Playlists 2015

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Playlist 25.12.2015:

– The Toasters: Rudy Christmas A Jail
– Toots & The Maytals: Christmas Feeling Ska
– The Selecter: Skank Til Christmas
– Dr. Ring-Ding: Dumpa Ska
– The Toasters: God Rock You Steady Gentlemen
– Judge Dread: Jingle Bells
– Merry Judge: Legalize The Herb
– Dancing Me & The ska Machine: In The Long Run
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Cool It Down Dub
– Amsterdam Faya Allstars: Skasanova
– Minnie The Moocher: Besserwisser
– Ed Rome: El Gringo (feat. Andy Casterton)

Playlist 18.12.2015:

– The Silvertones: Bling Bling Christmas
– Dr. Ring Ding: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
– Skalinka: Anda, Anda
– Byron Lee & The Dragonaires & Friends: Carry Go Bring Come
– Victor Rice: Doce Declínio Dub (Jam Lab #1)
– Pantasonics: Chica Dub
– Sondaschule: Bist du glücklich
– Ratatouille: You Know Where
– Dr. Ring Ding: Rub-A-Dub Santa
– Wotka Trawolta: Leinpfad Ska
– The Aggrolites: Help Man
– Pauline Black and The Selecter: Coming Up
– Alton Ellis: Praise Jah, It’s Christmas
– Nancy Ska Jazz Orchestra: Les bonnes et le baron

Playlist 11.12.2015:

– Skanatra: I Get A Kick Out Of You
– Wotka Trawolta: USA
– Drop Steady: Truth Be Told
– Locos Estupidos: La Careta
– The Bandgeek Mafia: Poetry In Flames
– Dr. Ring Ding: Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes
– Casino Royale: Someone Says
– Äl Jawala: Intergalactic Medusa
– The Toasters: Thrill Me Up
– No Sports: Crazy Girl
– Sondaschule: Bestes schlechtes Vorbild
– The Amalgamated: Tons of Smoke
– Mark Foggo: Mama Don’t Like It
– The BlueBeaters: The Model
– The Streamers: Jazzy Tunes

Playlist 4.12.2015:

– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Fly Away
– El Bosso & die Ping-Pongs: Wilhelm
– The Nutty Boys: Worksong
– Nu Sports: Das Model
– Dr. Deadlock & Congaline: Lullaby For A Rude Girl
– The Georgetown Orbits: No, No, No
– The Skatalites with Laurel Aitken: Same Old Song
– Äl Jawala: All Bint El Chalabiya
– The Toasters: Sitting On Top Of The World
– Drop Steady: Hit Or Miss
– Dr. Ring Ding: Twelve Elves
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Imperial Reggae
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Midnite Crazies
– The Aggrolites: Aggro Reggae Party

Playlist 27.11.2015:

– The Robustos: Smoke
– The Nutty Boys: High Hair
– Äl Jawala: Djanto
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: She’s The Boss
– Leo & The Lineup: Until We Meet Again
– Dubmatix: Tornado (Feat. Ranking Joe)
– Fanfare Ciocarlia: 007 (James Bond Theme)
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Perfidia
– El Bosso & die Ping-Pongs: Hier und jetzt oder nie
– The Slackers: I Can’t Hide
– Dr. Deadlock & Congaline: Lullaby For A Rude Girl
– Tommy McCook & The Skatalites: Jazz Walking
– Drop Steady: When You Come Around

Playlist 20.11.2015:

– Don Drummond: Cool Smoke
– The Selecter: Bombscare
– Charlie’s Choice: Karussel (Das Leben eben…)
– The Nutty Boys: Take Five
– Lee Scratch Perry: Never Stop Never Flop
– Riders Connection: So Much Trouble
– Elysium: Мы в ссоре с ней опять
– The Georgetown Orbits: Son Of A Preacher Man
– Bologna Ska Jazz Ensemble: Something’s Got An Hold On Me
– Äl Jawala: Dancefloor Dervish
– Skatter’d: Brain Hurt Bad
– Dubmatix: Blessing Of Compassion (Feat. Alton Ellis)
– Drop Steady: When You Come Around
– Leo & The Lineup: Dirty Pockets

Playlist 13.11.2015:

– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Medicine Turned Poison
– Loin Groin: Bove Beats Me Up
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Keep On Going
– Äl Jawala: Wake Up
– Leo & The Lineup: At The Bayside
– The Nutty Boys: Raumpatrouille Orion
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: K-Danz
– Russkaja: Barabani
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Bad Girl
– El Bosso & die Ping-Pongs: Just Give Me Ska
– Nu Sports: Sometimes I Don’t Know Who I Really Am
– Area 7: Offbeat
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Skarada Dub
– Carlos Dingo: Mi corazón

Playlist 6.11.2015:

– Ratatouille: The Tram
– Babylove & The Van Dangos: Any Port In A Storm
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Misterioso
– El Bosso & die Ping-Pongs: Egal
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Enter The Chamber
– Nancy Ska-Jazz Orchestra: Ho!
– Russkaja: Dawai
– Leo & The Lineup: Gotta Go
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Beastie
– The Rhythm Express: Double Barrell
– The Slackers: Christine Keeler
– Mad Organical: Karaoke

Playlist 30.10.2015:

– Lionsclub: Fireball XL 5
– Skanatra: My Way
– Zombies Of Ska: Skalloween
– Byron Lee & The Dragonaires: Frankenstein Ska
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Doop
– Transilvanians: Hotel Universal
– El Bosso & die Ping-Pongs: Ich sehe was [Live]
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Monkey Face
– The Toasters: Frankenska
– No Sports: Don’t Judge Me
– Leo & The Lineup: Baby Please
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: See Them
– Lion D: Slow Down [feat. Ken Boothe]
– The Skatalites: Skalloween

Playlist 23.10.2015:

– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Slow Life
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Earthquake
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: 52D Street Theme
– Pauline Black and The Selecter: Dial My Number
– Mad Organical: Soumi Sauna Tango-Ska
– São Paulo Ska Jazz: 220
– Riders Connection: Ticks Of The Clock
– Irie Révoltés: Résisdanse
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Wo ist diese Stadt
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Geh Doch
– Leo & The Lineup: Wooly Bully
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Knock-Turn-All
– Wotka Trawolta: Last September
– Pauline Black: Shoorah Shoorah

Playlist 16.10.2015:

– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Linecheck Samurai
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Pro Teba AKA Slaviska
– Ezzo: Gina Wild
– G7 Ska Jazz Band: 7 Syndicater
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Long Way Home
– Nancy Ska Jazz Orchestra: Démineur
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Ryuusei To Ballad
– No Sports: Mexico
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Volga River Boat Man
– Ratatouille: Monkey Ska
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Nocturnal [feat. Josh Arcoleo]
– North East Ska Jazz Orchestra: Good Rockin‘ Daddy
– Sao Paulo Ska Jazz: Sao Paulo
– Amusic Skazz Band: Festuc Dance

Playlist 9.10.2015 (zu Gast: No Sports):

– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Action Movie
– No Sports: Communication
– No Sports: Summer
– No Sports: So What
– The Mood A.K.A.: Move It Up
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: No More Sorrow
– No Sports: Sonne von Athen
– No Sports: Full Blood
– No Sports: Don’t Judge Me

Playlist 2.10.2015:

– Rico Rodriguez: You Must Be Crazy
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Slow Life
– Nancy Ska Jazz Orchestra: Anachronisme
– Riders Connection: So Much Trouble
– Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation: Milestones
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: In The Long Run
– Lord Tanamo with Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars: Musso
– Markscheider Kunst: Sudak
– Polkahontas: Deutschland

Playlist 25.9.2015:

– Nancy Ska Jazz Orchestra: Hatcha!
– Inner Terrestrials: Squatter’s Rights
– Mad Organical: CosmosSka
– Byron Lee & The Dragonaires: Jamaica Ska
– The Selecter: Hit The Ground Running
– Babylove And The Van Dangos: Another Face
– South West Town: Go Gal Go
– Jaya The Cat: Forward
– Rantanplan: FanFanFanatisch
– Nancy Ska Jazz Orchestra: L’inspecteur Farnaby
– Riders Connection: Seize The Day
– Rantanplan: Sankt Pauli Skapunk
– Roland Alphonso: Bongo Tango
– Razika: Taste My Dream

Playlist 18.9.2015:

– The Mood A.K.A.: We’re In The Mood
– Mad Organical: El Duderino
– North East Ska Jazz Orchestra: Blue Skies In Walked Bud
– Bluekilla: Fiesta de Ska
– Los Placebos: Copy & Paste
– Kapelle#3: It’s Not Like That
– Jesse Wagner: The Lion, The Snake And The Monkey
– The Mood A.K.A.: Don’t Play Their Game
– Jaya The Cat: Closing Time
– The Selecter: Box Fresh
– The Butlers: Waste Your Boyhood
– Rico Rodriguez: What A Wonderful World
– The Interrupters: Family (Feat. Tim Armstrong)

Playlist 11.9.2015:

– The Specials: Guns Of Navarone
– Banda Bassotti: El Pueblo Unido
– Mad Organical: Slothskank
– Rico Rodriguez: Rico Special
– Freetown feat. Rico: Take Five
– Bad Manners: Lip Up Fatty
– The Mood a.k.a.: Move It Up
– NH3: Entusiasmo
– The Selecter: It Never Worked Out
– Rico Rodriguez: Rasta
– Rico & The Rudies: Brixton Cat
– The Specials: Ghost Town

Playlist 4.9.2015:

– Los Placebos: Intro
– Los Placebos: Time For Action
– The Selecter: Stone Cold Sober
– The Specials: Take Five
– Rico & His Band: Fatty Fatty
– Ed Rome: Feeling Undone (feat. Rhoda Dakar)
– Betrayers Of Babylon: Herzlich Willkommen
– Skarface: Greasy Girls
– Mad Organical: Bajen Boing
– Lionsclub: Tribute To Da Aktuelle Sportstudio
– The Slapstickers: Trip To Barcelona
– Die Tornados: Quasimono
– The Gaylads: Morning Sun

Playlist 28.8.2015:

– The Slapstickers: Mr. D Minor
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Carol
– The Selecter: Box Fresh
– Skaos: Time Is Running Out
– Bad Nenndorf Boys: Allüren
– The Gaylads: It’s Hard To Confess
– Don Drummond & Roland Alphonso: Roll On Sweet Don
– Skarface: Quelque Chose en Toi
– NH3: Rimango Qui
– Kapelle #3: Ein Glück
– Skaputnik: Skaravan
– Markscheider Kunst: Erunda
– Leningrad: Hujamba
– Distemper: Konchilis Narkotiki
– Judge Dread: Phoenix City

Playlist 21.8.2015 (zu Gast: Die Grüne Welle):

– The Slapstickers: I.D.I.O.T.
– Die Grüne Welle: Intro
– Die Grüne Welle: Die Grüne Welle
– Die Grüne Welle: Scheiße
– Die Grüne Welle: Nicht so wichtig
– Skarface: Quelque Chose en Toi
– Streetlight Manifesto: We Will Fall Together
– Die Grüne Welle: Sein wie Michael
– Die Grüne Welle: Barcelona
– Die Grüne Welle: Mixtape

Playlist 14.8.2015:

– The Interrupters: Easy On You
– Soul Radics: Thread
– Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior: Todo lo que quiero eres tu
– The Slapstickers: Counting Memories
– South West Town: Double J
– Less Than Jake: Do The Math
– Port Royal: Energetic
– Crazy Baldhead: Don’t Turn Your Back (featuring Anda Szilagyi)
– Kadaversound: Country Ska
– The Busters: Hard To Be A Hero
– Wonderska: No No No
– DubXanne: Spirits In A Material World (Spirits In A Dubworld) feat. Benjamin Zephaniah
– Less Than Jake: Johnny Quest (Thinks We’re Sellouts)
– Markscheider Kunst: Na Radostyah

Playlist 7.8.2015:

– Betrayers Of Babylon: Skantroduction
– Desmond Dekker: Happy Birthday Jamaica
– Dennis Alcapone: Wake Up Jamaica
– Hoof And Mouth: Joerg
– The Coral: Dreaming of You [Youtube-Rip]
– The Selecter: Walk The Walk [Radio Mix]
– North East Ska Jazz Orchestra: Sophisticated Lady
– No Sports: Tour de France
– The Clerks: Kaputt
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: Piping Hot
– The Slapstickers: Forget It
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Pretty Baby
– Bad Nenndorf Boys: Pivo
– The Fishhedz: Happy Birthday Lady Ska
– Dub City Rockers: Rude Boy Hooligan (with The Upsessions)

Playlist 31.7.2015:

– Big Mandrake: My Little Girl
– No Sports: Pink Spaceman
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: Dandimite Ska (2015 Jubilee Edition, Bonus Track)
– The Selecter: Breakdown
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Ska Island
– The Prosecution: Still Friends
– Bad Nenndorf Boys: Spuren Im Sand
– Los Placebos: Way Of Suicide
– North East Ska Jazz Orchestra: Hard Man Fe Dead
– Mr. T-Bone & His Jamaican Liberation Orchestra: Take Care
– Masons Arms: Fuß nach vorn
– The Sideburns: Down Town Blue Moon Junky Days

Playlist 24.7.2015:

– Ezzo: Summer R.I.P.
– Bad Nenndorf Boys: Moralisch einwandfrei
– The Prosecution: King Of The Pub
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Don’t Like You
– Orange Stable: Take Off
– Bigmandrake: Burocracia
– No Sports: Sucessfools
– Yellow Cap: Rain Is Falling
– The Selecter: See Them A Come
– Ollie Q. & The Deep Six: Our Man In Jamaica
– North East Ska Jazz Orchestra: Stompin‘ At The Savoy
– Markscheider Kunst: Ku

Playlist 17.7.2015:

– South West Town Feat Derrick Morgan: Around The Corner
– Rhythm Express: Papa Was A Rolling Stone
– The Valkyrians: Rhythm Rider
– Busty Brown: To Love Somebody
– Dennis Brown: Money In My Pocket
– Ed Rome: Allnighter Blues (feat. Clair Witcher)
– Minni The Moocher: Agent Ska
– Bad Nenndorf Boys: Montag Morgen
– The Selecter: Because The Night
– No Sports: Heidie
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Immer nur Ska (30 Years Jubilee Edition)
– The Frits: Still Alive
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Last Night
– Happy 70th Birthday Bob Marley: Could You Be Loved [Acapella Version 2015]

Playlist 10.7.2015:

– Mr. Review: Rainy Day
– Madness: The Sun And The Rain
– The Bionic Rats: In The Rain
– The Silvertones: Raindrops
– Lord Tanamo &: The Skatalites: Rainy Night In Georgia
– The Pepper Pots: It’s Raining
– Sound One: Rain Or Shine
– The Techniques: I Wish It Would Rain
– The Three Tops: It’s Raining
– Suit Up: Raindrops
– The Talks: Can Stand The Rain
– The Specials: Rainy Days
– House Of David Gang: Rain
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Rainy Thursday (Victor Rice Dub)

Playlist 3.7.2015:

– Merry Judge: Revolution
– The Valkyrians: Call Me After Midnight
– North East Ska Jazz Orchestra: Skaravan
– Los Placebos: Coma Girl
– The Selecter: Babble On
– Chupacabras: Mueve El Esqueleto
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Sticks
– Soul Radics: Big Shot: I Wanna Know
– Minni The Moocher: Das letzte Glas
– Port Royal: Ill Uprising

Playlist 26.6.2015:

– The Valkyrians: Home
– Soul Radics: Walk Your Own Line
– Los Placebos: Son Of Soul
– Minni The Moocher: Was bleibt
– Port Royal: Brummy
– The Selecter: Karma
– The Nite Steadies: Comix
– Jim Murple Memorial: Tribute To Lee
– Byron Lee & the Dragonaires: Obeah Wedding
– Baba Brooks & Band: Blues
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Elegy
– Soulfood International’s Rocksteady Revue Feat. Dr. Ring-Ding: John James

Playlist 19.6.2015 (zu Gast: DJ Bernie (Rudeboy’s Delight, Wüste Welle Tübingen)):

– Fanfare Ciocarlia: 007 (James Bond Theme)
– Ernest Ranglin: You Won’t See Me
– The Trojans: Misogyny
– Count Kutu & The Balmers: Ako Ug Ang Akong Uyab
– The Crabs‘ Corporation: The Sword
– Emmy & The Emmys: Love On The Run
– The Delegators: Minus One
– The Selecter: Open Goal
– Leo & The Line-Up: Open Goal
– Los Granadians del Espacio Exterior: Reggae A Go Go
– The Undertakers: Guns Don’t Argue

Playlist 12.6.2015:

– Soul Radics: Chance To Be With You feat. Boss Van Trigt
– Port Royal: Shepherd
– Markscheider Kunst: Grustnaya
– The Valkyrians: Rhythm Rider
– Dr Jau & the Peanut Vendors: Jazz4Friends
– Le Grand Miercoles: Western Standard Time
– Die Frohlix: Ritter Rost hat Geburtstag
– The Robustos: Bobbo Deniro
– Minni The Moocher: Heiß auf neue Schuh
– Hoof And Mouth: Drowning
– Ed Rome: Storm Damage Dub
– Clue J And His Blues Blasters: Milk Lane Hop
– Less Than Jake: Boomtown
– 8°6 Crew: You Come
– Transilvanians: Kingston Town, Santiago DC

Playlist 5.6.2015:

– The Selecter: My Collie (Not A Dog)
– Lick Quarters: Easy Going
– Orange Stable: Take Off
– Ratatöska: Sommerzeit
– More Colours: Togetherness
– Skipjacks: Bitch
– Pantasonics: Chica Caminando
– Hoof and Mouth: No Gasoline
– Soul Radics: Really A Mess
– The Valkyrians: Suzie
– Minnie The Moocher: Die Zeit
– The BlueBeaters: Roll With It
– Bad Manners: Non Shrewd

Playlist 29.5.2015:

– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Police In Helicopter
– The Valkyrians: Get High
– Soul Radics: No Fool
– Ringo Ska: Good Day Sunshine
– Prince Buster: Madness
– The Busters: Back In New York
– Razika: Verdens Beste By
– Pantasonics: Me Love U Long Time [Bonus Track]
– The Tips: What You Reap
– Ed Rome: Partners In Crime (feat. Neville Staple)
– Minni The Moocher: Miststück
– Ska-Waddy: Wunderful World
– Rude & The Lickshots: We No Bunga Bunga
– The Interrupters: Last Call
– Hohes C: Schamlos Track von SKA 21

Playlist 22.5.2015:

– System Of Hate: Stepping Into Line
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Linecheck Samurai
– Nu Sports: Das Model
– The BlueBeaters: Teenage Kicks
– Soul Radics: Mash Dem All
– Ed Rome: Feeling Undone (feat. Rhoda Dakar)
– Barb’d Wire: Chatty Chatty
– The Offenders: Roots Radicals
– The Nite Steadies: Night Food Reggae
– The Cat Empire: One, Four, Five
– Kiwi: Cure
– Amsterdam Faya Allstars: Nelson Mandela [Vocal Version]
– Big Fat Panda: Angry Little Man
– Minni The Moocher: Besserwisser
– Ed Rome: Painkiller Dub

Playlist 15.5.2015:

– The BlueBeaters: Teenage Kicks
– Amsterdam Faya Allstars: Nelson Mandela [Vocal Version]
– Bim Skala Bim: Skaloop
– Minni The Moocher: Mein Berlin
– Rupa & The April Fishes: Weeds
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Midnite Crazies
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska Vaganza: Galang Dada
– Piracy: Angel Of Berlin
– Distemper: Moscow Berlin
– The Offenders: Roots Radicals
– Big Fat Panda: Nice To Dance With
– The Brooklyn Attractors: Good and Evil
– Rudeboy: Somebody Someday
– Distemper: All Or Nothing
– Bad Cards: Bad Card

Playlist 8.5.2015:

– Gangster Politics: Mr. PC
– Dub City Rockers: Rude Boy Hooligan (with The Upsessions)
– Mercúrias: Carregar
– Spahni Dub Dancers Ft Dennis Boveli: Death Of A Rude Boy
– The Inversions: Solitaire
– Supertonic Sound Band: Scheherazade
– The Articles: Scrapple From The Apple
– Sensi Simon and His Brother: Dedede
– Crazy Baldhead: Monkey Man
– Barb’d Wire: Chatty Chatty
– Sensi Simon and His Brother: Kontrolliern
– The Talks: Tune In
– Heavyball: Smalltown Boy
– Frau Doktor: Für ein ganzes Leben

Playlist 1.5.2015: Übertragung aus dem Theater Rampe

Playlist 24.4.2015:

– The BlueBeaters: Catch That Teardrop
– El Bosso & die Ping Pongs: Immer nur Ska
– The Inversions: Solitaire
– Getaway Crew meets TriXstar: Stand Up
– Minni The Moocher: Was geht ab
– The Specials: Ghost Town
– Bad Shakyn: We Went Rockin
– The Nite Steadies: And Your Love Is Mine [Munderkinger Musiknacht 28.03.]
– The Talks: Tear Us Apart
– Marcia Griffiths & Dubblestandart: Holding You Close [Victor Rice Remix]
– Big Fat Panda: Always
– Barb’d Wire: Turbulance
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska Vaganza: The Exorcist
– Moon Hop: Shoe Shine Man

Playlist 17.4.2015:

– Crazy Baldhead: Monkey Man
– Big Fat Panda: Betrayal Of The Crossacks
– Lynval Golding & Neville Staples: Why?
– TSF: Voodoo Doll (Featuring Toulouse Skanking Foundation)
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska Vaganza: When You’re Drunk
– The Adjusters: Mumia In Tibet
– The Brooklyn Attractors: Thankful
– Chas & Jane: Madness Is All In The Mind
– The Cat Empire: The Wine Song
– Äl Jawala: Fast ’n‘ Furious [Intro]
– Äl Jawala: Fast ’n‘ Furious
– The BlueBeaters: The Model
– The Planet Smashers feat. Neville Staples: Explosive
– Barb’d Wire: Stayin‘ In
– Amsterdam Faya Allstars: What A Hard Man Fi Dead

Playlist 10.4.2015:

– G7 Ska Jazz Band: 7 Syndicater
– Crazy Baldhead: Victoria
– Bob Marley: I Shot the Sherriff [Live Dub Architect Mix]
– The BlueBeaters: Somebody Has Stolen My Girl
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska Vaganza: Galang Dada
– The Adjusters: Can’t See The Light (feat. Dr. Ring-Ding)
– The Talks: Light Up
– Merry Judge: Rudeboy 69
– The Brooklyn Attractors: Entropy
– The Funaddicts: Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
– Dubmood: VodSka-Dance
– Mad Stuntman: I Like To Move It [Jr. Blender Remix]
– Minni The Moocher: Mein Berlin
– Amsterdam Faya Allstars: Faya In Dub

Playlist 3.4.2015:

– The Brooklyn Attractors: Jamaica Bay
– Gentlemans Dub Club: Pressure
– Beat Goes Bang: Jeanette
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: The Rule
– The New Riddim: One Way Street
– Two Tone Club: Bubble Fish
– Beat Bahnhof: The Place Where We Back
– Ezzo: Six Hombres
– Merry Judge: t.b.a.
– More Colours: Togetherness
– Acapulco Gold: Piel Canela
– Spicy Roots: Drive My Car
– The Riffs: These Things
– Miserable Man: Rocksteady Beat
– Markscheider Kunst: Tanec

Playlist 27.3.2015:

– Lee ‚Scratch‘ Perry: The Dub Ruler
– Derrick Harriott: The Loser
– Rhoda Dakar: Mixed Feelings
– Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza: Two Wrongs
– The Brooklyn Attractors: Gowanamera
– Ezzo: Skapunk muss ins Radio
– More Colours: Dem Gone Astray
– Merry Judge: Legalize The Herbs
– Barefoot Basement: The Good, The Bad And The Barefoot
– Amsterdam Faya Allstars: ‚cause I Don’t
– The Specials: Pressure Drop

Playlist 20.3.2015:

– Callin Tommy: Callin Tommy
– The Funaddicts: Tomorrow’s Just Another Day
– The Talks: Light Up
– The Brooklyn Attractors: Entropy
– Amsterdam Faya Allstars: Christine Keeler
– Bad Cards: Bad Card
– The Interrupters: This Is The New Sound
– Ezzo: Summer R.I.P.
– Chas & Jane: Madness Is All In The Mind
– Spahni Dub Dancers Ft Dennis Boveli: Death Of A Rude Boy
– Rico Rodriguez: Chiang Kai Shek
– The Babyshakers: Sugarlover
– Freddie Notes & The Rudies: Melting Pot

Playlist 13.3.2015:

– Uzimon: Number 3 (Side Piece)
– The Brooklyn Attractors: Alchemy
– The Interrupters: Family (Feat. Tim Armstrong)
– Masons Arms: Rabauken feat. Dr. Ring Ding
– The Skints: Eyes In The Back Of My Head (Feat. Rival)
– Atsushi and the Moisties: Victim Of Authority
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Special Snowflake Syndrome
– Strikkly Vikkly: A2 Major Vikkly Dub feat. Cedric IM Brooks & Kevin Batchelor
– The Talks: Ceasefire
– Amsterdam Faya Allstars: Harlem Nocturne
– The Brooklyn Attractors: Povo
– The Specials: Gangsters
– Acapulco Gold: Oye Como Va

Playlist 6.3.2015:

– The Tigers: Ska Trekking
– Amsterdam Faya Allstars: Skasanova
– Moisty Atsushi’s Rocksteady All Stars: Fight For Your Right
– Rudi Mentali: Mr. Spock
– Casino Royale: Mr. Spock & Mr. Space
– Acapulco Gold: Pensando En Ti
– Distemper: Dogora Na Berlin
– The Busters: Don’s Diner
– The Butlers: Where No Man Has Gone Before
– The Skints: Where Did You Go?
– The Slapstickers: Point Of View
– Markscheider Kunst: Chao-Chao

Playlist 27.2.2015:

– Freddy Loco & His Gordos Ska Band: Fight Isn’t Out
– The Offenders: Hooligan Reggae
– The Service: The Rise & Fall
– The English Beat: Hands Off She’s Mine
– The Interrupters: This Is The New Sound
– The Crabs Corporation: The Opium Eaters
– General Public: Rainy Days
– Althia & Donna: Uptown Top Ranking
– The Offenders: Coventry Rebels
– The Skints: The Forest For The Trees
– Bim Skala Bim: Three Legged Dub
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Threesome
– Marcia Griffiths & Dubblestandart: Holding You Close (Victor Rice Remix)
– Moisty Atsushi’s Rocksteady All Stars: Fire Train
– The Talks: Tear Us Apart

Playlist 20.2.2015:

– Bluebird Parade: One Better Day
– The Interrupters: Judge Not
– Jamaram & Acoustic Night Allstars: Ndikakutarisa
– The Skints: This Town [feat. Tippa Irie & Horseman]
– Laurel Aitken: (Sloop) John B
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Johnny Reggae
– Maddy Carty: NW5
– HiSS: Schlecht
– Atsushi And The Moisties: Sound Of The Ska
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Cool It Down Dub
– The Busters: Same Game
– Waduh: Bebas
– Spicy Roots: Reggae Feeling [feat. Mthunzi]
– The Talks: Radio

Playlist 13.2.2015:

– The Busters: Sally & Steve
– The Bionic Rats: In The Rain
– The Amalgamated: Mango Rock
– Rudeboy: Somebody Someday
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: In The Long Run
– The Slapstickers: Ask Me Out
– The Gramophone Allstars Big Band: Sophisticated Babylon
– Jamaram & Acoustic Night Allstars: Winey Winey
– Ed Rome Ft Bella: The Prince
– The Maze: Michael Caine
– Keyser Soze: Do
– The Feckin Eyes: Cardiac Arrest
– Jimmy Cliff: Ruby Soho
– Andrew Crayford: The Harder They Come

Playlist 6.2.2015:

– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: Aufstand
– The Amphetameanies: The Sun & The Rain
– Mr. Review: The Street Where I’m Living
– The Busters: Love & Glory
– Cartoon Violence: House Of Fun
– Strikkly Vikkly: Four-Hand Dub
– Sound One: Shoot The Sky
– Atsushi and the Moisties: Dedicate To Don
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Call From Rio
– Jamaram & Acoustic Night Allstars: Missing Is You
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Don’t Like You
– Charlie’s Choice: Lehn dich an
– The Slackers & Doreen Shaeffer: Our Day Will Come
– Darren Fordham & The UPforitNESS: Burning The Boats (Mother Rose Mix)
– The Meow Meows: Do Anything

Playlist 30.1.2015:

– Nasou And Friends: N.A.S. Ft. Spicy Roots
– Madness: Victoria Gardens
– Spicy Roots: Brilliant Day Track von SKA 21
– Lo And The Magnetics: Party Of One
– Francbâtards: Enragée
– The Busters: All The Tings
– Lax Alex Contrax: Frau aus Silikon
– The Nite Steadies: I Love Ska [live Kiste 2015-01-16]
– Atsushi and the Moisties: One People
– Jamaram & Acoustic Night Allstars: I’m Ready
– Äl Jawala: Road To Eldorado [feat. Rukie]
– The Slapstickers: High Time Sunshine
– Strikkly Vikkly: Bee Bee Dub

Playlist 23.1.2015:

– The Specials: Too Much Too Young (Manic 3 Tone Mix)
– The Georgetown Orbits: No, No, No
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Pretty Baby
– The Busters: Brutales
– Äl Jawala: Unzer Toirele
– Die Tornados: The Tide Is High
– Hurtin‘ Buckaroos: Skallawalla
– Strikkly Vikkly: Party Line Dub
– New Kingston: Today
– Le Grand Miercoles: Cowboy Fantasma
– The Slapstickers: Addicted To The Road
– Jamaram & Acoustic Night Allstars: Zoo
– Atsushi and the Moisties: Rasta Cow
– Bandung Inikami Orcheska: Jarak Jauh

Playlist 16.1.2015:

– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Movin‘ On
– Yellow Umbrella & R. Trettmann & Tiny Dawson: No Pegida
– The Adjusters: Armstrong
– The Selecter: James Bond Theme (Non Conctract Killer Mix)
– No Doubt: Undercover
– The Bandgeek Mafia: Back On Track
– Rhoda Dakar: 007
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: The Stickler
– Che Sudaka: Todo Vuelve
– The Nite Steadies: Oh My Darling [live Danziger Stüble 21.09.2013]
– The Slapstickers: Make The Stage My Home
– The Georgetown Orbits: Holding The Key
– Die Tornados: Flower & Bee
– Alton and Hortense Ellis: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Playlist 9.1.2015:

– Francbâtards: Déracinés Des Hommes
– Big D And The Kids Table: Walls
– Santiago Downbeat: Perdida En Ti
– Bim Skala Bim & Jackie Starr: Hung Up
– Laurel Aitken: Shoo Bee Shoo Bee
– Dr. Ring-Ding: The Needle
– The Gramophone Allstars Big Band: (When) Twistin‘ I Love Him So
– Che Sudaka: Silence Raval
– The Georgetown Orbits: Son Of A Preacher Man
– No Doubt: Settle Down
– Die Tornados: Für eine Hand voll Soul
– Roger Rivas And The Brothers Of Reggae: Heading West
– The Meow Meows: Disaster! Disaster!

Playlist 2.1.2015:

– Crazy Baldhead: Boots Embraces
– The Planet Smashers: Happy New Year’s
– Lo And The Magnetics: Party Of One
– No Sports: Famous
– Laurel Aitken: Scandal In A Brixton Market [feat. Girlie]
– The Selecter: On My Radio
– Alpha Boy School: Boys Don’t Cry
– Rhoda Dakar: Let’s Do Rocksteady
– Santiago Downbeat: Mr. Lee
– Die Tornados: Memories Are Treasures
– The Specials: Take Five
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Last Night
– Wotka Trawolta: Never Stop Your Smiling
– Maci’s Mobile: New Year