge Dread: Phoenix City

Playlist 11.4.2014:

– The Unlimiters: Casioyama
– Babylon Circus: Lorenzo
– Bauernjazz Kartell: As gonze Goid
– Antwerp Gipsy Ska Orchestra: Artik Sevmeyecegim
– Merry Judge: Rudeboy 69
– Bad Manners: Buona Sera
– Red Five Point Star: I’ll Grow Old
– Crazy Baldhead: Revolution.Stop
– Derrick Morgan: Gypsy Woman
– Quartiere Coffee: Reggae History
– Rasga Rasga: Gorilla
– King Django: Career Opportunities
– Deal’s Gone Bad: Dread Rock
– Dance Hall Crashers: Java Junkie

Playlist 4.4.2014:

– Madness: The Prince
– Tommy Tornado: In This Time
– Dubmatix: Skankin‘ & Rockin
– El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs: Mein Freund der Psychopath
– T-Killas: Lust Of Blood And Tears
– Jah Chango: El Mundo
– The Inversions: Solitaire
– K-Mob: Doctor My Eyes
– Blechreiz: Zwei zum Preis von einem
– Yellow Umbrella: Oh Girl
– Skambiance: Skaturnus
– The Selecter: Three Minute Hero

Playlist 28.3.2014:

– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: Dancing With The Fat Man’s Lady
– Jamaram: Just A Little Dub (Short Edit)
– One Night Band: Walk In Line
– Barefoot Basement: Leipzsch
– Skaos: South African Struggle
– T-Killas: Rock It Steady
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Greed
– Jamaram: Jameleon (Short Edit)
– Frau Doktor: Auf dem Weg in die Stadt
– 1-Stop-Experience: Mentally Ska’d
– Yellow Cap: We Go To Paris
– Court Jester’s Crew: W.L.T.G.T.R. (Victor Rice Dub)
– Jah Chango: For You

Playlist 21.3.2014:

– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: Aufstand
– Gimpelakwa [feat. HSF Bigband]: Abseits
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Endbahnhof Rudow
– North East Ska-Jazz Orchestra: Take Five
– The Rhythm Express: Hold Fast
– Beach Bums: Wie kann es sein
– Iriepathie: Action Hero
– The Skints: Out My Mind
– Jamaram: Oh My Gosh
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Game Of Thrones
– Rude Boy George: Talking In Your Sleep (Remix featuring Antonee First Class of The English Beat)
– T-Killas: Strawberry Marmalade

Playlist 14.3.2014:

– The Slackers: Cleopatra [Live: Special Bonus Track]
– Jamaram: La Famille (Short Edit)
– Rude & The Lickshots: Propaganda
– The Specials: Rude Boys Out Of Jail
– The Skankaroos: Ska Music
– Clubstas: Langsam Bressiads
– T-Killas: Common Ways
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Filthy McNasty
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Endbahnhof Rudow
– Barefoot Basement: Stop And Smell The Roses
– Babylove & The Van Dangos: Friday Night, Saturday Night
– The Delegators: I Don’t Mind
– Rude Boy George: Don’t Change [80’s Pop Remix]

Playlist 7.3.2014:

– Sisyphos: Destino [feat. Mellow Mood]
– Rude Boy George: Fascination (Keep Feeling)
– Yellow Cap: Am Strand
– Jagga-Bites Combo: Reggae Train
– Da Whole Thing: F Train
– Babayaga: I Am A Train
– Jamaram: Energy (Short Edit)
– Skanatra: My Way
– Bad Manners: Memory Train
– T-Killas: Take My Hand
– Barefoot Basement: Lawrifari
– Jah Chango: For You
– The Delegators: Into Your Eyes

Playlist 28.2.2014:

– Barefoot Basement: Nora By Night
– Zoe: Rock Steady
– Rudie Crew: News Carrier
– The Slackers: Wicked
– The Impalers: Uppercut
– Rude Boy George: Talking In Your Sleep
– Bim Skala Bim: Everybody’s Got Their Style
– Ska-J: Well You Needn’t
– Jah Chango: Sardinas
– Distemper: I Am Dying For You
– Mr. Review: Lost Along The Way
– T-Killas: It’s Up To You
– RotFront: Berlin – Barcelona
– Polemic: Magic

Playlist 21.2.2014:

– Barefoot Basement: Ska Zirkus
– The Nite Steadies: Dona Nobis Ska
– The Delegators: Be Good To Me
– Tommy Tornado: Pempelem
– Babylove & The Van Dangos: The Road Was Made For Walking
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Katoomba
– Less Than Jake: The Troubles
– The Lodgers: Murder Track von SKA 21
– Amusic Skazz Band: Mr. Versatile
– The Specials: Tom Drunk
– Sisyphos: Twisted Roads [feat. Andrew I]
– The Slackers: Hit Me Kiss Me
– Dubtari: Warning
– The Skatalites: Peanut Vendor

Playlist 14.2.2014:

– Skaos: Johnny
– Dallax: Six Rudeboy Machine Guns
– Mark Foggo: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
– Less Than Jake: American Idle
– The Quicksteps: Valentine
– Crazy Baldhead: A Long Way Off
– Blechreiz: Zwei vom Preis von einem
– Yellow Cap: Gabriela
– Bandylegs: In The Night
– The Slackers: Top Dub
– Barefoot Basement: The Good, The Bad & The Barefoot
– Sisyphos: The Power Of Words
– Polemic: Dama
– Skattle Grid: Big In Black

Playlist 7.2.2014:

– Rude & The Lickshots: Work Together
– The Butlers: Soul Rebel
– Dubtari: Mon Ami
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: Soul Shakedown Party
– Crazy Baldhead: Revolution.Stop
– Sammy K & The Fast Four: Sweet Misery
– Bandylegs: Wunderbar
– Not Bob Marley: No Respect
– Bad Manners: Turning Japanese
– The Selecter: Redemption Song
– The Delegators: Dance
– Clubstas: Schlechts Weda
– Yellow Cap: No Money Man

Playlist 31.1.2014:

– Judge Dread: Bring Back The Skins
– Less Than Jake: Give Me Something To Believe In, Inc.
– Yellow Cap: Rita
– Bim Skala Bim: Papa Don’t Put Too Much Pepper
– Dubtari: Llevame
– Cartoon Violence: Moscow
– Iriepathie: Action Hero
– Beach Bums: Wie kann es sein
– The Offenders: Life Is A Jail
– The Rough Kutz: Insanity
– Crazy Baldhead: Run Run
– The Skatalites: Latin Goes Ska

Playlist 24.1.2014:

– Yellow Cap: Boys In Town
– The Slackers: Stereo On
– Victor Rice: Bee Bee
– Maddie Ruthless: Twist The Knife
– Russkaja Feat. W. Kaminer & Y. Gurzhy: Radost (Extended Version)
– Dubtari: Nazischwein
– Heavy Monster: Andai (ku datang lebih cepat)
– The Delegators: Crying
– Papan Luncur: Hei Pacarku
– Rude & The Lickshots: Mas duro vendran
– The Coppers: Scooter Rudy
– Crazy Baldhead: Dubbin‘ For Don
– Cartoon Violence: Sons & Daughters
– Streetlight Manifesto: Oh Me, Oh My

Playlist 17.1.2014:

– Crazy Baldhead: Cut Back
– The Frightnrs: And I Wouldn’t Tell You This
– Polemic: Sheriff z River Cross
– Phoenix City All-Stars: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
– Bad Manners: Too Good To Be True
– The Slackers: My Bed Is A Boat
– Sally Brown: Siguelo (Allnighter Sideral)
– Bim Skala Bim: Buses, Boats, Planes, Trains, Taxis
– Che Sudaka: Mentira Politika
– The Delegators: I Didn’t Mean To Break Your Heart
– Rude & The Lickshots: Soul Hooligan
– Yellow Cap: Breakdown
– Ezzo: Skapunk muß ins Radio
– RotFront: Live Is Life
– Soul Radics: The Worst Thing

Playlist 10.1.2014:

– Goldmaster Allstars: Colt 45
– Dave Hillyard & Friends: Opposition Dub
– Red Soul Community: You Keep Your Head Down
– The Selecter: High Hair
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: The Best Things In Life Are Free
– King Django: Where Can I Go
– The Nite Steadies: Schnell weg
– The Ska Vengers: Mr Big Stuff
– Aimee: Nanana
– Bandung Inikami OrcheSKA: Jarak Jauh
– Yellow Cap: Hätte hätte
– Bim Skala Bim: On The Dance Floor

Playlist 3.1.2014:

– The Ska Vengers: (Why Don’t You) Do Right
– The Chancers: (Czech) Toast
– Dubtari: Latinoska
– Reggay Lords: Who Say
– Keyser Soze: Firehouse Sound
– A.K.C: March Of The Swivelheads
– The Nite Steadies: Oh My Darling
– Crazy Baldhead: Still Life
– The Rough Kutz: Man With No Name
– The Steadytones: Lie To Me
– Jr. Thomas: Face In The Crowd