Playlists 2017

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Playlist 29.12.2017:

– Victor Rice: Fumaça
– Rico Rodriguez: What A Wonderful World
– The Ska Vengers: Frank Brazil
– Ton Steine Scherben: Keine Macht für niemand (Reggae Radio Edit)
– Rhoda Dakar: Dolphins
– The Busters: Always and Evermore
– Panajah: Keine Panik
– The Lambrettas: Poison Ivy
– Laurel Aitken: Sahara
– The Planet Smashers: Happy New Year’s
– The Specials: We Have All The Time In The World
– The Selecter: Redemption Song
– The Screw-Ups: Perfect Life
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: You’ll Never Walk Alone
– Snow: Informer

Playlist 22.12.2017:

– The Selecter: A Christmas Fable
– Bad Manners: It’s Christmas Time Again
– The Brentford All-Stars: Christmas Sounds Medley
– The Busters: Ska Is
– The Kubricks: Paradise
– The Bartenders: Third Time
– Miserable Man: When My Baby Wants To Fight
– Ezzo: Ska Instead Of Hate Track von SKA 21
– Victor Rice: Turn
– Die Wallerts: Morgen Kinder wird’s nichts geben
– Lionsclub: Last Christmas
– Amy Winehouse: Monkey Man
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: White Christmas
– The Granville Williams Orchestra: Trojan Christmas Sk

Playlist 15.12.2017:

– Horace Andy: Christmas Time
– Victor Rice: Motion Study II
– Erin Bardwell Collective: Best News Of The Year
– Arevo: Weiter geht’s
– Rathskeller: Table Top
– The Blue Beats: Tomorrow
– Nu Sports: Shinkansen
– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Don Tojo
– The Ska Vengers: Double X
– Buford O’Sullivan: Hey Officer
– Don Khumalo: Petalos y Espinas
– Mr Fly Ska Band: Christine Keeler
– Alton Ellis: Praise Jah, It’s Christmas

Playlist 8.12.2017:

– Markscheider Kunst: Vishneviy Sad
– Victor Rice: Motion Study I
– Unlimited Culture: Culture
– The Selecter: Things Fall Apart
– The Slackers: Christine Keeler
– Erin Bardwell Collective: It’s No Lie
– The Bakesys: Counting Sheep
– Arevo: King von Simmering
– Jokerface: Trippin‘
– Victor Rice: Doce Declínio
– Megative: More Time (Dubmatix Two Tone Remix)
– Cocoa Tea & Alisa: All I Want For Christmas
– The Melodians: Things You Say You Love

Playlist 1.12.2017:

– The Ska Vengers: El Cumbanchero / Red Fort Rock
– Erin Bardwell Collective: These Walls
– Arevo: Moedling
– Captain Accident: Well I’ve Been Told
– The Melodians: I Wanna Dance With You
– Skinnerbox: You Knock The Wind Out Of Me
– Victor Rice: Bermuda Triangle
– The Bakesys: 10ft Smile
– Skavoovie & The Epitones: 9 Dragons
– Markscheider Kunst: Mike and Bob
– Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra: Kerta Mange
– Don Drummond: Don Cosmic
– The Frightnrs: More To Say (Version)

Playlist 24.11.2017:

– Last Edition: Last Orders
– Tef London: Hollywood
– Zion Train: No ID feat Daman (Dub Stuy Bukkah Remix)
– Jackie Mittoo: Reggae Riff
– Erin Bardwell Collective: Night Bus To Highworth
– Arevo: Foische Entscheidung
– And the Wasters: Small Victories
– The Nite Steadies: Night Food Reggae
– Victor Rice: To Dream
– The Selecter: Taking Back Control
– The Melodians: I’ll Take You Where The Music Playing ft Kulcha Kalley
– Jokerface: Lonely Boy
– Captain Accident: Money People
– Low Speed Chase: Drink 10 Pints
– Short Notice: I Don’t Care

Playlist 17.11.2017:

– Jaya The Cat: Just The Way It Goes
– Jokerface: Time Will Show
– Royal Club: Baila
– Captain Accident: Mouths Wide Shut
– The Melodians: Walking In The Rain
– Go Jimmy Go: Mama Bird
– The Frightnrs: Never Answer
– The Bakesys: Golden Brown Slices Of Toast
– Arevo: Strizzi
– Victor Rice: Lou
– The Selecter: The Big Badoof
– Erin Bardwell Collective: Change
– The Hosewater Skanks: Rude Nation
– Jokerface: Rock My Soul
– Short Notice: I Don’t Care

Playlist 10.11.2017:

– Kingston Rudieska: Where Is My Dream
– Markscheider Kunst: Mukha
– Empatee Du Weiss: Shut Up!
– The Selecter: Mayhem
– LaBrassBanda feat. Captain Sensible: Wot!
– Victor Rice: Tema
– The Bakesys: The Modern Office
– Wämmeska: Sheriff
– Sensi Simon feat. Mad Maxamom: Sie ficken dein Gehirn Track von SKA 21
– Brooklyn Funk Essentials: Ska Ka-Bop
– Delroy Wilson: Dancing Mood
– Swagga: Buffalo Soldier
– The Frightnrs: All My Tears (Version)

Playlist 3.11.2017:

– Spahnis Dub Dancers: Soul Shake Down Party
– Panajah: Intelligenter
– The Selecter: Pass The Power
– The Bakesys: Yesterday’s Man
– The Activators: Rat Race
– Wämmeska: Büxbier
– Dreadskin Kickbox: I Knew A Man
– Dreadskin Kickbox: Holding My Connection
– Captain Accident: Behind Closed Doors
– Dubmatix ft. Horace Andy: It’s A Clash
– The Frightnrs: Till Then (Version)

Playlist 27.10.2017:

– Millie Manders & The Shut Up: I’m Hurting Inside
– The Rough Kutz: Punky Reggae Party
– Lee ‚Scratch‘ Perry & Subatomic Sound System: Croaking Lizard (dubstrumental mix)
– Bad Manners: Lorraine
– Markscheider Kunst: Sveta
– Captain Accident: Restless Man
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Novosibirsk At Night
– The Bakesys: If You Ain’t Got It
– NST & The Soul Sauce: Sing a Song and Dance
– The Frightnrs: Trouble (Version)
– Panajah: Habibi
– The Selecter: 3 Reasons
– Pauline Black and The Selecter: Whisper Of The Rain
– Black Slate: Redemption Song

Playlist 20.10.2017:

– The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra: Fu Man Chu Instrumental
– Capone: Horse with No Name (feat. Fernando Albareda)
– The Erin Bardwell Collective: Soul Rebel
– The Butlers: Soul Rebel
– Ska Cubano: Yiri Yiri Bon (DJ Panko Remix)
– NST & The Soul Sauce: Song for Rico (Live)
– Die Grüne Welle: Barcelona
– The Prosecution: Restroom Of My Life
– The Melodians: Swing And Dine
– The Bakesys: When The Zombies Come
– The Selecter: Remember Me
– The Ska Vengers: Jail Mein

Playlist 13.10.2017:

– Ska Cubano: Tequila
– Calypso Joe, Lord Dango and Yeyo Montana: Stir It Up
– The Selecter: Daylight
– The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra: Shaft
– The Hempsteadys: Charlie Dynamite
– Macka B: Wha Me Eat (remix)
– Die Grüne Welle: Der Novak läßt mich nicht verkommen
– The Prosecution: Sofa Spuds
– The Frightnrs: Hey Brother (Do Unto Others)
– The Selecter: Paved With Cold
– NST & The Soul Sauce: Riding A Jorang Horse
– Jay Douglas & Chris Butcher: Messengers (Instrumental)

Playlist 6.10.2017:

– Capone: Monkey Head (feat. Hugo Lobo)
– Special Brew: Sun Is Shining
– Panajah: Ghostwriterin The Sky
– Dave Hillyard & Friends: Won’t Back Down
– Miserable Man: Heart In A Fire
– Ton Steine Scherben: Keine Macht für niemand (Reggae Radio Edit)
– Wild Man Riddim: Treasure Hunt
– Nu Sports: Rudy
– Dreadskin Kick Box: Rootsy Fish
– Dubtari: Nazischwein
– Tommy McCook & The Supersonics: Tommy’s Rocksteady
– The Uptown Ska Collective: Simmer Down
– The Ska Vengers: Shut Your Mouth
– The Bakesys: Days Gone By

Playlist 29.9.2017:

– JFK & The Conspirators: The Mayor of Ganja City
– Niney And the Reggae Crusaders: Couchie Dub
– Dub Pistols: Ganja (Ft. Rodney P)
– Raphael: Stock Of Weed
– Die Zuagroastn: Sagst du ja
– The Upsessions: Collie Weed
– Harddiskaunt: Ganja Song
– No Sports: Don’t Judge Me
– Peter Tosh: Legalize It
– Ska-P: Cannabis
– The Selecter: My Collie Not A Dog [live]
– Jaya The Cat: Weed In The Back Yard
– Berlin Boom Orchestra: Collie Contemplation

Playlist 22.9.2017:

– The Ska Vengers: (Why Don’t You) Do Right
– Wild Man Riddim: Jolly
– Madness: Night Boat To Cairo
– The Bakesys: Days Gone Pop
– Kapelle#3: When The Shit Hits The Fan
– The Hempolics: Boss Clock Me Style (Original)
– Peace Development Crew: Soul Catcher
– Phonkonfused: Enjoy Or Phonk Off
– The Robustos: My Heart And Soul
– The Specials And Fun Boy Three: Ghost Town (Chemical Submission Mix)
– Jackie Mittoo: Give Sounds A Chance
– Gangster Fun: Night Of The Living Stove
– Allniters: Do The Dog
– Byron Lee & The Dragonaires: Jamaica Ska
– Area 52: No Reaction Track von SKA 21

Playlist 15.9.2017:

– The Selecter: On My Radio (91 Single)
– Wild Man Riddim: World Frequency
– The Kingpins: Lot’s Wife
– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: Bleib dicht bei mir
– Panajah: Keine Panik
– Lee ‚Scratch‘ Perry & Subatomic Sound System: Underground Roots (Feat. Ari Up Of The Slits)
– Krak In Dub: Amazonite Soundsystem Mix
– The King Blues: We Are The Future
– Ammoye: Soul Rebel
– Shanti Powa: Hit You With That
– The Bakesys: Sunnyside Up
– Ska Jazz Messengers: Happy
– Rhoda Dakar: Fill The Emptiness (Lovers)
– Mimi Maura & Los Aggrotones: It’ll Never Be Over For Me

Playlist 8.9.2017:

– Panajah: Michael Love
– The Bakesys: Animated Voilence
– Cookie The Herbalist feat. Lee Scratch Perry: Eaze!
– Rico Rodriguez: Africa
– Prince Buster: Judge Dread
– No Sports: Stranger To London
– The Nite Steadies: I Love Ska
– No Sports: Don’t Judge Me
– Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Edmund
– Peace Development Crew: Better Days
– Capital Letters: Judgement Day

Playlist 1.9.2017:

– The Ethiopians: Come On Now
– The Upsetters: A Taste Of Killings
– Derrick Morgan: Copy Cat
– Boris Gardiner & The Love People: Don Juan
– Tommy McCook & The Supersonics: Out of Space
– The Maytals: My Daily Food
– Lord Briscoe: Spiritual Mambo
– Granville Williams Orchestra: The Third Man Theme
– Stranger & Gladdy: Mally Sally
– The Silvertones: True Confession
– The Wanderers: Wiggle Waggle
– The Creations: Mix Up Girl
– The Four Aces: Swing Low Sweet Chariot
– Desmond Dekker & The Cherry Pies: King of Ska
– Baba Books & His Band: Alcatraz
– Andy Capp: The Law
– Lynn Taitt & The Jet: To Sir With Love
– Patsy Millicent Todd: You Took My Love

Playlist 25.8.2017 (zu Gast: Walter H. Dunn von The Stingers ATX):

– The Bakesys: The Lick
– Kingston Rudieska: Gimme Some Love [feat. Walter H. Dunn]
– Version City: Behold
– Vic’s Pick: Gravity
– Skinnerbox: Ditch Digger
– Stubborn All-Stars: Pick Yourself Up
– Jackie Mittoo: A Standing Ovation
– The Selecter: Train To Skaville
– The Skints: Rubadub (Done Know)
– Sir Lord Comic: Lon Chaney
– The Bandulus: The Girl Is Mine
– The Bandulus: Evildoers

Playlist 18.8.2017:

– Sound One: 10,0000 Bees
– Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation: Knock Turn All
– The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Let’s Face It
– Don Drummond: Man In The Street
– The Skints: Rat-At-At
– No Name Ska Band: You Have Got To Go
– Elemento Rustico: Tipo Rudo
– The Offenders: Rudeboys In A Dancefloor
– Jackie Mendez: Endless Memory
– Ska-P: Ska-Pa
– SHAKA: Payote
– The Kingpins: Plan Of Action
– Bim Skala Bim: Three Legged Dub
– Rhoda Dakar: Fill The Emptiness (Reefa)

Playlist 11.8.2017 (zu Gast: Panajah):

– Panajah: Intro
– Panajah: Kaktus
– Spicy Roots: Ska My #1
– Panajah: Habibi
– The Cat Empire: Fishies
– Panajah: Ghostwriterin The Sky
– M.O.O.P.Topia: Über den Dingen
– Mad Caddies: Road Rash
– Panajah: Die Ritter des Ska
– Seeed: Molotov
– Panajah: 10 Sekunden
– Rotfront: Superman
– Panajah: Ode an die Meute

Playlist 4.8.2017:

– Save Ferris: Golden Silence
– Notables: Who Knows
– Rhoda Dakar: You Talking To Me
– The Ska-Dows: Ska’d For Life
– The Skints: Jungle Plane Wreck!
– Merry Judge: Lion
– Mad Caddies: Coyote
– Mark Foggo: Ska Pig
– Skameleon: TetrisSexyBomba
– Westbound Train: Fatty Boom Boom!
– Lionsclub: Inspector Gadget
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Mission Is Complete
– Panajah: Habibi

Playlist 28.7.2017:

– The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Let Me Be
– Tremende: Accelerare e Rallentare
– The Bakesys: Open All Hours
– Sound One: The Shipping News
– Notables: Rude Mood
– The Hempolics: Boss Clock Me Style (J-Star Remix)
– Ed Rome feat. Bella: I Confess
– Rafiki: Ich schließe mich ein
– Merry Judge: No War
– Panajah: Eiszeit
– Rhoda Dakar: Dolphins
– iLLBiLLY HiTEC: Seven Seas ft. Kinetical
– The Lost Banditoz: Don’t Wait For Me Too Long
– Rude Boy George: Iron Lion Zion

Playlist 21.7.2017:

– Born Ina Barn: Strike The Right Chord
– Merry Judge: Believer
– TriXstar: Walk this Way
– Notables: Teen Party
– Desmond Dekker: That’s the Way Life Goes
– Laurel Aitken: Hailes Selaise
– Ska Cubano: Revolutionary Ska
– Spökstan: Hej Kompis
– Distemper: Answer
– Panajah: Superman
– Rhoda Dakar: Tears You Can’t Hide
– iLLBiLLY HiTEC: Real ft. Gardna & Kinetical
– Ngobo Ngobo: Hippie ’96
– Kunn & The Magic Muffins: Fire On Babylon
– Rude Boy George: Tainted Love

Playlist 14.7.2017:

– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Fade Away
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Org*smic
– The Selecter: Frontline
– The Uniques: People Rocksteady
– John Holt: Ali Baba
– Panajah: Aus Versehen
– Merry Judge: Überwachungsstaat
– Rhoda Dakar: Fill The Emptiness (Lovers)
– Desmond Dekker: Live And Learn
– Born Ina Barn: Psychological War
– Jackie Mendez: Endless Memory
– Jetpack for Hobos: Paranoid
– The Bodysnatchers: Ruder Than You
– Thirteen Towers: In Africa

Playlist 7.7.2017:

– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Routine Melodies Reprise
– Merry Judge: Guter Tag
– Bad Manners: Turning Japanese
– Stop The Presses: Daddy Issues Vol. II Bird or Plane
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Who Are You
– Panajah: Ode an die Meute
– Pantasonics: Henkerstanz
– The Clarendonians: A Day Will Come
– Masons Arms: Rabauken feat. Dr. Ring Ding
– Intensified: Miss Ida
– Rhoda Dakar: The Ghost Of The Vox Continental
– Bitter Grounds: Tell Me Now
– Smerins Anti-Social Club: Walking In The Air
– Ye Flask: Daydream
– Die Tornados: Evil Wired Wicked Version [Bonus Track]

Playlist 30.6.2017:

– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Reggae Bitch
– Ken Boothe: The Train Is Coming
– Spicy Roots: Just A Man
– Merry Judge: Hoffnung
– Ngobo Ngobo: Play My Record
– Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra: Buzuki
– Ska Cubano: Babalu
– Nu Sports: Sometimes I Don’t Know Who I Really Am
– Rhoda Dakar: Easy Life
– Rougher All Stars: Central Air
– Born Ina Barn: Ska’d Up
– Ed Rome: Feeling Undone (feat. Rhoda Dakar)
– Dubmatix meets Marcus Visionary: Give A Helping Hand (ft The Mighty Diamonds)

Playlist 23.6.2017:

– Frau Doktor: Musik
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Prism
– The Selecter: James Bond [live]
– Dubmatix meets Marcus Visionary: Give A Helping Hand (ft The Mighty Diamonds)
– The Spymaker: Rude Connection
– Skatoness: Viernes
– Merry Judge: Back To A New Life
– Nu Sports: Rudy
– Pantasonics: Sound That Loves You
– Vinny Savage & The Wild Side: The Ecstasy of Gold
– Captain SKA: Liar Liar GE2017
– Tackhead: Black Cinderella (Victor Rice Dub)
– Bim Skala Bim: Three Legged Dub

Playlist 16.6.2017:

– Jamaram: Fine Fine Fine feat. Passafire
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Your Light
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Polar Star
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Usowotsuku Kuchibiru [feat. Rina Katahira]
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Mission Is Completed
– Hopeton Lewis: Sounds and Pressure
– Pantasonics: Lions Den
– No Sports: Full Blood
– The Skatallites: Renewal
– The Pressure Tenants: Ago Talk
– The Upsessions: Rudie Cool It Down
– The Clerks: Planet Orange

Playlist 9.6.2017 (zu Gast: Merry Judge):

– Capone: Horse with No Name (feat. Fernando Albareda)
– Merry Judge: Gombaswing
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Goddam Right
– Merry Judge: Loyal Gang
– Merry Judge: Überwachungsstaat
– Merry Judge: Rocksteady Blues
– Madness: We Are London
– Merry Judge: New Life
– Merry Judge: No War

Playlist 2.6.2017:

– The 88’s: She Fell In Love With James Bond
– Skatter’d: Brain Hurt Bad
– Alton Ellis: If I Could Rule This World
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Turnaround
– Merry Judge: Change
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Soulfood
– Pantasonics: Pantasonics
– La Severa Matacera: Cuantas Muertes Mas
– Spicy Roots: Heroes
– Captain SKA: Liar Liar GE2017
– Ken Boothe & Stranger Cole: Arte Bella
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: What About Me
– Althea And Donna: Uptown Top Ranking

Playlist 26.5.2017:

– 12 Cents For Marvin: James Bond Theme
– Rotfront: James Bondski
– Laurel Aitken: Hitchhike
– Blechreiz: James Bond
– Braindead: Soy, Not Oi
– Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation: Money Is The Devil
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Girl On Saxophone X
– Pantasonics: Belly Dance Girl
– Spicy Roots: Coconut
– 2FeelGr8: James Bond
– Baba Brooks: Toast To James Bond
– Jamaram: Girlfriend
– Gondwana: Susudub (Dub Version)

Playlist 19.5.2017:

– The Kubricks: The Trouble in Your Life
– Krak In Dub: Amazonite Soundsystem Mix
– Dr. Dubenstein: Tulsa Burning Dub
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Tijuana
– Skaramanga: This All Isn’t It
– The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: The Upper Hand
– Ska-J: L’Italiano
– Jamaram: Easy Life
– The Toasters: What A Gwan
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Let A Little Love
– The Clerks: You Shock Me All Night Long
– Pama International: I Found Sunshine

Playlist 12.5.2017:

– Mr. T-Bone: Everyday
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Monochrome Memories
– The Oldians: Song For Mr. Knibbs
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: Go Jimmy Go
– Ska-J: Svalutation
– The Hempolics: High & Gritty (Umberto Echo Remix)
– Rude Boy George: Things Can Only Get Better
– Bitter Grounds: Human Touch
– The Frightnrs: Hey Brother (Do Unto Others)
– Yebo: Carry Go Bring Come
– Karamelo Santo: Eh!
– The Senior Allstars: T-Bird Skank

Playlist 5.5.2017:

– Byron Lee & The Dragonaires: Bend Down Low
– Jamaram: Like A Rock
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Higher Ground
– The Kubricks: Better Of Me
– Salome Fur: Feel The Moon
– Errol Dunkley: You’re Gonna Need Me
– Sound One: On Hold
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Resentmentalism
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Skankin‘ Rollin‘
– St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review: Song Of The Indian Guest

Playlist 28.4.2017:

– The Kubricks: The Trouble In Your Life
– Sound One: I Tame The Tiger
– Spawn: Strange Contradiction
– Dubmatix: Dark Side Dub
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Hotter
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Shashlik & Rock’n’Roll
– Salome Fur: Blue
– eSKAlation: Kleinstadt
– No Sports & Laurel Aitken: Ska Train
– Merry Judge: Rudeboy 69
– No Sports: Don’t Judge Me
– Jamaram: Never Ever
– TSPO: Paradise Has No Border
– Bluekilla: One Minute Ska

Playlist 21.4.2017:

– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Old Self
– Salome Fur: Roses
– Pantasonics: Lovers Rock
– Jamaram: Spread Some Love feat. Conscious Fiyah
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: In Your Heart
– Bitter Grounds: Tell Me Now
– Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Believer
– The Kubricks: Break Of Day
– Less Than Jake: Good Sign
– Spawn: Monosyllabic
– Rude Boy George: Dance Hall Days
– Vic Ruggerio: Tree City USA

Playlist 14.4.2017:

– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Let A Little Love
– Put3Ska: Birthday Holiday
– The Slackers: Every Day Is Sunday
– Jamaram: Why Trouble feat. Conscious Fiyah
– Bitter Grounds: Struck Out
– Die Tornados: Evil Wired Wicked Version
– Yebo: Dead End Street
– Ngobo Ngobo: Tetris
– Rico: Easter Island
– Desmond Dekker: Happy Birthday Jamaica
– Rude Boy George: Atomic
– The Frightnrs: Nothing More To Say
– Amy Winehouse: Monkey Man
– Ska Flames: Kiss Bam Bam

Playlist 7.4.2017:

– Salome Fur: The Greatest
– Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Aprilfeesten
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Old Self
– Jamaram: Easy Life
– The Kubricks: Morning After
– Empatee du Weiss: Bagdub
– Spawn: Lunatics
– Less Than Jake: Years Of Living Dangerously
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Fade Away
– Bitter Grounds: Struck Out
– Pantasonics: Rambler
– Rude Boy George: Things Can Only Get Better
– Skavossas: Pachanga

Playlist 31.3.2017:

– Schwarz auf Weiß: Alles wird sich ändern wenn wir groß sind
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: For You
– Derrick Morgan: Tougher Than Tough
– The Determinations: Housewife’s Choice
– The Kubricks: Living in the Night
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Dancing In The Breeze
– Empatee Du Weiss: Young Dogs‘ Boogie
– Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Naie Kashe
– Jamaram: Nice [Umberto Echo Remix]
– Pantasonics: Sound That Loves You
– The Kubricks: Down with the Dogs
– The Steady 45s: Young Generation
– Eastern Standard Time: Tick Tock
– Rhoda Dakar: 007

Playlist 24.3.2017:

– Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels: Bin grad in Las Vegas, Baby
– The Kubricks: The Heist
– Salome Fur: Takes Some Time
– Rhoda Dakar: Hiawatha
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Sun Kissing
– Beat Brigade: 401 Kill
– Jackie Mendez: Thought You Should Know
– Pantasonics: Balkan Sour
– Jamaram: Back In A Day
– The Toasters: Chuck Berry
– Элизиум (Elysium): Мы в ссоре с ней опять (My Girl)
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Blue Ska
– Empatee Du Weiss: Eating Peanuts (In The King’s Face)

Playlist 17.3.2017:

– The Trojans: Gaelic Ska
– Salome Fur: Vote For Me
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Gridlock
– Pantasonics: Henkerstanz
– Jackie Mendez: Let’s Fall In Love
– Empatee Du Weiss: Sound For Marcos
– Boss Riot: Hearts and Hands
– Karamelo Santo: Como Te Voy A olvidar
– Mimi Maura & Los Aggrotones: If I Could Only Be Sure
– The Selecter: Celebrate The Bullet
– Save Ferris: Do I Even Like You?
– Mad Dog & The 20/20s: In My Head
– P-Funk North: Rewind The Crisis

Playlist 10.3.2017:

– Rude Boy George: Iron Lion Zion
– The Kubricks: D Is For Danger
– The Rhythm Express: Women Of The World
– Less Than Jake: Whatever The Weather
– AMJ Collective: Believe
– Jackie Mendez: Nice Like Rice
– Karamelo Santo: Like a Heaven
– Those Fine Lads: Woe to the Unassimilated
– Pantasonics: Me Love You Long Time
– Salome Fur: Took You For Granted
– Gentleman’s Dub Club: Dancing In The Breeze
– Save Ferris: Goodbye Brother
– Black Market: Starman
– Something to Do: Tina Fey ll

Playlist 3.3.2017:

– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Csók és Könny (feat. Krisztián Szucs)
– The Platitudes: The Thing
– Empatee Du Weiss: Moleman
– Unicorn Injection: Drunk Nurse
– Jackie Mendez: Hard to Handle
– The Robustos: My Heart And Soul
– Pantasonics: Dunkelblau
– eSKAlation: Kleinstadt
– Kingston Rudieska: Captain J
– Salome Fur: Here I Go
– Arthur Kay & The Clerks: It’s The Hatton Garden Job
– Rude Boy George: Kids In America
– The Selecter: Washed Up And Left For Dead

Playlist 24.2.2017 (zu Gast: Walter H. Dunn von The Stingers ATX):

– The Stingers ATX: 16 Guns
– RokkaTone: She Likes To Smile
– Ansell Collins: Double Barrel
– Gregory Porter: Don’t Be A Fool
– The Specials AKA: Gangsters
– The Stingers ATX: Wouldn’t You Do…?

Playlist 17.2.2017:

– Salome Fur: Sarah
– Rude Boy George: Close To Me
– Empatee du Weiss: Shut Up!
– Arthur Kay & The Clerks: (I Was) Born To Cry
– Mr. Review: Don’t Forget It
– Spawn: Skarantino
– Conscious Youth: No Borders
– Pantasonics: Rayos y Centellas [feat. Umberto Echo]
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: The Spot
– Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra: Million Times
– Amy Winehouse: Hey Little Rich Girl
– The Stingers ATX: The Fool
– The Lodgers: Murder

Playlist 10.2.2017:

– Spahni’s Dub Dancers: See Me
– Arthur Kay & The Clerks: The Last Of The Summer Ska
– Bob Marley: Is This Love (Dubmatix Re-Visioned)
– Bob Marley & The Wailers: What’s New Pussycat
– Salome Fur: Here I Go
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Johnny
– Spawn: Voodoo
– Pantasonics: Belly Dance Girl
– Dub Division: Dub In The Jungle
– The Selecter: Respect Yourself
– Union Jack: Oh Boogie!
– The Steady 45s: Rain Or Shine
– Maroon Town: Bye Bye

Playlist 3.2.2017:

– New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble: Prime Suspect
– Salome Fur: Don’t Calm Down Toots
– Toots & The Maytals: Monkey Man
– Spawn: Redemption
– Dub Division: Dub In The Jungle
– The Hotknives: Good Decision
– Bolshy: Ignorance Is Strength
– Rantanplan: Unbekanntes Pferd
– Black Market: Ziggy Stardust
– Pantasonics: La Pantera
– Arthur Kay & The Clerks: Wideboys And Cowboys
– eSKAlation: Degeneration
– Behind Deadlines: Laid Off

Playlist 27.1.2017:

– New Town Kings: Round & Round
– Mimi Maura & Los Aggrotones: It’ll Never Be Over For Me
– Dancing Me & The Ska Machine: Murder
– Salome Fur: You’ll Never Be
– Ziggy Marley: What a Wonderful World
– The Stingers ATX: 16 Guns
– UB40: Signing Off
– Rantanplan: Natural Born Altona
– Black Market: Suffragette City
– The Steady 45s: I’m In Love
– Yellow Umbrella: Two Lovers
– Spawn: Condemn The Pessimists
– Arthur Kay & The Clerks: Don’t Give A Dam
– eSKAlation: Tanz deine Revolution

Playlist 20.1.2017:

– Mark Foggo: Blue Hotel
– Maddie Ruthless & The Secret Affair: Heat Fever
– Taapa Groove: El Mandarin
– Arthur Kay & The Clerks: The Last Of The One Named Singers
– Madness: Mumbo Jumbo
– The Attic Syndicate: P-Jam
– Kingston Rudieska: Their Own Legend
– Spahni’s Dub Dancers: Alice! (Radio Edit)
– Dr. Raju: Doesn’t Make It Alright
– The Stingers ATX: Your Face
– The Hempolics: Me Love To Sing (Mungo’s Hi Fi: Dub To Sing)
– Arthur Kay & The Clerks: Reggae’n’Ska
– The Selecter: Algebra
– The Memories Rocksteady: Loca Obsesión

Playlist 13.1.2017:

– Rudeboy: Somebody Someday
– Insane Betty: Ticket To Nowhere
– Roland Alphonso: From Russia With Love
– Rico: Man From Wareika
– The Adjusters: Soldier Field
– São Paulo Ska Jazz: Skaramouche (feat. Zem Audu)
– New Town Kings: Brighter Days
– Maleducazione Alcolica: Resto Fuori
– Rantanplan: Wahre Skinheads fahren Rad
– Radio Ska: Rude e Maria
– Madness: Good Times
– Eastern Standard Time: Tenor Madness
– The Instrumental Ska-Band: Mañana
– Allniters: The Israelites
– Roland Alphonso: Jah Shakey (AKA Jack Steady)
– Sensi Simon & The Studio Nine Band: Saddam Hussein Track von SKA 21

Playlist 6.1.2017:

– Area 7: (Dawning Of A) New Era
– The Planet Smashers: Happy New Year’s
– Bluekilla: Do Not
– The Scofflaws: Goin‘ Back To Kingston
– The Parka Kings: Jefferson Assembly
– Ska Flames: Ska Fever
– Cedella Marley: Can You Feel the Love Tonight
– Morgan Heritage: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
– The Dualers: King Of Kings
– The Mood A.K.A.: Don’t Play Their Game
– Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Lygon Street Meltdown
– Giuliano Palma: Black Is Black
– Crazy Baldhead: Victoria
– Maci’s Mobile: New Year
– Prince Buster: Enjoy Yourself